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Zentangle Giveaway!

Zentangle Giveaway!

Hello Dear Tanglers,

The blog today is simple. It is just a way for us to show our appreciation​ to all of you, the amaZingly wonderful Zentangle artists we have had the pleasure of meeting, whether in person or in spirit.

We wish to give away a few Zentangle inspired items that we think you might be interested in. 

First off,   this original Zentangle Zendala tile (by Maria)

You can see this tile (and others!) on the Zentangle Mosaic App. Search for artist MariaThomas

a signed print of the Tangle Wheel

a signed print of  AIPOSAAT  (Anything Is Possible One Stroke At A Time)

Zentangle Journal

Our Zentangle Notecards

A Zentangle Water Bottle

 Zentangle Scarf

A Tinful of Black Zendalas


We will randomly select one person for each item. All you need do is leave your name in the comments section and we will announce the winners in next Tuesday's blog.

No comments necessary, but, of course, are always welcome.

Our best good wishes,

Rick and Maria

Rick Roberts


  • I’ll be taking a 4 day class from a CZT this summer. Can’t wait!

    Terry Rodriguez on

  • Thanks for creating this amazing way of getting lost in process, so much so that you no longer worry about outcome. It has freed up my psyche to start sketching and painting again, and actually sharing my work with others!

    Fran Isaac on

  • I love Zentangle. Relaxing and so many different outcomes. Never, never boring!

    Patricia Gonser on

  • I am vaccinated by zentangle. I t is so much fun and relaxation for an old lady like me. I find looking at the work of the different CZT is amazing. I would love to win the scarf.

    Linda Scott on

  • So many beautiful products! :)

    Tisha Cabral on

  • I love than all, but I would love to win the tinned black Zendala tiles. In fact, “I’m easy” I would be happy to win any of them, The scarf is so pretty, and of course I love the signed tiles. You really do imspire me, I wish I could tangle half as good as the two of you!

    Carmen Clayton on

  • The Tangle Wheel is stunning! Would love to win that!

    Karen Ferrante on

  • The Zentangle method, along with step outs and video tutorials have given me a new lease and perspective on life. Thank you Zentangle family!

    LaJuania Dorman on

  • At first I thought it would be better than antidepressants to learn how to do this but I’m afraid I would end up sadder because mine wouldn’t be beautiful like all those I see.

    Judy Petersen on

  • At first I thought it would be better than antidepressants to learn how to do this but I’m afraid I would end up sadder because mine wouldn’t be beautiful like all those I see.

    Judy Petersen on

  • Lovely!

    Michelle Lim on

  • All of your artwork is so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

    Maureen Stott on

  • Thank you for sharing the beauty you create!

    Janice James on

  • I am the Program Director work for “Amy’s Place” a non profit Memory Cafe in Roswell, GA. When family caregivers come in stressed about taking care of their loved ones with dementia I offer to teach them Zentangle as a way to relax and regroup. One of the best parts of Zentangle is it allows them to bring their loved one with Dementia and it’s an activity that they can do it together.

    I was asked to teach Zentangle at a local YMCA as a marketing event promoting a local Assisted Living/Memory Care facility.

    Alyss Amster on

  • Hello to Rick, Maria and Zentangle families.

    I am a Literacy & Adult Basic Education Tutor (ABE) for our local college as well as a Life Skills Instructor/Facilitator. I work with a variety of people who suffer from all sorts of illnesses, disabilities, diseases, brain injuries etc. One day between sessions I was tangling, one of my students asked me what I was doing so, I explained about this beautiful and creative art form. I gave her one of my tiles and pen so, she could join me. She followed along carefully creating her first tile. She was so, immersed in what she was doing that she forgot about her pain, and illness. When she completed it she was so, delighted at how it turned out. “A smile is worth a thousand words.” The next day she told me she had ordered a kit on-line, and followed one of Maria’s YouTube videos on creating a basic tile. Thank you for your beautiful gift shared to all of us, the art of Zentangle.

    Cheryl on

  • Getting better but nothing like …. well nothing like anything. Makes sense to me. Enjoying it, incorporating some designs on birdhouses, just relaxing and what happens, happens. That you for my mini-mind-vacations!

    Sue Orner on

  • Finding this Zentangle very relaxing and beautiful. Thank you.

    Joyce Rosenberger on

  • Love, looking at and creating zentangle pieces, gives a calming and stress free feeling, from ones everyday life for a short moment of time. Thanks!

    Diane Barnes on

  • I am always in awe of the many ways one can Zentangle!

    Annemarie Coles on

  • Thank you!

    Yvonne Soper on

  • Making Zentangle Thank You cards, so much fun!

    Kay McCullough on

  • I am Tangling better with my left hand these days. My OT is getting interested in it too from seeing my work. Your emails are a bright spot in my day! Thank you!

    Jan Smith on

  • Great!!! Thank you!

    Monique Lee on

  • I always feel lighter after tangling!

    Robin raphael on

  • Thanks for inspiring me always.

    Rita Moser on

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