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Seventh Day of Zentangle

Rick Roberts

"On the Seventh Day of Zentangle . . ." On the seventh stroke of Zentangle R and M pre-strung,  tan Zendalas swirling Zentangle Renaissance unleashed a new phase of tangling as it inspired an outside-the-box approach to the use of color. Working with rich rusty tones, exploring depths of shadow and the power of light brought new possibility and dimensionality to every tangle. So it was only natural that we created Zendalas on this new surface. In May of 2014, we introduced the Renaissance Zendala in both blank and pre-strung versions. Today we have a playful challenge for you using...

Sixth Day of Zentangle

Rick Roberts

"On the Sixth Day of Zentangle . . ."   On the sixth stroke of Zentangle R and M produced,  Tan squares a-dancing It was early 2013, and all was good in Zentangle land. We were beyond busy with many projects but one idea kept coming back to us. People often asked,  "Why don't you use color?"  This is a long conversation but our short answer is that we felt it interrupted focus, particularly for an early practitioner. You had to decide which color, where to put it, picking up the right pen, not mixing up the caps . ....

Fifth Day of Zentangle 2017

Rick Roberts

"On the Fifth Day of Zentangle . . ."   On the fifth stroke of Zentangle R and M circled back,  to striking black Zendalas The addition of the Zendala tile was huge hit. The many options of this beautiful surface whether blank or pre-strung, were an instant favorite among tanglers.  It did not take to long for the requests to come pouring in, "What about black Zendalas?" So in May of 2013, we released the black Zendala in both blank and pre-strung. This tile is cut using the same die as our original Zendala and is made from the...