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Gratitude, Passion and Family

Gratitude, Passion and Family

It feels good when you put pen to paper in a Zentangle way.

Anyone who teaches the Zentangle Method for even a short time hears stories of amazing benefits from their students.

If you are reading this, there's a good chance you already know the profound personal benefits that can come from a Zentangle practice. Your Zentangle practice can have a similar beneficial affect on the world around you. These days, that's important.

Some say that positive vibrations like gratitude, love, and rejoicing multiply exponentially as each additional person shares that vibration. In contrast, negative emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred combine only by addition.

It's the difference between 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 128 for a positive emotion compared with 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 +2 + 2 = 14 for a negative emotion.

When you resonate with people on the positive side, you increase the effect of the positive exponentially. So what does this have to do with the Zentangle Method? 

When you tangle, you can easily shift your attention from fear and worry and tune in to gratitude. The more you do that, the easier it is for another person to turn away from fear and toward gratitude. Ken Keyes called this the "100th Monkey Phenomenon." Rupert Sheldrake calls it "Morphic Resonance."

The idea is that when you tangle, it becomes easier for another person to tangle. Your efforts multiply the efforts of all other tanglers. And as you shift from fear to gratitude, it becomes exponentially easier for someone else to shift from fear to gratitude.

When you are in tune with gratitude and love, it is similar to the Cymatics phenomenon.

The individual crystals coalesce effortlessly into beautiful patterns at the different resonant frequencies. In between resonant frequencies, things can look a bit chaotic . . . sort of like things might look now. This is just another reason to tune in to the frequency of Gratitude . . . and to do it with a Passion!

When we put together the Zentangle Method, it felt like it was a gift from what we call our Angels. One thing that we are grateful for is that we had the good fortune to pay attention to our Angels. Maybe that's one of the reasons that the first and last step of the Zentangle Method is Gratitude and Appreciation.

At our tenth anniversary of Zentangle, we commissioned a dear friend to create a stained glass window which Maria designed.

This is in the window above the door on our porch where we spend much of our time. The Angel writes, "Gratitude, Passion and Family" as a tile falls to us from the Angel's book. The Flower of Life in the upper right is for our shared love of geometry. The quill, of course, is for Maria's lettering art. The honeycomb and bee is for my years as a beekeeper.

We know that the Zentangle Method was a gift. It is a gift that we are fortunate to be able to share much as a delivery service would bring you a precious treasure.

Perhaps our Angels knew that the Zentangle Method would be helpful in times like this.

If you are asking yourself, "What can I do!?" then we can suggest an answer. Take advantage of this down-time to be with Family. Find a way to activate Love and Gratitude with a Passion.

If the Zentangle Method can be of service, then we continue to put together lots of ways to support you.

We have put together a special collection of supportive Zentangle options at this new page. You will find

  • Molly's Guided Tangling
  • Project Pack Links
  • Special Blogs
  • Online Zentangle classes with CZTs around the world
  • Tangle Step-Outs (instructions)
  • Kitchen Table Tangles . . . and more!

There are now more than 4,500 Certified Zentangle Teachers in 53 countries. The Zentangle Mosaic app has been downloaded in over 70 countries. Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of tanglers across this world have the tools to exponentially increase Gratitude.

Gratitude for what?

If nothing else, you can be grateful for access to your inner creative spark. And you can be grateful for how good it feels when you contribute your unique Beauty to this world.

Every moment you are in Gratitude benefits you, your family and this world.

Gratitude, Passion and this Zentangle Family . . . Thank you, Angels!

With all our best wishes.




Maria and I each wrote our last two blogs at the same time without knowing what the other was doing. Sweet how that works!

Thank you to everyone who commented on Maria's blog yesterday. We have enjoyed reading all your comments. The commenter selected at random to receive Maria's tile is Deborah Alborell! Please send your snail mail address to


Share your comments on how you are staying in Gratitude. We'll pick a few commenters at random and send you a print of the stained glass window. 

Rick Roberts


  • What is the frequency for gratitude?

    Trevor on

  • Molly’s audio guided tangles, my personal tangling, and these blogs have helped me keep my sanity during these trying times.

    JUlie kElly on

  • Thank you both for all you do!

    Beth Peters CZT24 on

  • I could watch those resonance patterns for hours! Thank you for this and for all you are offering.

    My daily gratitude is mostly coming from watching the natural world going about it’s business, largely unaware of what humanity is facing. Birds are still collecting nesting materials. Squirrels are still burying peanuts!

    Jem Miller on

  • To me, the most important message I get from Zentangle is Slowdown and Breath. I find it an extremely meditative practice in our mind monkey world. Thank you

    Chez Lyndon on

  • Rick, this is fabulous! I’ve been teaching an art class featuring patterns in art history- beginning with pertroclyphs.We only spoke briefly briefly about the Chaos theory which has underlying patterns which organize, have repetition and organization. Next year I would like to include a bit of what you and written and the fabulous video. Thank you so much!

    Gale Sherman on

  • I discovered Zentangle many years ago (2010 I think), and while I tangled on my own for a long while my fondest dream was to be able to attend a CZT seminar. Last year at CZT 34 I was finally able to fulfill that dream. I am ever so grateful for being able to attend and to meet so many who had been inspiring me for so long. I am very grateful during this time that I have Zentangle in my life, so that during this downtime I can keep myself calm and focused, surrounded by an online community of wonderful people who continue to share their talents daily.

