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What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

Maria writes…
Dear Tanglers,
Did you know that there are specific and different names for groups of creatures? Really! And really interesting names – some unexpected, some funny, some apropos, and some, most certainly are not.
A swarm of bees.
A pride of lions.
An unkindness of ravens.
A pack of wolves.
A murder of crows.
I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that we do not have a specific name for a group of tangles . . . or for that matter, for a group of tanglers! How could that possibly be right? How did we survive this long (17 years!)?
Well, I think it is certainly time to remedy this situation. Of course, we decided that you, our beloved Zentangle community, should be the ones to do this.
So . . . your mission is to come up with names for
And, perhaps the story about how you came up with the names; and the wonderful staff here at ZTHQ will choose a name!
We will have most excellent prizes for this, possible including a copy of the artwork shown above! So, don’t hold back! We will announce the winners in next week’s blog
So, put on your thinking caps and give it a think!

We can’t wait to hear what you came up with.

Maria Thomas


  • A present of tangles… meaning either a gift or being conscious

    Rachel Flack on

  • Hello!

    I propose the following names:
    “Flyingtangles” or
    “Tangledwings”, because when I draw I feel like I’m growing wings and flying! 😊

    Aurora Dabacan on

  • An evolution of tanglers

    Rachel Flack on

  • A concentration of tanglers

    Rachel Flack on

  • A nest of tangles.

    Rachel Flack on

  • What a fun idea! Here are my suggestions:

    A Stroke of Tangles. A Meditation of Tanglers.

    Jane Elaine on

  • A knot of tangles.

    Rhonda on

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