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Zentangle Project Pack No. 11 - Phinding Phi

Zentangle Project Pack No. 11 - Phinding Phi




Through the lessons of previous Project Pack No. 10, we learned that there are many stories that lie beneath the surface and history of the Zentangle method. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle, share many of these stories through their own artwork, teachings, travels and interactions. One particular story we often share is Rick and Maria’s common fascination with geometry, divine proportion, and the Fibonacci sequence. Discovering and studying how nature, art, music, architecture and yes, patterns too, unknowingly follow geometric proportions and sequences, has been a huge part of their journey together. We welcome you to join us as we continue this journey in a Zentangle way.  

Don't panic though, just as the sunflower and the nautilus did not consult a calculator to grow, the lessons within this project pack require no mathematical planning or skills. We will explore a new place for tangles to live, we will dig deep into the concept of Fragments and Reticula and take pleasure in the delicate techniques of shading with both graphite and color. And then we will sit back and admire it all.


Project Pack No. 11 Introduction Video

View the Project Pack No. 11 videos here.
Download the Markus Operandus II here. 




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