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What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

Maria writes…
Dear Tanglers,
Did you know that there are specific and different names for groups of creatures? Really! And really interesting names – some unexpected, some funny, some apropos, and some, most certainly are not.
A swarm of bees.
A pride of lions.
An unkindness of ravens.
A pack of wolves.
A murder of crows.
I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that we do not have a specific name for a group of tangles . . . or for that matter, for a group of tanglers! How could that possibly be right? How did we survive this long (17 years!)?
Well, I think it is certainly time to remedy this situation. Of course, we decided that you, our beloved Zentangle community, should be the ones to do this.
So . . . your mission is to come up with names for
And, perhaps the story about how you came up with the names; and the wonderful staff here at ZTHQ will choose a name!
We will have most excellent prizes for this, possible including a copy of the artwork shown above! So, don’t hold back! We will announce the winners in next week’s blog
So, put on your thinking caps and give it a think!

We can’t wait to hear what you came up with.

Maria Thomas


  • Group of tangles: tangla
    from the original Swedish word for tangle which means disarrange (like creating step outs) – grouping tangles in such a way that they are disarranged to be arranged in new ways

    Group of tanglers: Communis of Rest
    From the Latin root of community… the resting place.

    Catherine McKittrick on

  • 1. A “Cluster” of Tangles 2. A " Bevy" of Tanglers

    carolyn Weber on

  • A group of tangles is a “web.” I watched a spider tangle her web on my patio a few weeks ago. She created a beautiful tangle of patterns. In the morning she wrapped up some of the web and then the next evening she tangled again. A group of tanglers is a “webinar.”

    Joyce Rosenberger on

  • There are so many great suggestions. What came immediately to my mind for a group pf tanglers is kind of Disney-esque: Zenmagineers. I guess that would make a group of tangles: Zenmaginations!

    Barb Round on

  • These are all so marvelous! I love reading all these ideas.

    Here are mine:
    A huddle of tanglers—connotes collaboration, togetherness, industry, quiet
    A grove of tangles—the idea of trees, forests, quiet & natural spaces, peace, growing things reaching for the light

    Becky Ruiz Jenab on

  • Tangaroos

    Joelle Baker on

  • Group of Tanglers? I suggest Zennies or Zenis (pronounced like the first spelling).

    As for a group of Tangles? Zenladas. It’s a play on words…Zentangle and enchiladas. Why? Because even when enchiladas are broken or fall apart they, like Tangles, are not mistakes.

    Gabrielle Bates on

  • Oh my goodness, such a worthy challenge! And such a wealth of suggestions have been submitted! I honestly can’t come up with anything more appropriate than the very first submission by Kellie:

    A Mindful of Tangles and a Support of tanglers.
    The inspiration is essentially what is at the core of practicing Zentangle, sharing it with others and all the good you guys put out into the world.

    I also like Jane Elaine’s a “Meditation of Tanglers”

    Just my 2 cents worth…..

    Candyce Anderson on

  • SEED POD of tangles.

    I often refer to the elemental strokes as seeds for building that specific
    (species) pattern of tangle. These root/stem strokes provide the base/anchor for creating the pattern.

    BOUQUET a group of tanglers
    A collection of different species, colors, fragrances of creativity for a spectacular new whole.

    BEE a social gathering to carry out some communal task. Have been part of quilting bees for years and years. Love the free exchange of ideas, creativity, support, compassion across the generations. Exact same thing occurs at tangle gatherings.

    Chris McEnhill on

  • A Mindful of Tangles and a Support of tanglers.

    The inspiration is essentially what is at the core of practicing Zentangle, sharing it with others and all the good you guys put out into the world.

    Kellie on

  • Group of tangles – zangle Group of tanglers – zanglers

    Deborah Alborell on

  • - I instantly thought of a group of tanglers as a ‘ménage’. Ménage means people of the same household/establishment, which we tanglers definitely are. And the word sounds beautiful :-)
    - Now that I think about it, or ‘ménage’ could be used as a group of tangles.

    Ruth Osborn on

  • Tanglelots & Tanglelotters! Makes me laugh with glee, so happy to be!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler CZT 33 on

  • How about an Artizen of tangles and a Penchant of tanglers, or vice versa

    Carol L on

  • Tanglenation is my suggestion

    Lisa Wick McLean (Libricon Tangles;CZT28) on

  • I wanted to suggest my own, to win that fabulous print of course, but I have fallen in love with an “Arabesque” of tangles and a “Talent” of tanglers. Sounds very elegant like all of the other Zentymological words so add my vote to Liz Gatehouse. sigh.


  • a “graphic of tangles” The definition of graphic – 1 relating to visual art, especially involving drawing, engraving, or lettering. Actually this would work for both tangles and tanglers.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • Tremendous Tanglers

    Tina Colt on

  • A “line-up of tangles” or “line of tangles” and an “orb of tanglers” seems appropriate.

    Letty O. on

  • ZenMesh

    Deliska on

  • A group of zentanglers would be a Sangha of zentanglers. A Sangha is what buddhist call a community that meditate together. Since Zentangle is a meditation, this seems appropriate.

    As for a group of tangles, perhaps a knot?

    Marsha Campbell on

  • My first thought is that a group of tangles is a Zenoply. Like a panoply, a « complete or impressive collection of things » according to the dictionary, and a favorite word of mine.

    And a group of Tanglers is a Skein! Like yarn, we intertwine ideas when we are together. ❤️

    Kelli King on

  • A group of tanglers is a Logia of Tanglers. A group of tangles is a Body of tangles. -logia (lō’jē-ă),

    1. The study of the subject noted in the body of the word, or a treatise on the same; the Eng. equivalent is -logy, or, with a connecting vowel, -ology.
    2. Collecting or picking.

    Katrina Thiebaut on

  • Group of Tanglers is a Zenoligists

    Katrina Thiebaut on

  • A web of tangles A silent concentration of tanglers

    Barbara Holt on

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