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Zentangle Project Pack No. 24

Zentangle Project Pack No. 24




"A ladybug landed on my notebook, and I suddenly felt no need for words."
Marty Rubin

This year, 2024, will mark twenty years since the first official public Zentangle class was given. In honor of this monumental milestone, we thought it appropriate to spend the whole year celebrating. Project Pack No. 24 will join the celebration in honoring one of the Zentangle Method’s most famous tangles. This tangle is often one that people learn at the very beginning of their tangling journey and one that they inevitably carry with them as their practice grows and changes. This tangle's primary strokes teach an important tangling technique that we use in so many other tangles and tanglenhancers. In Project Pack 24, we will take a deep dive into the tangle, the techniques, and the philosophies that it inspires. We have an extra special custom item we will be using for all this fun tangling exploration. Join us for a series that takes us back to the beginning and launches us into space on this almost cosmic tangling adventure into our artistic future.

Zentangle Project Pack No. 24 videos will be released every other day beginning August 9, 2024 via our newsletter, website and YouTube channel. 

Remember, part of the fun of the Zentangle Project Pack Series is the element of surprise. Please refrain from sharing or posting photos of the contents prior to the release of the videos. Thank you!



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