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First Day of Zentangle 2017

Rick Roberts

"On the First Day of Zentangle . . ." On the first stroke of Zentangle R and M began,  With white squares and simple black lines In the fall of 2003, Rick and Maria developed the Zentangle Method. In these early days of its conception they decided that the method would use a 3.5" square white piece of high quality artist paper.  In the photo above, Alfie holds an example of the first Zentangle tile design. This is the first tile that Molly tangled. They knew right away that they wanted to work small. The idea behind this was to help...

A Tiny Tutorial.. Take Two.

Julie Willand

Rick writes: In 2007, we started BLOG Zentangle and began our enjoyable series of conversations within our Zentangle community. In reading through these blog posts with their insightful comments, we decided to bring a few of them to your attention from time to time. It is easy, for me anyway, to sometimes think of old information as stale information. But these insights and conversations are anything BUT stale! We invite you to enjoy this tiny tutorial from 2011...                      Begin previous post . . .                   Maria and I were talking about what to do for a blog yesterday. She started...