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Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher

CZT Training Seminars

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United States

CZT #36: November 8-11, 2020 - CANCELLED
Providence, Rhode Island

Virtual CZT #36: November 8-11, 2020
Attend Online

CZT#37: March 21-24, 2021
Newport, Rhode Island


CZT Europe #4: October 2-5, 2020: English / German
Frankfurt, Germany


CZT Asia #15: August 1-4, 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

CZT Asia #14: October 24-27, 2020
Shanghai, China


How Our CZT Concept Began

We have always loved to present Zentangle workshops. We would teach them at grade schools, high schools and colleges, at calligraphy clubs and art clubs, at corporate annual meetings and in peoples' homes. At every workshop, we would meet people who understood the Zentangle Method's potential and had a passion to share it with others in their own field of interest and expertise. This planted the seed idea of creating a comprehensive seminar to teach others how to teach the Zentangle Method and the Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) program was born. These people could translate our Zentangle insights and discoveries into areas that we might not encounter or understand, and we wanted them to do it in the best way possible.

We created our CZT training program so you could understand the basics and the depth of the Zentangle Method and its art form and so you could convey the full Zentangle experience to others in your community and create additional income for yourself.

Often people see the Zentangle art form's simplicity and assume it is easy to teach. However, there is so much more to our Zentangle teaching method than the many cool tangles we and others share for free. There are reasons and techniques; philosophies and principles for everything that we do. Once you learn these, you can then serve your students well and answer their questions and concerns.

A good analogy is yoga. You might take some yoga classes and decide to teach yoga, after all it seems simple . . . you breathe, you stretch slowly in different directions, you've learn a bunch of yoga positions and you're really flexible. However, there is much more that underlies the teaching of yoga than may be first obvious in a class or a book. Even with all the books and YouTubes and DVDs about yoga, people still go to school to learn how to teach yoga. And more importantly for people who want to create income teaching yoga, even with all the instructional books and YouTubes and DVDs on yoga, people still pay to take classes at their local yoga studio!

When registration for CZT seminars is open, you can find CZT training seminars registration links at the top of this page. These seminars tend to fill quickly, so if you are interested, we encourage you to register while there are openings available!

Zentangle has definitely left its mark on me, and in turn has helped me to make my mark on the world in so many ways. Some of the most memorable and important ways have been when I teach a class and get to see the amazement the students have as they create a beautiful work of art. I have been practicing Zentangle for 13 years now and it has infiltrated every part of my life, from the artwork hanging on my walls to presents I have made for loved ones, cards, jewelry and other crafts. Zentangle has provided me with a way to destress and rejuvenate so I can be a better person to those around me. Thank you Rick and Maria and the Zentangle family across the world!
– Lara Williams

A Day in the Life at CZT training 

Important events occur at CZT seminars that can't be conveyed with written words or online through video. Even though we have now taught over 33 CZT trainings, each one evolves with the personality of the group. That is why some CZTs return time and time again!

  • We believe that it is important to have fun, be playful as well as professional, and treat your students with the utmost respect and generosity. We do our best to model this behavior and inspire it in those who are considering teaching the Zentangle Method. People who have been to a seminar will understand what we're talking about.  
  • We also know how important it is for you to meet and talk with and understand the people behind this company you're planning to work with. At seminar you will meet and get to know us, our staff and our family. We could tell you anything, but when you're there you will see for yourself. And you will be inspired when you leave.
  • Magic happens at these events! There is a dynamic when a group of wonderful people with a shared vision gather in common purpose. It's exciting to be a part of that! Inspirations cascade over insights and shine so brilliantly and beautifully that everyone can see it. We treasure every moment.
  • Friendships . . . with us and with other CZTs.

2020- A year in FLUX

In response to our unpredictable global climate, we have made some hard decisions this year. Falling under the category of “never say never”, we have responded to the overwhelming requests from our community of Zentangle enthusiasts to design a virtual CZT seminar. See links to sign up at the top of this page.

In 2021, we will add a new venue for CZT training at Gurney’s of Newport Resort and Hotel. Here we will immerse ourselves into the calming and inspiring life on the water. Set on Goat Island, it’s a perfect backdrop for learning not to mention a great get away to a historic seaside town.

