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The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

Maria writes...

Hello all you wonderful, creative, caring, beautiful/handsome tanglers!

We recently got a very unusual email here at Zentangle Central. One of our (see above descriptions) tanglers (we will call SF), informed us that we sent her a (most remarkable) legend booklet in her Zentangle Project Pack.  
Although she (or he) did not notice it right away because he (or she) assumed it was the way it came,  . . . suddenly noticed, while watching the Zentangle Project Pack videos that accompanied the materials, that many of the spaces were already tangled!  
In the videos, they spaces were empty, awaiting someone to fill them in with their own creations. We struggled to understand what she was saying. . . because how could one book out of all the ones we sent out be already filled in. So, we asked SF to send us images of the book. And, sure enough, there they were . . . tangles all about!

Now, mind you, everyone knows how I love a mystery.  And I have given it some of my time to no avail.  We have asked everyone here if they had their own books in their possession, and so accounted for any that may have slipped into the general box of legend books.  This was certainly a tangler’s conundrum.

So we are asking all of you if you can solve this mystery.  Leave your theories in the comments, and we will eventually give away goodies to the one who solves this mystery, and also choose some random commenters for other giveaways.

Put on your thinking cap (preferably a deerstalker), and see what sleuthing you can do.   Perhaps, me thinks, do a tile or two to get the grey (a General's pencil will do nicely) matter afoot! 


The Zentangle Legend Book is featured in Project Pack No. 10

Maria Thomas


  • One of Zentangle HQ staff did it in his/her sleep & forgot all about it.

    Evy Browning on

  • It was an extra legend book laying around in the shipping area of Zentangle HQ. A staff person happened to take her (or his) lunch break in said area, saw the random legend book and just started tangling while lunching. The packing/shipping person was filling SF’s order, was missing a book, and instead of opening a new box, grabbed the guilty, but now very valuable book and included it in SF’s order. Hint: 1) look for chops 2) look for mustard stains.

    Sharon Tanis on

  • I am thinking along the same lines as a previous commenter. With all that tangling going on at HQ, Bijoux must have been surreptitiously practicing so (s)he can teach a project tile. Bijoux may have inserted the practice legend book into the project packs to be sent out so someone recognized Bijoux’s talent.

    Joyce Rosenberger on

  • That’s an easy one…. Tanglyooooh did it, the well known Zentangle Headquarters’ ghost. Never heard the legend ? No fear though, he is a very kind ghost, Casper is his best friend and he just looooves to play some pranks. Hear him giggle ? ;-)

    Mari-José McMillian-Alcala on

  • Someone from your staff wants to surprise and give their drawings to the buyer. One of my nieces usually leaves drawings inside the books that she returns to the library of her school as a surprise gift to the next child who takes the book out, perhaps it is something like that.

    Another theory:
    Project packs cannot be returned, or can they somewhere? There is a chance that someone bought it, started to fill it in, but for some incomprehensible reason returned it as if she had not used it and it was put on sale again.


  • When I received my Packard fro. ZENTANGLE HQ last time it was already opened for custom reasons. Maybe in these case there was a bored customs employee who liked to fill in the spaces with nice tangles and make a surprice for the addressee!

    Sybille on

  • The world is a mysterious place and oft times dips into a dimension that I believe our subconscious selves play. The mystery could be that our subconscious selves want to tangle at times we are not able to … that could be the how and why but doesn’t solve the who … perhaps bijou 💖

    Jane on

  • The world is a mysterious place and oft times dips into a dimension that I believe our subconscious selves play. The mystery could be that our subconscious selves want to tangle at times we are not able to … that could be the how and why but doesn’t solve the who … perhaps bijou 💖

    Jane on

  • I can’t help but wonder if Bijou and Alphie teamed up on this…🤔❤️✍️

    Amy Broady on

  • My first thought after I read about this surprise, was that Bijou wanted to spread some zentangle goodness to one random Tangler. Lucky SF!

    Ronel Burger on

  • If the picture on the blog is of the mystery book, then I believe the book belongs to ME and that Martha was using it on day 2. The key to solving the mystery is to figure out who at HQ tangled in space 14.

    AndreaR on

  • It is Bijou, who leaves a trail everywhere!

    Bette Jayne Wheaton CZT 36 on

  • Bijou! You should be hibernating now….you are such a talented little traveler 🐌

    Dora Wilson on

  • Perhaps SF achieved a true ZenTangle state and filled in the whole thing unknown even to themselves! Creativity unleashed!

    Connie Cole-Ingber on

  • I’m thinking that Bijou may be missing one of his/her/their books!!! Whoever it was was thinking “outside the box”!!!

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson on

  • This was probably due to some kind of human snafu. Life happens…

    Joanne Pattison on

  • Must have been Alfie. Although a summer appearance might be unusual for him.

    Joan on

  • I think Sandy Kelly-Jones is on to something! Who else but Bijou would leave that many spiraled trails?

    Gail Quinn on

  • I suspect Bijou as he is very creative and mysterious at the same time. He could probably hide something like that in a stack of journals to go in the project packs so no one would notice it and be a total surprise for the recipient. Very clever intend. I would love to meet that fellow some day!

    Sue Leslie on

  • I agree with Sandy Kelley-Jones, Bijou has been a busy little mollusk. Numbers 3 and 15 look similar to his shell. 🐌🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌

    Phyllis on

  • Maybe it is a wonderful gift from a tangler to a person in this special and difficult time to show us that little miracles can happen. Maybe it was Bijou.

    Susanne Mäuser on

  • I dream at night of tangling. Do you suppose someone there was actually tangling in their sleep and then a bit sleepy when packing the project packs? I am sure that explains it.

    Katrina on

  • It’s Bijou’s book!

    Laura Anderson on

  • Looks like Martha’s work to me. She likes adding the line in the centre of the mooka stem and the highlights in the zander fit well with Martha as well. Too bad my initials aren’t SF – I’d welcome a gift of Martha’s work!

    Claire on

  • Isn’t it obvious? What we have here is a Sleep Tangler…

    Patricia Dixon on

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