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Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher

CZT Training Seminars

Zentangle has definitely left its mark on me, and in turn has helped me to make my mark on the world in so many ways. Some of the most memorable and important ways have been when I teach a class and get to see the amazement the students have as they create a beautiful work of art. I have been practicing Zentangle for 13 years now and it has infiltrated every part of my life, from the artwork hanging on my walls to presents I have made for loved ones, cards, jewelry and other crafts. Zentangle has provided me with a way to destress and rejuvenate so I can be a better person to those around me. Thank you Rick and Maria and the Zentangle family across the world!
– Lara Williams

The more things change...

Beginning in 2024, we will offer a re-designed and expanded CZT training seminar. Our face-to-face time together, whether in person or through a webinar platform, will continue to span 21 hours of live instruction. This core part of the seminar will be dedicated to more in-depth studies on the roots of the method, how to teach the Zentangle Method, the eight steps, tangles and Zentomology, tangling techniques and the philosophies that are so integral to the method.

New this year, the CZT training program will also include 18+ hours of pre-recorded video learning opportunities. These video learning opportunities will give us the opportunity to separate out some of the specialized curriculum such as working with particular tools and surfaces and allow us to provide more in-depth "how to teach" guidance on those subjects. This content will be exclusive to the CZT community and can be viewed at your own pace after the live Seminar is complete. These added videos will become part of our extensive CZT Resource Library, where in addition to the new videos, you can find in-depth CZT training notes, lesson plans, templates, tips and tutorials, other digital resources and more.

Also new this year, as a part of our updated CZT seminar experience, we will now be offering documentation for those seeking Professional Development Points (PDPs) or similar credits. Upon request, we can provide proof of your 21 hours of CZT Seminar attendance. Some of our CZTs have already been successful in applying for these credits with their experience.

Also new this year, as a part of our updated CZT seminar experience, we will now be offering documentation for those seeking Professional Development Points (PDPs) or similar credits. Upon request, we can provide proof of your 21 hours of CZT Seminar attendance. Some of our CZTs have already been successful in applying for these credits with their experience.


The more they stay the same...

We’ve been known to say that the only requirements to attend CZT training are passion and gratitude. While that sentiment has not changed, the depth of content of our program has. This seminar is about HOW TO TEACH the Zentangle Method and is not a beginner’s course. A person who wishes to attend should be familiar with the Zentangle method and terminology. A regular, personal tangling practice is highly recommended.

A Day in the Life at CZT Training

Important events occur during CZT seminars that can't be conveyed with written words. Even though we have now taught over 40 CZT trainings, each one evolves with the personality of the group. That is why some CZTs return time and time again!

  • We believe that it is important to have fun, be playful as well as professional, and treat your students with the utmost respect and generosity. We do our best to model this behavior and inspire it in those who are considering teaching the Zentangle Method. People who have been to a seminar will understand what we're talking about.

  • We also know how important it is for you to meet and talk with and understand the people behind this company you're planning to work with. At seminar you will meet and get to know us, our staff and our family, whether in person or online from your home. We do our best to bring you into our Zentangle family and know you will be inspired when you leave.

  • Magic happens during these events! There is a dynamic when a group of wonderful people with a shared vision gather in common purpose. It's exciting to be a part of that! Inspirations cascade over insights and shine so brilliantly and beautifully that everyone can see it. We treasure every moment.

US 2024 Certified Zentangle Teacher Training At-a-Glance:

  • Presented by the founders of the Zentangle® Method, Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas, along with Molly Hollibaugh, Martha Huggins and their wonderful Zentangle staff.

  • A 3 day program, taught in ENGLISH, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing.

  • Includes 21 hours of live instruction.

  • NEW this year! Includes access to 18+ hours of additional recorded lessons exclusive to CZTs.

  • A curated supply kit, overflowing with top notch artist's papers and tools and more, is provided.

  • Access granted to extensive CZT Resource Library, including in-depth CZT training notes, lesson plans, templates, tips and tutorials, other digital resources and more.

  • Education, guidance, and inspiration that gives you the knowledge and tools to begin a journey guiding and teaching others the Zentangle Method.

