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When we created the Zentangle Method and art form, we created new words like, well, "Zentangle." We also use common words in ways that are specific to our Zentangle approach. Here are some quick definitions of some of our new and adapted words.

Certified Zentangle Teacher - CZT™

A person who has attended a CZT seminar and been certified by Rick and Maria to teach the Zentangle Method and is authorized to purchase Zentangle products at wholesale. Please see our list of active CZTs here. To learn about our CZT program and how to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, go here.


To reduce a pattern to its most elemental strokes so a user of the Zentangle Method can recreate, or reconstitute, that pattern (tangle) by repeating those strokes one at a time in a structured sequence.


A technique which can be added to, or combined with, many tangles. Examples include Aura, Sparkle, Rounding and Dewdrop.


Two or more tiles that when placed adjacent to one another, share a common string or strings that are drawn on all tiles as if they were one sheet.


A group of tangles to be selected with a random number generator. In our Zentangle Kit we include a Legend of 20 tangles and an icosahedron die with 20 numbered sides. Roll the icosahedron and draw the tangle that corresponds with the number. You don't have to think about which tangle to do next. You also work with new tangles. We encourage people to create their own Legends.


Result of placing two or more completed Zentangle tiles together, most commonly with all edges touching and no gaps between tiles. We usually do this with our square tiles.

RAZ - Random Acts of Zentangle

Inspired by the phrase "Random Acts of Kindness," RAZ refers to leaving a completed Zentangle Tile for someone to find. Usually this is done anonymously.


Lots to say here! This is a book in itself. At its most basic, a string is a random line drawn in pencil which creates an area in which you draw your tangles. To help explore this process, we offer Pre-Strung Tiles.


In its verb form “tangle” means to draw a tangle. You tangle a tangle, and in that process create Zentangle art. We began using this word as a verb to avoid using “Zentangle” as a verb. We avoid using "Zentangle" as a verb because we learned it is one way that weakens our trademark status of our name. In its noun form we use this word as our replacement for “a pattern that has been deconstructed so that it can be recreated according to the Zentangle Method.” However, although all tangles are patterns, not all patterns are tangles. Some patterns do not lend themselves to being deconstructed and recreated in a Zentangle way. An example of this is Celtic Knotting.


A variation of a tangle by itself or in combination with one or more tangles. Basic tangles are like paint out of a tube. Tangleations are the result of altering a tangle, or mixing one or more basic tangles together in different proportions.


Our die-cut paper squares and rectangles on which you create Zentangle art. We call them tiles because you can assemble them into mosaics.


"Zentangle" is a registered trademark. It is the name of our company (Zentangle, Inc.). The Zentangle Method refers to our patent pending teaching method. Zentangle art is created practicing our teaching method. For clarity and to maintain our trademark, we encourage you to use "Zentangle" as an adjective as in "Zentangle method" or "Zentangle art". More information on this topic is on our Legal Page.


This is our playful approach to classifying tangles. Watch for more to come on this.

ZIA - Zentangle Inspired Art

Although this term can be vague, it generally refers to artwork created on various media (fabric, wood, metal, etc.) that is inspired by the Zentangle Method. It can also refer to artwork that is done on formats other than our traditional paper tiles.