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Project Pack .04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

Alfie was fascinated with what Martha created yesterday. This morning, we found him on our dining room table with a magnifying glass taking a closer look!

On this second day of the 12 Days of Zentangle, Rick takes the pen to show us how he can hurry diva dance while IX and knase get wrapped up in a serious case of cadent.

Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 2
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 2

See video with German subtitles here.
(Note to our viewers in China, in the next day or two, we will add these videos to a platform you can more easily enjoy.) 
You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.
We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc.



  • The fun continues. Cadent is one of my favs.

    Linda Dochter, CZT 16 on

  • This is my first time participating and I’m really enjoying it. I was struck with a migraine while coloring in the sections yesterday, so I painted today. I can’t wait to start tangling tomorrow.

    Carol on

  • I’m really enjoying watching each video after work on the day of release, and then getting up early the next day to tangle my spinner! What a great reminder to focus on – and savor – one thing at a time. An important lesson this time of year!

    Christine on

  • It is so soothing to Tangle, and the two of you capture that vibe so well that watching you together is a meditation in and of itself.

    Beth on

  • Another lovely day of zentangle fun and one of the things I really loved was learning more about how the tangle names are derived/what they were inspired by. Long time understood Diva Dance’s genesis but never Knase nor Hurry. It actually helps me remember what they look like! Also Rick’s tips between how he draws diva dance ( i still struggle!) And coloring in the edges of a darkened space first are always very helpful.



    PamS on

  • would you please name each tangle at end of lesson so we can go back and look them up

    Jane on

  • Maria, thank you for reminding us that tortillon is a French word! It comes from the verb « tortiller »which means twist in English 😊

    Ludivine Schott, CZT32 on

  • I missed the order email for this kit so I have since ordered it and to not miss out I made my own up and am working along with the days. When my actual kit arrives I will do it a second time so works out as practice first and learn for the good one. Fun project and now I wait for that email to arrive with the newest day. What a fun Christmas project.

    Judy S on

  • I’m really enjoying learning the origins of some of the tangle names and seeing tje tangles juxtaposed like this—it really shows the commonalities and differences among them.

    Valerie Hayes on

  • It’s always so hypnotic to watch Rick’s drawing the Diva Dance 😍

    Elena on

  • I love the back to basics aspect of this project!

    Andrea Roderiquez on

  • Rick and Maria, I just love when y’all do videos together! The history of the tangles, etiology of the names etc., really helps me feel a kinship with them and remember them all the better! Hurry and Knase were new to me. Thanks!

    Cyndee Pelley, CZT32 on

  • Enjoyed making my own template, and the process of tangling each day again. I’m just calling it a Zentangle sampler and put my embellished first initial in the center.

    Anna Houston on

  • During my working hours I anticipate the last hour before I go to sleep,because then I have the time to tangle the new part of my spinner. Today is day 2 of the 12 days and I’m looking forward to relax and tangle…..perfect ending of the day .

    Love from Germany

    Martina Fegeler on

  • I loved watching this and hearing the calmness and encouragement from you both! The additional tips are great. I have to run out for an appointment, so it will be delayed and meditative gratification this afternoon to set down with pen and paper ;))

    Ginger White on

  • Love the idea of the watercolor background being done before the tangling. I’ve done the tangles from yesterday and they look really great over the colors.

    Jo Diamantes on

  • I’m loving this. A great way to de-stress on my lunch hour, just listening and watching and then anticipating the fun that comes when I get home from work. I love the day 2 tangles. Learned a couple new ones. This is so exciting.

    Vickie Stamper on

  • Settled in my happy place! Breathe! Excited to begin! Loved ‘Diva Dance’ 2 ways!

    Heather Toswell on

  • Love watching the progress of each tangle!

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • Checking my email during the day every 10 minutes, can not await to see the new video every day – unfortunately it is evening here in Germany when it is released due to time difference. ;-) Need to be more patient! Thank you so much, still feel the spirit of czt#32 and miss you all!

    Petra Hadidi, CZT32 on

  • What is the hashtag we should be using to upload our spinners to the Mosaic app?

    MKay B B Watson on

  • Totally intrigued by Rick’s Diva Dance. Find I’m looking forward to seeing your email come through & then the lovely treat of watching & listening whilst you tangle. So interesting to see how differently you all work/think & also to learn those little tips such as always drawing in the same direction. Really giving me food for thought – thank you so much.

    Evy on

  • Love the auraient.

    Diane ross on

  • I enjoy all the little tips that Rick and Maria throw in during the course of the lesson. Thanks.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Thanks for today’s tutorial. Cadent is one of my favorite tangle patterns to use.

    Rhonda Miller on

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