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Zentangle Mosaic App

Zentangle Mosaic™ brings together a worldwide, supportive, and sharing community of Zentangle artists.

Inspire and be inspired through this interactive application. Upload your work and admire the work from artists all over the world. Organize your tiles into mosaics. Search for tiles by type, tangle and geography. Communicate with tanglers, teachers, and students. 


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Kitchen Table Tangles
Join Rick and Maria at their kitchen table for short conversations as they talk and tangle together. All Kitchen Table Tangles videos are available to subscribers of the Zentangle Mosaic App and a limited amount available through the Zentangle Newsletter and this page


Subscribers have full access to the Tangle Step Out Library. New tangles added on an on going basis.

If you have joined us on the Zentangle Mosaic App, you have probably already noticed a number of people using hashtags to categorize the tiles they are uploading. These hashtags are a great way to put specific tiles into different mosaics and also create a way for tiles to be searched. 

We have started a list of popular hashtags we see being used in the App and the reasons behind them. Join us on the free version to check out what we are talking about or subscribe to the app to participate. 

#[anyspecifictangle] - Create hashtags with some or all of the tangles used
#alphabellish - Used when tangling letters using an #ellish technique
#winetangles, #coffeetangles, #tanglingthespill - used when people tangle around/on stains from coffee, tea, wine, etc! 
#travelingtangle, #travelingtangleproject - used when two or more people from all around the globe work on the same tile (by mail). 

#monotangle - A tile that is created using only one tangle 
#duotangle - A tile that is created using only two tangles
#itsastringthing - A tile that seems to celebrate the underlying string 

#iamthedivaweeklychallenge and/or #iatdwc[challengenumber]
#nondominanthand - A tile created with your non-dominant hand 
#zclasswith[teachername]CZT - for instance, Molly uses #classwithMollyHollibaughCZT for the tiles her and her students create during her classes. You can also create hashtags for specific tiles done in specific classes.
#MyZentangleJournal - Zentangle Inspired Art created in a journal or sketchbook. 
#[InsertName]sTangledJournal- This is a way to create a personal hashtag for all the pages of your personal tangling journal. This way when it is searched, one can see all the images in mosaic form.
#justasplashofcolor - refers to tiles where color was applied to the surface of the tile before tangling. More specifically, a drop or splash of color that the tangles react to. 
#mookamadness- tiles that celebrate the tangle mooka
#ZenGems - a Zentangle Inspired technique and trend started by Kae Yoshino, where you follow a step by step process to draw beautiful colored gemstones on your Zentangle art. 
#ZentangleGemStones - Same as above 
#PrettyInPink - Tiles that have a little touch of pink. The Pink Pigma Micron is so much fun to play with. 

Use hashtags to indicate which tools you are using: 


Reminder: hashtags cannot include spaces or special characters


Q: What is the Global Zentangle Waterfall?
A: The Global Zentangle Waterfall is a live mosaic of tiles from the world-wide Zentangle Community. Sit back and watch tiles change to find endless inspiration from all over the world. You can pause Waterfall mode anytime by touching the display. Then, you can touch any tile to find out more about it and the artist who created it. You can access the Global Zentangle Waterfall from anywhere in the app by touching the red Zentangle logo in the upper left corner of the display.

Q: What is my Home Feed?
A: Your Home Feed includes tiles uploaded by ZTHQ, "Tip's, Tangles and Techniques"  (T3) from Zentangle, and any tiles that you have appreciated and asked to see their tiles in your Home Feed. From the app settings, you can also opt to see your own tiles in your home feed. 

Q: How do I search for different content?
A:  There are countless ways you can search for different content. Want to see all the users in Malaysia? Renaissance tiles? Black or multi-colored Zendalas? You can do that all from the Search function on your menu. Hint: make sure you fill in all your tile details so your tile shows up in the search results. You can also search for a specific #. If you need some inspiration for the tangle hollibaugh, search #hollibaugh and watch a mosaic of tiles that use that tangle.
You can access the Search function from the Menu or by pressing the Search icon [icon] in the upper right of your display.
Search results will display as a Mosaic. After a moment (according to your User Settings) the search results shift automatically to Waterfall mode, playing the results of your search.

Q: How do I upload a tile?
A:  To upload a tile, touch the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of your display, or select “Upload a Tile” from the Menu. You can take a photo with your device’s camera or upload a photo from your device’s library. When taking a photo, you can turn the flash on or off by tapping [flash icon].
Once you have taken or selected your photo, align the outline of the Keystone Tool with the edge of your tile. This Keystone Tool will make the edges of your tile parallel and at right angles with each other automatically, even if you took your picture at an angle. Next, your Cropping Tool will make your image square. Finally, enter all your tile details and add a description before uploading. Full upload may take a few moments.
You can go back and edit descriptions at any time. Tiles can be set to “Private” or “Public” at any time. Tiles can also be deleted.
If your camera isn’t working within the app, go into your device settings for the Zentangle Mosaic app and make sure permissions allow the app to access your device camera.

Q: How to upload a tile that is not square?
A: The Zentangle Mosaic app requires all uploads to be square. When photographing a tile, make sure to photograph some of the background above and below (if tile is laying horizontally) or to the left and right (if laying vertically). Then, when uploading, do not crop that background out, keeping the photo square so that the tile will not be cropped. These steps can be used for any upload that is not square

Q: How to I manage/cancel my subscription?
A: Subscriptions are managed through your device settings.
On an Android device: Follow the instructions on this page.

On an Apple device: Launch device settings -->tap your name --> Tap Subscriptions --> Tap the subscription you would like to manage.

 For more information on how to use the app, visit the "About" section from the app's main menu.