If you choose to join us here, our time together is quite busy beginning with Sunday travel and settling in. Our coveted Zentangle store will be open at 2:00pm to help get everyone inspired. You can check in with Zentangle any time after 2:00pm and with the hotel at 4:00pm. We begin the seminar with our first class at 5:00pm so please plan your travel accordingly as this class is mandatory to the program. Dinner, dessert and networking will follow.

We love to bring artwork from our home/studio/gallery and set that up in the lobby and so we invite you to do the same. Many students bring Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art to share in the "Student Gallery."



The next few days are dedicated to focused class time from 8:30am to 5:00pm on Monday through Wednesday. There are ample breaks throughout the day to keep us all refreshed and motivated. Although we are finished with the program on Wednesday, many people choose to extend their stay to absorb and bask in the week’s events with their fellow CZTs. We encourage our attendees to make those extra night accommodation arrangements early, instructions to follow in your welcome email. Many do decide to stay to also explore the great architecture and history of Providence to enrich their Zentangle practice.


On Monday and Tuesday evenings, we offer a surprise mix of speakers, entertainment and classes and, though technically optional, you will not want to miss them! Throughout it all, energized conversations are occurring and magical alliances are forming, you will meet and make friends with wonderful people from all around this world. 

Jason Poole, CZT

 Towards the end of our fourth day we conclude with a wide-ranging Q&A and tangle instructions that ties it all together.


Please join us!


Maria, Martha, Molly, and Rick!

Details and FAQs

Here are two lists of what we can and can't provide at CZT training: 

We can't:

  • Guarantee you'll make money . . . even colleges and universities will not guarantee that.
  • Teach you how to run a business or handle your taxes . . . it's beyond the scope of our seminar.
  • Assign territories . . . people move and there are so many applications for teaching the Zentangle Method within any one area: Schools, businesses, clubs, health care, etc.
  • Promise that a non-CZT won't offer competing classes . . . While we vigorously pursue trademark and copyright infringement, and even though our teaching method has a patent pending, we can only act within established legal frameworks and within our financial and time resources. We prefer to emphasize education of the market place and to provide students with the very best Zentangle experience possible. This is paying great benefits as people and organizations increasingly value the instructions and classes taught by a CZT over people who are not trained by us. Once you are a CZT- use that title to set yourself apart. Shout it from the rooftops!

We can:

  • Provide you with tools and resources to create a thriving Zentangle business. More and more people are teaching Zentangle workshops as an important source of income.
  • Provide a wonderful experience at seminar. Many people come (and come back!) for the camaraderie and immersion in an atmosphere of Zentangle creativity, inspiration and friendship.
  • Provide an ongoing system of support and inspiration through newsletters, our CZT Resource center, the Zentangle Mosaic App and, through our invitation-only Yahoo! chat group facilitating a network with each other.
  • Provide a listing for students to find you on an editable page on our website to all CZTs in good standing.
  • Offer most of our Zentangle products to you at wholesale prices.
  • Make every effort to make all of our strategic decisions around how it will support and impact our CZTs.
  • Provide advance notice and availability of new products to CZTs.
  • Provide a CZT only newsletter.
  • Invite you to join us in this wonderful exciting adventure. While no one can promise it, we continually hear wonderful stories of gratitude from people who have found a CZT through our website and it has changed (or saved) their lives. The gratitude that you can experience in teaching the Zentangle method has become a major focus in many CZTs' lives . . . it is a source of joy, focus and income.

It's important that you meet us and get to know who we are and what we are like. You will understand our principles and how we act. This is so important. You will meet our family and friends that make up the company of Zentangle. You will meet fellow students and develop relationships that last a lifetime. You will be part of a new exploration into creativity and personal enrichment that is just starting to grow. You will be a Certified Zentangle Teacher.


CZT certification, with the exception of Virtual CZT #36, is only available by attending Zentangle seminars in Rhode Island or by attending our authorized CZT training seminars in Asia in the Mandarin language which are provided  by Created With Love, or in Europe, provided by conZentric. Both are licensed by Zentangle, Inc. to provide these seminars. These are the only ways to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. If you have any questions, please contact Zentangle, Inc at or