    Diane Trew on

  • Your blogs are such a wonderful, complementary pair of inspirations. I am sitting down right now to tangle. Thank you so much for all you both have shared.

    Leslie Hancock on

  • I am grateful that you continue to inspire me. I am grateful also for your love of math in art. I will be forwarding the video to my son who is studying engineering. I am always looking for ways to connect with him. It’s funny how each of our lives intermingle. He was just talking about music and MHz. I now have something else to share with him. Thank you!

    Jeanne on

  • I have a granddaughter who is challenged with severe anxiety disorder and I am grateful that because the schools are closed, my daughter is encouraging me to be Elsa’s art teacher. We did the first tangle lesson earlier this week and will do another in a few days. Elsa was enthusiastic about learning and I am appreciating that last year at this time I received instruction to be a CZT and now have a real use for those skills. The love grows out from here…

    Annie Sargent on

  • What a inspirational video. Thank you so much for your contribution in our lives at this time. Finding these little gems in my mailbox helps keep me grounded and thankful for the promise of every new day.


    Jennifer on

  • With all that is happening around and within us, I am grateful for science, mathematics and education that can provide knowledgable medical caregivers who work hard to take care of us. I am grateful that science has had medical workers help with the longevity of life. I am grateful that I can continue to use the Zentangle method to thrive into my 60s and be more mindful of the importance of nature’s patterns, the arts, color, and architectural design more than ever before and has given me solitude. Thank you to my Zentangle family for opening up my world to more positive, kind and loving people. You all rock!

    LIsa Barreto on

  • Somebody ones told me: it takes an angel to see an angel. What you focus upon becomes bigger. As a human being you get to choose, do you focus upon what is good or do you let the dark become more darker. Don’t let any situation take away your mojo. May you all be safe and loved.

    Karin Godyns, CZT20, Belgium on

  • Don’t know why I didn’t subscribe to the Zentangle App before. Possibly just because in was in dollars rather than pounds but it was so straight forward. It was following Martha’s voice guided Zentangle that piqued my curiosity as to what others were drawing. Now I am able to see so much. Gradually adding my tiles that I did working through Primer tiles and I can see what others have done and love seeing more Kitchen Table Tangles. So much to appreciate and be grateful for.

    Evanna on

  • Thank you for continuing this fun!!!!

    Wendy Beak on

  • I am grateful every day for the ability and means to practice the Zentangle method and to be able to share it with others. It really has helped me, and my students, get through the past few weeks of chaos. Definitely brings the calm back to my day. Thanks so much.

    Deb Bowyer on

  • I am grateful that none of my family has been hit with this horrible illness. To keep being grateful I only have to look at the news or internet to see how horribly some people and countries have been affected!

    Betsey Youngs on

  • I am grateful that none of my family has been hit with this horrible illness. To keep being grateful I only have to look at the news or internet to see how horribly some people and countries have been affected!

    Betsey Youngs on

  • The more people experiencing gratitude, the greater chance we have of turning everything around. We are all a part of the whole. Each one of us a spark – with enough sparks we get to light the fire of love, peace and happiness which will spread around the world. Right now, while everyone is so frightened and anxious, I’m still dancin’ because I believe that is the only thing that will help. Yes, everything thinks I’m crazy as I go out to shop and are laughing and joking around. So what! I’m spreading a bit of joy and refuse to give in to the fearmongering. It is also keeping my immune system strong. I am so grateful for the wonderful life I have had and continue to have on Planet Earth. It is a beautiful place. When it is my time to move on to another dimension, know that I will still be laughing, singing and dancing!! Thanks for all the beauty you folks have brought into my life. I’m having a great time creating fun stuff!!

    Deborah Alborell on

  • I’ll always be grateful to Zentangle for getting me through some tough times and for putting joy back in my life. And now to keep it going forward for others. Thank you all for what you do and are doing at these hard times. Much Appreciated!

    Sue Leslie on

  • I appreciate your message of today very much yesterday. The two told the method of ゼンタングル equally all over the world.
    He/she gave that I could make a gift into a person around oneself in anyone.
    I believe that I can do it and want to continue that you should do now.
    For a positive heart, attach your message; and …!


  • Wow. What a perfect pair of blogs! So much outpouring of love. Thank you for your steady commitment to love, gratitude, passion and family.

    Loved this video and love is right up there with the highest vibration.

    Georgianna Klein on

  • As I was walking today, and grateful for such wonderful sunshine and blue skies, I thought how magnificent it is that nature goes on even during a pandemic! The Resonance video was terrific—showing that even sound forms patterns! Thank each of you for reaching out to us so frequently recently. Each blog is a new treasure! Maria’s design on the stained glass is…there are no words. I keep going back to look at it and finding something else I didn’t see the first time. Grateful to you (plural).

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T. on

  • Great post Rick. With my daily Zentangle practice, gratitude has become an important part of my life. Even when things are not going well I still find something to be grateful for. Let’s all keep vibrating those positive vibes.

    Lianne on

  • I am grateful for all the gifts I can pick up along my way. Life isn’t always fair or sweet, but learning during lifetimes let us grow.

    BarbAraCZT on

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