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CZT Family Tree - Anu Singh

CZT Family Tree - Anu Singh

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Anu Singh!



Name: Anu Singh                                                                      CZT#:31   


Hometown: Chandigarh, India

Favorite tangle: Diva dance

Favorite place to tangle: My dining table

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life:

When I wanted to sign up in 2018, I remember I was one of the last to be signed up. You had no seats and I was disappointed. Then I got a message saying there is one seat as someone had cancelled last minute. I immediately paid up and didn’t think about how I would do it and how I would plan. I was in a difficult phase of my life not knowing how I can have the courage to put pen to paper and brush to canvas again, so It was meant to be. Being a single mother, even though I had majored in Graphic Arts, I couldn’t pursue my passion as I had to raise my two young daughters alone from a very early time.
I worked for 27 years waiting for the day I could give up my job and do the things that would breathe life into me.

I gave up my job the day my younger daughter’s last college fee was submitted. At that stage I didn’t know how or what I would do but I knew I wouldn’t be working as I did. Attending your session changed my life. It brought me back to life, I was a robot attending to everyone’s needs and for the first time I was picking up the pieces of my life.

I was always artistic but Zentangle gave me direction, a sense of being calm and focused. I started living my life, one stroke at a time….

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is:

The concept about “No Mistakes”,  I was constantly berating myself for having made bad choices or not having studied more or finding the wrong partner or not having fought harder to pursue art rather than a more acceptable profession based on society and peer pressure. I was always unhappy and a little sad despite doing all that I did. The “No Mistakes” theory has changed my entire belief about life. What is done is done, now I only focus on each day and what I want for the future. If it works out that’s great, if not I move on to the next positive path. Given the strength after attending CZT #31, I also studied to be a Master NLP coach so that I am better equipped to teach. If I could be healed, then I could reach out to others too. This would not have been possible without the first step that you gave me in the right direction.

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned:

Art and its many forms, and my creativity gives me the strength to appreciate and create without the fear of the outcome. I create without fear, I try new methods, I integrate methods and I enjoy the journey!

Apart from the Zentangle method, I have created different art forms to teach children, special children and adults of all ages with the same objectives, of keeping calm, focused and living in the present moment.

If I’m not tangling, you will find me…:

Creating something with different mediums. I do not tangle all the time, but I mostly always have Zentangle part of my creative journey. So, if I’m working with Acrylics, I will add that touch of Zentangle to make it unique, if I design a product, Zentangle will add that sparkle to my work. Its about using different methods and always shining through because of Zentangle. My samples above will give you an insight.

Website/Blog: and


In honor of Anu embracing the "No Mistakes" philosophy, we are giving away one of our new "No Mistakes" tool pouch to a lucky commenter! Share how the Zentangle Method has helped you and we will choose a commenter at random. 

Thank you to everyone who commented on Rick's blog, Passion Gratitude and Family. We have randomly selected Rimona Gale to receive a print of the stain glass window. Please send your snail mail address to



  • We are always judgemental and critical of others and ourselves. The No Mistake philosophy makes me live life as it comes, doing whatever needs to be done in the moment.
    Everything else falls into place…….💖

    BInaifer Karanjia on

  • Not only did I meet Anu at CZT31 in person. but discovered her also as a kindred spirit. Thus, through Zentangle I have acquired not only a dear friend, but also a way of thinking that serves as a lifeline in difficult times. Bravo to you, ANU, for all the beautiful and inspiring work that you are doing, and to your devoted and loving friendship.

    Naomi Frenkel on April; 4 2020


  • Zentangle has helped me get through several very stressful times in my life. Both were because my husband found himself in the hospital. One a victim in a horrific car accident that left 2 others dead. He was very lucky to make it. The other he fell off a ladder at work and broke his leg in such a manner that he almost had to have it amputated. After 4 surgeries and 27 days in hospital ( a lot of Zentangle time) he has his leg. Much stress came with these incidents and still have to use a cane to walk. The stress never ends but Zentangle sure does help me gain focus and appreciate the simplicity of the small stuff.

    Malia Benson CZT 15 on

  • Thank you for posting Anu’s Zentangle story. It is deeply touching.

    Rimona Gale on

  • Lovely to read about your path to Zentangle. All that you have done has helped create who you are.

    Margaret Bremner on

  • Thank you for your beautiful story. I’m sure we each have a tale to tell of how we have wanted to be more creative throughout our lives. I am still on that journey, tangling every day for the last few weeks to help me get through the current situation we find ourselves battling in this world. I was first introduced to Zentangle three years ago, but only recently have started tangling again, looking for the comfort that each line brings. Every day I look forward to having pen in hand enjoying all that is Zentangle and the generous community of people, those which we have so much to learn from. God bless everyone and stay safe!

    Donna Bosomworth on

  • What a wonderful sharing! Through out my 21 years teaching art,

    I always encouraged my students new opportunity is possible when didn’t go the way they wanted it to go. The message of “no mistake” has only enriched my work by challenging me not to get caught in perfectionism. All things do work out in the end.Thank you.

