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Zentangle Giveaway!

Zentangle Giveaway!

Hello Dear Tanglers,

The blog today is simple. It is just a way for us to show our appreciation​ to all of you, the amaZingly wonderful Zentangle artists we have had the pleasure of meeting, whether in person or in spirit.

We wish to give away a few Zentangle inspired items that we think you might be interested in. 

First off,   this original Zentangle Zendala tile (by Maria)

You can see this tile (and others!) on the Zentangle Mosaic App. Search for artist MariaThomas

a signed print of the Tangle Wheel

a signed print of  AIPOSAAT  (Anything Is Possible One Stroke At A Time)

Zentangle Journal

Our Zentangle Notecards

A Zentangle Water Bottle

 Zentangle Scarf

A Tinful of Black Zendalas


We will randomly select one person for each item. All you need do is leave your name in the comments section and we will announce the winners in next Tuesday's blog.

No comments necessary, but, of course, are always welcome.

Our best good wishes,

Rick and Maria

Rick Roberts


  • I am traveling to Providence to be part of CZT#31….let the journey begin.

    Leslie Ibler on

  • excellent! I love all this!

    Elena on

  • Zentangle lights up my life!

    Kathy HANCOCK
    MAY 4 2018

    KAthy HAncock on

  • Every time I begin to Zentangle, I feel like I’m at the top of a mountain ready to step off into the abyss. I’m

    nervous, excited, scared and ready to let myself go! Once I begin to draw, everything comes together in such a harmonious way. It makes me wonder why I ever hesitated. Go ahead and jump in, the tangles will catch you ever so gently. Enjoy!

    Sasha Spinner on

  • Love you guys….. the family and i had a blast with the 12 days of tangle

    Brenda Jo on

  • I love the signed prints…gorgeous!! What a great inspiration.

    Stacey Gray on

  • I have new purpose…..researching Zentangle .. the note cards I will purchase ASAP Thank you for giving me new purpose

    Nadia Berezowsky Henry on

  • I have new purpose…..researching Zentangle .. the note cards I will purchase ASAP Thank you for giving me new purpose

    Nadia Berezowsky Henry on

  • I love to look at beautiful zentangle art. All is so lovely especially the scarf.

    Janey Lively on

  • How wonderful you are!! The joys of being a CZT are limitless❤️

    Suzanne Robicheaux on

  • Zentangle allows me to create special unique individual gifts for graduations and weddings next month. Everyone loves gifts created with their initials!!!.


  • While on vacation, I tangle, but I leave social media at home. Some tangles are like photos of my trip, how fun is this.

    Nancy Day on

  • Great giveaway items!

    Pam Cleveland on

  • Future CZT (32)!!!

    Kem Kim on


    PAT DAWSON ON mAY 4, 2018 on

  • Love to tangle to untangle! Thanks!!

    Rose Isch on

  • beauty and peace = zentangle

    Tammy Johnson on

  • How wonderful! But that is the type of kindness I have come to expect in the Zentangle community. So many special people, brought together from all ocer the world. I am lucky to be a part of this “family”.

    Dana "Jonesy" Jones on

  • I feel a Creative Person inside of me. Zentangle is a way to help me unTangle the Inner Me.

    Karin Olson on

  • Awesome!

    Joyce May 4 2018

    Joyce Wasser on

  • Thank you for starting this meditation art form!

    Denise Swyers on

  • Love Zentangle! Love Maria’s beautiful art!!

    Izumi Sato on

  • Who doesn’t love a giveaway? You’re both so thoughtful!

    Kim Hawkins on

  • Such a sweet idea. Thank you!

    Adele Bruno on

  • April 30th holding my breath hoping for a stroke of luck!

    Annette Wallis on

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