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Project Packs

Welcome to Zentangle Project Packs! Loved by both new and seasoned tanglers, Zentangle Project Packs are a curated collection of supplies that pair with a series of online tutorials. Each series has a theme that overlaps specific tangling techniques with philosophical musings. Tangle along with Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly and others from Zentangle HQ as they guide you through each lesson, unleashing the inner artist in all of us.

Each project pack is numbered the same as the corresponding videos and includes everything needed to complete the lessons in the videos. Project Packs are not sequential and can be enjoyed in any order.

Interested in learning more? All the Zentangle Project Pack videos are available for free below!

View Zentangle Project Pack Videos Here

Here at Zentangle HQ, much thought, design and planning are put into the production of our Zentangle Project Packs. Zentangle Project Pack videos are available for free without the purchase of the project pack materials. If you would like to support the production of Zentangle Project Pack videos, you can do so by clicking the PayPal button below:

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