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Over the years all of us here at Zentangle HQ have been so fortunate to hear and read some very powerful, extraordinary, and heartwarming stories from people all over the world. Some come to us in person, some over the phone, others by snail mail or email.

What they all have in common is how in some way or another the Zentangle Method has influenced their life. Each and every one them is so unique and as special and important to us as the next. We cherish them. We try to carry the memory of the phone calls in our heads and we print all the emails and gather all the letters and we put them in a special box. And then that is where they stay.

About a year ago we asked ourselves, "How can we share some of these stories? How can we best bring to light some of the ways people are using the Zentangle Method? Wouldn't people enjoy listening to others describe the effects of their Zentangle practices?"

We know all these stories are awe-inspiring. They may bring smiles or tears but they all speak of this journey, this practice, we call Zentangle. And behind every story is a wondrous individual willing to tell us their tale.

Thus was born the Zentangle "Story Booth."

The Zentangle "Story Booth" series is a Zentangle Inc. production. We have hired a documentary videographer to capture these stories. So far, all of these stories are from CZT's and are captured in person. Each one is just as empowering as the next and what is so great is that they are all so different.

This will be on-going series. We will collect these just as we have collected all the letters and emails . . . only now these can also touch the hearts of others.
We have learned that we all have a story to tell and we look forward to involving many of you in our Zentangle "Story Booth."