  • An experience that demonstrates the Zentangle culture and community.

  • Students will leave with all the knowledge they need to teach the Zentangle Method, and the tools needed to convey the full Zentangle experience to others.

  • Continued support and inspiration from Zentangle Inc. and through our global CZT network.

  • Access to Special CZT only products Zentangle branded products at a discount.

We are pleased that we are able to continue to share the magic of CZT Seminar with passionate tanglers worldwide. We are blessed to have our continued partnerships with Conzentric out of Germany, hosting CZT EU Seminars in English, German, Spanish and French, and Created with Love, based in Taiwan and Shanghai, hosting Seminars in Mandarin.

Please click on the event you are interested in for more information and scroll down to read more about our humble beginnings.


Zentangle, Inc
United States (English)

CZT 42: November 10-13, 2024
Hybrid. English Only
    Attend In Person:
      Newport Harbor Island Resort in Newport, Rhode Island.
      November 10-13, 2024 - Click for more information and to register.
        Attend Online:
           November 11-13, 2024 - Click for more information and to register.
          Please email with any questions about seminars in the U.S.
          Created with Love
          Taiwan (Mandarin)
          CZT Asia 24: June 22-23, 2024
          Hybrid: Attend Online or In Person in Taoyuan, Taiwan - Click for More Information and to Registers.
          Please email  with any questions about seminars in Asia

          Germany (German, English)


          CZT EU 8: November 30-December 2, 2024
          Hybrid: Attend Online or In Person in Munich, Germany - Click for more information and to Register.
          German, English, Spanish and French options available


          please email with any questions about seminars in Europe

          Humble Beginnings

          We have always loved to present Zentangle workshops. In the early days of Zentangle, we would teach them at grade schools, high schools, and colleges, at calligraphy clubs and art clubs, at corporate annual meetings and in peoples' homes. At every workshop, we would meet people who understood the Zentangle Method's potential and had a passion to share it with others in their own field of interest and expertise. This planted the seed idea of creating a comprehensive seminar to teach others how to teach the Zentangle Method.

          In February, 2009 the Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) program was born. We created our CZT training program so you could understand the basics and the depth of philosophies of the Zentangle Method and its art form and so you could convey the full Zentangle experience to others in your community and create additional income for yourself. These people (CZTs)could now translate our Zentangle insights and discoveries into areas that we might not encounter or understand, and we wanted them to do it in the best way possible.

          A good analogy is yoga. You might take some yoga classes and decide to teach yoga, after all it seems simple . . . you breathe, you stretch slowly in different directions, you’ll learn a bunch of yoga positions and you're really flexible. However, there is much more that underlies the teaching of yoga than may be first obvious in a class or a book. Even with all the books and YouTubes and DVDs about yoga, people still go to school to learn how to teach yoga. And more importantly for people who want to create income teaching yoga, even with all the instructional books and YouTubes and DVDs on yoga, people still pay to take classes at their local yoga studio.

          Online Seminars - A New Frontier

          Falling under the category of “never say never”, we responded to the overwhelming requests from our community of Zentangle enthusiasts to design an online CZT seminar.

          Through the good faith of our Zentangle community, we hosted our first ever online seminar in November 2020, with great success. We assembled nearly 500 brave souls from 32 countries to simultaneously attend our live CZT training from every corner of the world. The enthusiasm and artistic energy was felt through the wires and an incredible class of new CZTs was born. We came up with some ways to connect through ZOOM and other avenues to provide a warm and supportive learning environment.

          This online version of CZT training contains the same amount of classroom time and some creative ways to share mosaics and other special features of our in-person seminars.

