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The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

Maria writes...

Hello all you wonderful, creative, caring, beautiful/handsome tanglers!

We recently got a very unusual email here at Zentangle Central. One of our (see above descriptions) tanglers (we will call SF), informed us that we sent her a (most remarkable) legend booklet in her Zentangle Project Pack.  
Although she (or he) did not notice it right away because he (or she) assumed it was the way it came,  . . . suddenly noticed, while watching the Zentangle Project Pack videos that accompanied the materials, that many of the spaces were already tangled!  
In the videos, they spaces were empty, awaiting someone to fill them in with their own creations. We struggled to understand what she was saying. . . because how could one book out of all the ones we sent out be already filled in. So, we asked SF to send us images of the book. And, sure enough, there they were . . . tangles all about!

Now, mind you, everyone knows how I love a mystery.  And I have given it some of my time to no avail.  We have asked everyone here if they had their own books in their possession, and so accounted for any that may have slipped into the general box of legend books.  This was certainly a tangler’s conundrum.

So we are asking all of you if you can solve this mystery.  Leave your theories in the comments, and we will eventually give away goodies to the one who solves this mystery, and also choose some random commenters for other giveaways.

Put on your thinking cap (preferably a deerstalker), and see what sleuthing you can do.   Perhaps, me thinks, do a tile or two to get the grey (a General's pencil will do nicely) matter afoot! 


The Zentangle Legend Book is featured in Project Pack No. 10

Maria Thomas


  • I heard this story in another group a week or so ago….my guess is that someone was practicing for video, or playing along while the instructor was filming. It looks alot like Rick’s style to me.

    Lisa Anderson on

  • What about one of the kids that sometimes help during videos like Maizy (I know I spelled it wrong). I think it is really cool though.

    Sue Priddy on

  • Mmmm. Maybe a tangling angel 😇. Maybe everyone have a closer look at the tangles because even if we all do the same tangles I’m guessing everyone does them slightly different. And I say very lucky person receiving it. It would have been like a birthday or Christmas when they opened it up 👌🏽🤗

    Annie Spinks on

  • There is no mystery here! I am convinced that the book was completed by Zentangle’s very own fun-loving, small, sassy, silly, spontaneous snail, Bijou! I can’t say that we have discussed it because of course he communicates directly with very few people. However, it doesn’t take much imagination to feel his frustration while the Zentangle Inc. Staff, his friends and colleagues, brain-stormed, laughed and enjoyed completing and sharing all the pages in the wonderful book.

    I can imagine him sitting quietly while he watched and listened to them choose the best tangles to fit each space, to slowly complete each area while they savored the experience of making the repetitive movements to make the beautiful tangles. I can imagine the longing he felt while he admired and appreciated the projects as they were completed. I know he would reflect on the completed projects trusting that his friends were discovering their creative energy and were inspired to let themselves reach out of their shells to experiment and grow.

    I can imagine that he could take it just so long before he gave in to his craving and hid away to complete the beautiful book in which he created, chose his tangles, slowly experimented knowing he would have no mistakes and he would be inspired to savor and enjoy the experience. But… once the book was completed and he knew it was perfect then what? Does he hide it? That wouldn’t seem right? Perhaps he enclosed the beautiful, completed book with the brand-new books so it would be discovered and given out to a person who would enjoy and savor his work.

    Maybe, just maybe, that is what happened. It is at least what I imagine.

    Betsey Youngs, CZT 20
    ps, I made a tile but can’t figure out how to post it on here…

    Betsey Youngs on

  • That’s EASY! It was Bijou!!

    Tracie Schatz on

  • I think it was Miss Martha in the Counting House with a black and brown Micron 01. She left it there accidentally before shooting the video and couldn’t go back because of quarantine so she had to start over. I’d recognize her flooish and swirling mookas anywhere :o)

    Jody Genovese on

  • One day, Bijou was secretly tangling in one of the booklets. Bijou thought he slipped it into the stack of working books the video makers were using for the Project Pack series.

    He had hoped to surprise them when they opened it for a new video.

    Alas, because Bijou is so small, he accidentally slipped the booklet into the wrong stack and the booklet ended up being mailed to a very lucky tangler.

    onna on

  • When I watch the project pack videos it seems like there are always several samples made for each video. I imagine this was one of those samples. Someone was cleaning up and “stashed” it in with the supplies.

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • It sounds to me as if Bijou was having some fun.

    Kathleen Olivier on

  • Perhaps it is one someone started, took a break, forgot where it was and started another one! Happens to the best of us!

    Linda Deedy on

  • I am thinking those elves from the Twelve Days of Zentangle were being mischievous, and then slipped this into SF’s Project Pack.

    Mary Kay Cass on

  • An HQ sample book that unassumingly went undercover & resurfaced outwardly unadorned only to find itself packaged for a new destination.

    Rimona Gale on

  • An HQ sample book that unassumingly went undercover & resurfaced outwardly unadorned only to find itself packaged for a new destination.

    Rimona Gale on

  • Just another thought…was this on or just before April Fool’s Day? Perhaps it was The JollyTangler making mischief.

    Wee on

  • Sounds to me like a RAZ (Random act of Zentangle)

    Lianne W. on

  • Could it have been a book used in planning or making the Project Pack videos and it just got misplaced?

    Valerie Hayes,CZT on

  • It was Bijou!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • April Fool. The message sent on April 1. Now for the SF. Silly Fool. Sunny Fool or Spring Foolery.

    I love a good mystery! So (much) Fun. Another SF

    Georgi K on

  • I agree with Sandy. Methinks Bijou has been rather busy during his lonely nights at the warehouse! Perhaps he needs a friend. However the tangles manifested…it was (is) a sweet idea.

    Wee on

  • I think someone must have seen a book like that and couldn’t resist the empty spaces and there are probably lots of pens around so . . . They began to fill them in. It must be someone who is good at Zentangles. So they are in your family (I’m sure they meant well and would make it right.). OR she has a friend or family member who just couldn’t resist. I know this doesn’t help you much. I hope you solve your mystery.

    Linda Scholl on

  • Before I even finished reading your article, I was already sure that Bijou has to be involved. Maybe he was up to some April Fool shenanigans that have just come to light. He would have had to start early since he’s so deliberate to make sure the random act of kindness was ready for the April 1st ish time era.

    Chris McEnhill on

  • The postman in the cellar with the candlestick did it.

    Katie Long on

  • I think it was Bijou’s friend Elf who dropped it in the box – Elves are always doing mischievous but helpful things like that.

    Jenny on

  • I think that you at HQ managed somehow to send SF the Legends booklet that was used in one of the lesson/demonstration videos. I recognize the tangles as those done (I think) by Martha in her “Spirals” video. I’m guessing that the booklet got partially used as she was preparing for the video, then it got mixed in with unused booklets and sent out from wherever you fill your Project Pack orders. Possible?

    Rebecca Lawrence on

  • Might the sent or receipt dates indicate an April Fool’s prank??😂😂😂

    Maryanne Leagans on

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