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CZT Family Tree - Anu Singh

CZT Family Tree - Anu Singh

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Anu Singh!



Name: Anu Singh                                                                      CZT#:31   


Hometown: Chandigarh, India

Favorite tangle: Diva dance

Favorite place to tangle: My dining table

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life:

When I wanted to sign up in 2018, I remember I was one of the last to be signed up. You had no seats and I was disappointed. Then I got a message saying there is one seat as someone had cancelled last minute. I immediately paid up and didn’t think about how I would do it and how I would plan. I was in a difficult phase of my life not knowing how I can have the courage to put pen to paper and brush to canvas again, so It was meant to be. Being a single mother, even though I had majored in Graphic Arts, I couldn’t pursue my passion as I had to raise my two young daughters alone from a very early time.
I worked for 27 years waiting for the day I could give up my job and do the things that would breathe life into me.

I gave up my job the day my younger daughter’s last college fee was submitted. At that stage I didn’t know how or what I would do but I knew I wouldn’t be working as I did. Attending your session changed my life. It brought me back to life, I was a robot attending to everyone’s needs and for the first time I was picking up the pieces of my life.

I was always artistic but Zentangle gave me direction, a sense of being calm and focused. I started living my life, one stroke at a time….

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is:

The concept about “No Mistakes”,  I was constantly berating myself for having made bad choices or not having studied more or finding the wrong partner or not having fought harder to pursue art rather than a more acceptable profession based on society and peer pressure. I was always unhappy and a little sad despite doing all that I did. The “No Mistakes” theory has changed my entire belief about life. What is done is done, now I only focus on each day and what I want for the future. If it works out that’s great, if not I move on to the next positive path. Given the strength after attending CZT #31, I also studied to be a Master NLP coach so that I am better equipped to teach. If I could be healed, then I could reach out to others too. This would not have been possible without the first step that you gave me in the right direction.

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned:

Art and its many forms, and my creativity gives me the strength to appreciate and create without the fear of the outcome. I create without fear, I try new methods, I integrate methods and I enjoy the journey!

Apart from the Zentangle method, I have created different art forms to teach children, special children and adults of all ages with the same objectives, of keeping calm, focused and living in the present moment.

If I’m not tangling, you will find me…:

Creating something with different mediums. I do not tangle all the time, but I mostly always have Zentangle part of my creative journey. So, if I’m working with Acrylics, I will add that touch of Zentangle to make it unique, if I design a product, Zentangle will add that sparkle to my work. Its about using different methods and always shining through because of Zentangle. My samples above will give you an insight.

Website/Blog: and


In honor of Anu embracing the "No Mistakes" philosophy, we are giving away one of our new "No Mistakes" tool pouch to a lucky commenter! Share how the Zentangle Method has helped you and we will choose a commenter at random. 

Thank you to everyone who commented on Rick's blog, Passion Gratitude and Family. We have randomly selected Rimona Gale to receive a print of the stain glass window. Please send your snail mail address to



  • So nice to meet you Anu! I love Diva Dance also. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork!

    Kathy on

  • I have barely started and have not even gotten instructions yet. I have just been reading the blog and trying to do a little bit each day. I have found it has helped in keeping my mind in focus and my breathing app shows I’m very calm when I’m working on Zentangle. I loved Molly’s voice guided lesson it was a lot of fun.

    Helen JOhannes on

  • A mí me está ayudando a sobrellevar mi enfermedad así como el confinamiento en España, mientras enredo ni siento dolores excepto un poco la mano, y soy feliz!

    Encarna Rebollo on

  • So wonderful to hear your story, Anu —especially about being fortunate enough to get “the last seat.” So did I! I also was on a waiting list in Spring, 2008! The morning before the starting day of the CZT3 Seminar, I was visiting my sister in Florida lamenting about how I hadn’t received a call from Rick and Maria about a cancellation that would allow me to go. My sis said, “Give them a call! What will it hurt?” and I did. I forget who answered…but she said a woman named Dianne had just cancelled — I said, “My middle name is Dianne!” She said, “The spot is yours!” I was sooo excited!! I flew back home to Maryland that night, arrived at midnight, repacked my bags, slept two hours, then jumped in the car at 3 am to meet Rick and Maria that evening! It may sound silly, Anu, but I think our good fortune to be able to attend at the last minute….means we were twice blessed to have the joy of Zentangle brought into our lives!!!!

