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Voice Guided Zentangle Lesson #1 with Molly

Voice Guided Zentangle Lesson #1 with Molly

Molly writes... 
It is indeed an interesting time. A time to pause. A time to maybe take the opportunity to do things that maybe we didn't have the time for before.
Today we share with you a video lesson that uses a slightly different approach. Many years ago I thought it would be fun to explore teaching Zentangle using only my voice. I thought, how cool it would be to remove the visual reference and instead challenge the student to rely totally on their own beautiful interpretation of my instructions. There is no right way to do this or any specific expectation of what will come of your tile. This takes some trust in your pen strokes but if you just allow yourself to believe that no matter where it goes ... it will be beautiful in its own way. Sit back, listen, tangle ... and enjoy.

Upload your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #MollysMeditation to be a part of the mosaic. You can view the mosaic by downloading the app for free and searching for #MollysMeditation
If you are looking to fill your time tangling, here are some links we've gathered to help inspire you...

Molly Hollibaugh


  • I’d like to share this link with friends that are teachers. The share option doesn’t share via FB.

    Nancy on

  • Thank you very much for this kind of zentangle. Today I even managed to delight my husband with this lession. He has never been tangled before. So we both sat at the kitchen table today and enjoyed a great zentangle time. My husband liked it so much that we want to continue tinkering with it tomorrow. That fills me with joy! Greetings from Germany

    Anna Pretzer on

  • Loved the vg2, looked much better by the time I’d about filled the tile,lol.

    Does this tangle have a name please?

    Sylvia Thompson on

  • What a nice calm voice. Thank you so much for the reassurance you give. I learned on my own from the books,

    no one there to encourage.

    Diane Kueker on

  • Hi Molly, really enjoyed this as it makes you stop doing anything else and turn off radio/tv etc. However not being totally competent with technology ,I’m not sure how to post my pic and views other people’s attempts. Please help….. Thanks Sylvia

    Sylvia Thompson on

  • Such a fabulous lesson, and your calm reassuring voice was much needed – Thank you Molly! Thank you Zentangle team.

    Claire Warner on

  • That was truly amazing! What a great experience. Will try to post my tile.

    sue t. on

  • Wow -this is the first time I’ve done a voice led tangle – that was so fun! And of all things, our county here in Colorado issued a stay at home order which begins in 24 hours. I am very appreciative to have Zentangle in my life!

    Judy Matthews on

  • Dear Molly,
    I needed this. Thank you so much.

    Julie Kelly on

  • I was a little nervous at first but it was so fun! I loved my tile when I finished. Thank you for a great confidence builder.

    Margo on

  • Molly, I really needed this. Staying home, but also homeschooling my grandkids. It was great to relax, this evening.

    Suzanne H Crisafi on

  • Molly, I really needed this. Staying home, but also homeschooling my grandkids. It was great to relax, this evening.

    Suzanne H Crisafi on

  • Thank you for that wonderful activity. I do zentangle on my own and love to learn new things. I wish I could send you what I did, or I could see what you and others did. That would be fun.

    Lois Conklin on

  • Molly,
    This was captivating. A perfect panacea for minimizing all the tension in the air. You are such a pro, I understand how difficult it is to describe a visual task. Your voice is like taking a tranquilizer and so easy to follow!! Thank you Molly and all at Zen HQ for a wonderful, fun respite! I will post my results, can’t wait to see how others interpreted!!

    Karen Herstowski on

  • Thank you for this guided lesson Molly. Because my first language is Dutch I had to listen very carefully but I did understand everything and tangled at ease, in our house in my own agenda. These were nice moments of peace!

    Matheussen Ria on

  • I remember doing this at 1440. It was so interesting to see everybody’s beautiful and different tiles.
    You do a great job of voice tangling.
    Thanks for the reminder/refresher.
    Thanks for the fun Zentangle experience, as we Shelter In Place.

    LIsa Hoesing on

  • thank you that was fun I hope mine showed up in mosaic having difficulty figuring out the app

    Laurieann Jacobs on

  • Thank you so much for this. I really enjoyed it, it was a beautiful way to Zentangle and to quiet my mind too.

    Gill Green on

  • Sorry for previous post – the second time I checked the cc option was available. Thank you.

    Mary Wilson on

  • I am really disappointed that there was no closed captioning offered in this for us deaf or hard of hearing folks.

    Mary Wilson on

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