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Bijou Paper Tiles

Bijou is our friend and advisor and . . . a snail. Well, perhaps not exactly a "real" snail, but to hear us talk about him (or her) you would think Bijou is as real and as inspirational as the clouds in the sky and the patterns on a snail's shell.

Bijou's passion for Zentangle is obvious. Bijou's insights, that only a snail could have, are relevant and inspiring to us humans. We are thrilled to share them with you. We are pleased to introduce you to Bijou, our friend and artist, here to guide us and remind us of the many profound characteristics of the Zentangle Method as only Bijou can. After all, "Anything is possible, one (slow and deliberate) stroke at a time!ā„¢"

Learn more aboutĀ BijouĀ here.