    Deanna Williford on

  • The Zentangle method has given me permission to allow me time and continue creating through a project that may have contained a mistake to turn it into something very rewarding. Major changes from disappointment into humorous bloopers that only I know about. Thanks for that! ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • The “No Mistakes” sentiment was particularly helpful for me too. I struggle with perfectionist tendencies to the point where it became a source of great anxiety. Such high expectations kept me from engaging in enjoyable activities and trying new things. Because The Zentangle Method embraces a no mistakes philosophy, I was able to participate fully. I started to learn to “go with the flow”. It is something I’m still working on but I’m much further now than I was. And, for that, I’m extremely grateful.

    Kris on

  • Being an A type personality, Zentangle has made me be able to slow down. This is something really important right now in the world we are living in. I fell in love with Zentangle the first time I visited your site. I ordered a starter pack and just about every book out there before I took a class. I enjoyed the class so much and learned a lot. Thank you so much for the gift of Zentangle. And thanks for the blog.

    Marcia Fasy on

  • “ No Mistakes” philosophy initiates ,for me, creativity, peace and joy.

    Nancy on

  • I really needed a break from the world last night, Nd turned to Zentangling, where I can just forget about the world.

    Brenda DEbock on

  • I too put my creative self in a back closet for years. Zentangle let me clear the stuff hiding her and brought her out to play. I am so grateful to Zentangle for showing me that self once again.

    Deb Murray CZT30 on

  • Zentangle’s No Mistakes philosophy, and calming nature has helped me, both at work and during this shut down. Now, just picking up a pen has the effect of relaxing my mind and body!

    Catherine Gisby on

  • What a wonderful affect of the Zentangle Method. Changing lives is a big deal!

    Amy Gill on

  • Thank you for reminding me there are No Mistakes. The past is history. The future is a mystery. Now is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

    Mary Lou Minard on

  • Thank you for sharing. Zentangle helped me get through a really rough time. It has so helped during this time of Covid 19. I am so grateful Zentangle is such a beautiful release for so many.

    Margo on

  • Amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

    MKay B B Watson CZT 17 on

  • I was introduced to Zentangle 4 years ago, by a dear co-worker friend. Zentangle brought back my artistic skills I hadn’t tapped into for many many years. I quickly filled 50 Zentangle tiles and more! I filled a journal book. Suddenly I realized this became my saving grace.

    I have not signed up for CZT because of the cost. But I find the self teaching by viewing blogs, has given me a great education in Zentangle. Someday I will find the money to attend a CZT workshop. For now, I am happy with all that I have. Rick and Maria, and all the Zentangle bloggers have taught me the many opportunities Zentangle has given me.

    Nancy Killorin on

  • What a lovely story and journey. Zentangle has meant so much to me in various ways. As a way to get through one on the most difficult times in my life, the descent of my husband into dementia and his death is one. It was the one thing that gave me a bit of escape and peace during that time. It also has given me great joy. I love teaching it to my students and seeing their satisfaction in their art. It is always a magical moment when you “can hear a pin drop” in the classroom!😀

    Kate Ahrens on

  • I am so inspired by your courage. It is one thing to wish for these changes, but to make them happen is amazing. Continued peace, health and good fortune…

    Jody Genovese on

  • The Zentangle Method has inspired me to be open to unique ways of expression, creativity, and relaxation.

    Jefferson Svengsouk on

  • It is always nice to read the stories of other CZT. I wish you good luck for the future and many beautiful moments while teaching and drawing. Warm regards from a Belgian CZT

    Ria Joris-Matheussen on

  • Thank you for sharing! In this time of uncertainty and being told to “shelter in place”, Zentangle has been helping the time pass for me and I am so appreciative of that!

    Linda Deedy on

  • Thank you for sharing, Anu! I am so happy to hear your story because pieces of it so closely relate to mind. I found Zentangle at a time when everything in my life was being turned upside down. It was a source of relaxation and comfort and a place to pause. Congratulations for finding your creative voice again and finding a new career that ties them both together. What a dream come true!

    Christine Ruhnke on

  • I have been able to deal with this isolation and all the COVID-19 related stress because of the Zentangle method. It provides me with peace of mind because of the meditative aspects. Thank you, Rick and Maria, for helping through this trying time. I look forward to the Project Pack #09!

    Beth Peters CZT24 on

  • Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this inspiration.

    Tracie Giles on

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