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Kitchen Table Tangles: Crazy Cadent

Kitchen Table Tangles: Crazy Cadent

Join Rick and Maria at their kitchen table for short conversations as they talk and tangle together.

 Today, they explore Crazy cadent


Share your work on the Zentangle Mosaic App or other Social media outlets with the hashtag #KTT028 and #CrazyCadent

The full library of Kitchen Table Tangles (KTT) is available to subscribers on the Zentangle Mosaic App. Select videos available to the public on this page.

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  • Thank you for the tutorial. I always use to leave this tangle. Somehow I sat today and with you along I did this tangle. It is so soothing to ears when you both talk and it brings life to the tangle. I could feel that I was in Here and now moment. Thank you for making this possible for me in this difficult time when we as teachers are online from 9 to 4.

    Seema Sangar on

  • A huge thank you to the ZT HQ for helping us occupy our time during this time. We all have different levels of frustration with this Covid-19 scare. For me, these tutorials, project packs, and ideas from all of you have been such a good diversion for me. I mean, after all, how much cleaning and cooking can one do. These project packs have been so good because I do a little bit every day. A thanks also to CZT community for those who have graciously given of their time to creat online classes. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our midst.

    Joyce Block on

  • Thank you for the nice way of teaching us to play with the tangles.

    It is as if we are sitting at your kitchen table.
    I had a lot of fun with crazy cadent.

    Stella Peters Hessels on

  • I love these tutorials. Cadent is one of my “go-to” tangles and be used in so many different ways. I am unsure which version is my favorite though. Thank you for making these. They brighten my day….

    Sue Priddy on

  • I have watched this KTT a number of times and just cannot decide which version of cadent is my favourite!

    Tharina on

  • Well, you will hardly believe this but this morning, I got up early and decided to draw to keep me calm as I suffer from anxiety and depression my nerves are badly frayed. Zentangle is my happy place. I decided to draw ‘Crazy Cadent’ thinking back to one of your workshops. Then and only then I turned on the computer to check my emails. What do I see???! Your table top tangles and Maria is drawing Cadent. WOW!

    Bunny (Frances) Wright on

  • Cadent has always been my favorite and this tile is a delight!

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • I really enjoy KTT – from the table set up in the intro of the video, Maria and Rick’s dynamic, learning something new about a tangle that maybe familiar or new to me, it all comes together to create a tone that is lovely, warm and welcoming. Thank you for these.

    HElen on

  • I loved this ktt!! It took some time, what else would be as rewarding as ‘medi-arting’? This week feels as if six years of drawing has shifted from outside in to inside out, as if I’ve become the nib and the tile receives me. I hear Maria and Rick and Molly in my mind, slow down, appreciate everything, have fun with it. Thank you.

    Judy Morgan on

  • I learned about zentangles in a Living Journal class I took last spring. I zentangled on my 30 hour plane ride, both ways during my travels. I have shared it with friends, and recently watched the Zentangle Apprentice video with my 9,11 year old grandkids! So far so good, they want to do it again!

    Thank you for this focused,easy to share, fun activity to do in these uncertain times,

    Melissa Grudin on

  • What a delightful start to my afternoon today. Now off to get my tools out so I can try it myself. These videos have been helpful to my sanity while this teacher is working on distance learning with her students. After all day at the computer, it is much needed! Thank you!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • Thank you so much for these tutorials! They have been a bright spot in my days of social distancing!

    Fran Coffland on

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