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Kitchen Table Tangles - An Aquafluer and Scena Tangleation

Kitchen Table Tangles - An Aquafluer and Scena Tangleation

The Kitchen Table Tangles are a video series created by Rick and Maria while they talk and tangle at their kitchen table.

All of the Kitchen Table Tangles (KTT) videos are available to subscribers of the Zentangle Mosaic app. As the collection grows, we like to make some available to the public.

Today, tangle along with Maria as she and Rick guide you through a tile featuring Well, Well, Well.., and an aquafluer/scena tangleation.



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Maria Thomas


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  • Gracias María, es bellísimo este tangle. Lo trabajaré con gran gusto. Thanks María, is beautiful this tangle. I will work with love .

    Elsa Duenas on

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  • What an awesome inspiration!! As is every tile you both create! Thank you for sharing this one.

    Vicky Stewart on

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