    Paulette Kirschensteiner on

  • It is such a pleasure reading about my fellow CZTs and their journeys. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

    Katrina on

  • Thank you Anu for your beautiful introduction to zentangle story. I only discovered how much I enjoy and thrive in art about 25 years ago after the birth of my son and my hospitalization- art introduction. I incorporate art into everything I do whether in life or work. I Love adding zentangles into my artworks. It adds a little bit extra to each piece.

    Kim G. on

  • Anu, your story is beautiful. I love your deep insights, especially the one where you said you looked for an art form that would breathe life into you. Isn’t this what many, if not all, of us are looking for? May you continue to grow and flourish with your art and in all your life endeavors! (And your stylized Om symbol is remarkable. It is very similar to a symbol I created for myself about 10 years ago that outpictures my inner journey of questioning and listening.)

    Paula Schneider on

  • Anu, I find your story inspiring and am delighted to know your life’s path has become more clear. You are obviously inspiring others and I’m sure your daughters are proud of you. I love that you are exploring other part of your art interests and incorporating Zentangle into it. I find that inspiring and hope to get myself back into a better balance. Thank you.

    Gale Sherman on

  • Anu, you are clearly gifted in how you carry your light in the world! Thank you for sharing. We all must embrace our gifts and let ourselves shine!

    Cleo Thompson on

  • I discovered the Zentangle method six years ago. I knew I would become certified, but had no idea how it would work out for me. Last June it finally happened. I wasn’t quite sure how I would share my talent and practice with others, but knew that the universe would work it out for me. Since last November I have been sharing this with the Veterans in Behavioral Health. I am so grateful for them, and hope it is helping them through this time, even though I haven’t seen them since mid-March. My daily practice is helping me cope with all the anxiety, too. So thankful for all your posts lately!

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T. on

  • Now that schools are canceled I’m teaching online classes twice a week for free. I’m still getting paid so I feel I can offer this to folks who may not have known about it. It is also my escape daily at the end of my work day and how I treat myself in these stressful times.

    Gretchen Rayburn on

  • I graduated from CZT class 32…….Since then I am always tangling….Your method of No Mistakes makes me think out of the box and think of it as a oportunity to do something a little different. After doing your project pack that came with a small drawing booket it really got me to understand completely your No Mistakes method. Thank you for your continually inspiring us ……..A big thank you to everyone at Zentangle HQ.

    Julie Crosby on

  • Like Anu, I had always loved art, but marriage, children and jobs kept me from becoming a full time artist. Like Maria, I was a calligrapher, but unlike her, mine was only a hobby, until my husband died, and I moved from OH to CT, summer of 2018, to live near my daughter. I had signed up at my local senior center for a Zentangle class in the fall, but had no idea what it was or what to expect. Just that it was an art form. So I googled it, found the official website, read the Zentangle creation story, and sent an email full of questions. Rick himself graciously replied, answering every question in detail. Later that summer, he sent an email saying he and Maria were lecturing at NMIA in Newport RI. I called NMAI to RSVP, drove to RI that weekend, and was mesmerized by their lecture and demo. I bought both their books, stayed to have them signed and had a lovely chat with two of the nicest, most sincere, caring people I’ve ever met. I was hooked, still am. Now, I tangle, draw, or paint, every day. Not because I’m looking for a career, but because I am constantly amazed at what I can create one stroke at a time. No worries no mistakes. It calms and comforts me, helps me focus, gives me an outlet to express my joy, my creative energy, and helps me manage the stress in my life. I am eternally grateful to Rick and Maria for this gift that they so graciously chose to share with all of us. Especially during this difficult time for people all over the world.

    Jake on

  • Zentangle gives me peace, calm and chance to be in the moment while letting everything else go.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • I am new to Zentangle and it has allowed me to “slow down and smell the roses”. It has reawakened my creativity. I have always been grateful and appreciative of the good things in my life, and Zentangle enforces that feeling. I have met some wonderful tanglers along the way! Thank you!💝

    Carol Roenbaugh on

  • Yes. The Zentangle method seeps into our lives.
    Any shows bravery in embracing “No mistakes”, and always reaching for the next positive path.

    LIsa HOesing on

  • What a wonderful story that so many of us can relate to our own journeys! Zentangle has allowed me to give a gift to my middle school students. So many of them struggle daily with many difficulties at home. Zentangle gives them a space to breathe and relax in a calm focused manner…they marvel at the works of art they create! Thank you!

    Barbara on

  • I love learning about zentangle all over the world

    Jessica M on

  • Zentangle has reminded me to slow down, enjoy the process.

    Pat F. on

  • Great story Anu! I love the Zentangle in the acrylic work. Zentangle has allowed me to believe I am an artist and that I can share this wonderful method to all ages of people, from my classroom students to volunteering in my grandchildren’s classes and local school to sharing this with seniors. I am so grateful I was able to be certified and for the path this method has led me to! Thank you!

    Betsy Smith on

  • Zentangle was shown to me by a dear friend, and immediately I knew it was just the thing to refocus my hectic life. Learning patterns, then taking a 1440 Multiversity course and the next year attending CZT training, cemented that this method of expression has been a life-saver, quite literally. Thank you seems so inadequate.

    Ginger White CZT34 on

  • Zentangle came to me at a very difficult and stressful time, and became so important to me that I went for CZT training a couple of years later, as soon as I was able to. Now I can’t imagine what I’d do without it—wouldn’ t want to!

    Valerie Hayes on

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