          Don’t take our word for it, please see some comments from our online attendees:

          Hello to the entire Zentangle team.
          WOW! what a seminar.  I was quite concerned that doing training on line would not be inspiring or life changing (as in person classes can be).  I was so wrong.  I know that I am not alone in having tears at the end…That so many people, from so many parts of the world were seeing the same screen as myself was spiritual.  Many of these people were from countries in much more turmoil than our own and they came in peace and community. The world can become a better place one stroke at a time. -We just need to remember the Zentangle Method. no judgement, no up or down. no mistakes.  Give love, hope, gratitude, and encouragement
          You all are awesome. …
          From my heart to yours,
          I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for completely changing my life by not only offering the gift of Zentangle, but giving me the chance to become a CZT and offering CZT #36 Seminar virtually!  I would have found my way to Rhode Island eventually, but this gift of yours sped up the process!  I do look forward to eventually coming to see you in person as well and literally hugging each and every one of you!
          This week has been a complete joy.  I am a bit sad that I cannot meet you all in person, but I do feel at home with each of you just by the love and passion you exude for Zentangle and your family!  Thank you for making me a special part of this wonderful journey of hope and inspiration…….
          Seminar has been nothing short of spectacular for me and how does one thank a family for changing her life!  I am not certain yet, but do know that I am headed in the right direction by being able to spread the word about this magnificent form of art!
          Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I have wanted to do the CZT for such a long time and feel very grateful that I have had the opportunity to do the very first online seminar. 
          What an inspirational and informative morning.  Thank you Molly, Martha, Rick and Maria.  Your online seminar is awesome.  You are all showing us what this whole method is and what it can do for both teacher and student.  It is a wonderful time throughout the world to connect with each other in this way.  Love from Indiana!
          I am so Happy!  Thank you for bringing this to me in my home.  Your family and staff has made this a beautiful experience for me!!!
          Thank you Rick, Maria, Molly, and Martha for such a stimulating,(and exhausting) day of learning! We all feel SO blessed to be able to learn from you!!
          That was a beautiful ending to this full day of learning! Thank each of you from the center of my heart!
          Thanks Rick,Maria,Martha and Molly and a wonderful team working behind the scene.It was an amazing experience.

          Details and FAQs

          Here are two lists of what we can and can't provide at CZT training: 

          We can't:

          • Guarantee you'll make money . . . even colleges and universities will not guarantee that.
          • Teach you how to run a business or handle your taxes . . . it's beyond the scope of our seminar.
          • Assign territories . . . people move and there are so many applications for teaching the Zentangle Method within any one area: Schools, businesses, clubs, health care, etc.
          • Promise that a non-CZT won't offer competing classes . . . While we vigorously pursue trademark and copyright infringement, and even though our teaching method has a patent pending, we can only act within established legal frameworks and within our financial and time resources. We prefer to emphasize education of the marketplace and to provide students with the very best Zentangle experience possible. This is paying great benefits as people and organizations increasingly value the instructions and classes taught by a CZT over people who are not trained by us. Once you are a CZT- use that title to set yourself apart. Shout it from the rooftops!

          We can:

          • Provide you with tools and resources to create a thriving Zentangle business. More and more people are teaching Zentangle workshops as an important source of income.
          • Provide a wonderful experience at seminar. Many people come (and come back!) for the camaraderie and immersion in an atmosphere of Zentangle creativity, inspiration and friendship.
          • Provide an ongoing system of support and inspiration through newsletters, our CZT Resource center, the Zentangle Mosaic App and, through our invitation-only Yahoo! chat group facilitating a network with each other.
          • Provide a listing for students to find you on an editable page on our website to all CZTs in good standing.
          • Offer most of our Zentangle products to you at wholesale prices.
          • Make every effort to make all of our strategic decisions around how it will support and impact our CZTs.
          • Provide advance notice and availability of new products to CZTs.
          • Provide a CZT only newsletter.
          • Invite you to join us in this wonderful exciting adventure. While no one can promise it, we continually hear wonderful stories of gratitude from people who have found a CZT through our website and it has changed (or saved) their lives. The gratitude that you can experience in teaching the Zentangle method has become a major focus in many CZTs' lives . . . it is a source of joy, focus and income.


          CZT certification is only available by attending Zentangle seminars with Zentangle, Inc or by attending our authorized CZT training seminars in Asia in the Mandarin language which are provided  by Created With Love, or in Europe, provided by conZentric. Both are licensed by Zentangle, Inc. to provide these seminars. These are the only ways to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. If you have any questions, please contact Zentangle, Inc at or