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Zentangle Project Pack No. 23 - Illuminated Letter

Zentangle Project Pack No. 23 - Illuminated Letter




 "If you can dream it, you can do it."
-Walt Disney

This year, 2024, will mark twenty years since the first official public Zentangle class was given. In honor of this monumental milestone, we thought it appropriate to spend the whole year celebrating. Project Pack 23 will honor those initial strokes that resulted in the birth of Zentangle. We will look closely at that magical moment when Rick and Maria unexpectedly discovered something they knew they had to pursue. All the stars were aligned on that day which specifically happened in 2003. They were not particularly looking for it, but in a way, perhaps Zentangle was looking for them. Soon after this discovery, they were more than motivated to nurture and feed this idea into something they knew would grow in beautiful, unexpected ways. As we guide you through this exciting project, we will reflect on old stories, dig up early tangles and techniques, and incorporate new ones. This project will feel important and ornate and illuminated. It will comfort you with its history and challenge you with its grandeur. You will finish this series with art that speaks of the history of the Zentangle Method but more importantly, displays and honors your work as the artist and creator.

Zentangle Project Pack No. 23 - Introduction

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