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Seventh Day of Zentangle

"On the Seventh Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the seventh stroke of Zentangle
R and M pre-strung, 
tan Zendalas swirling

Zentangle Renaissance unleashed a new phase of tangling as it inspired an outside-the-box approach to the use of color. Working with rich rusty tones, exploring depths of shadow and the power of light brought new possibility and dimensionality to every tangle. So it was only natural that we created Zendalas on this new surface.

In May of 2014, we introduced the Renaissance Zendala in both blank and pre-strung versions.

Today we have a playful challenge for you using the pre-strung Renaissance Zendala tile. You all got a different one . . . so let's see how this plays out.

Have fun!
Project Pack 02 ...Day 7

Rick Roberts


  • Such a gift of learning, pleasure and relaxation.

    Karen Rushton on

  • This is such a wonderful way to chill out during what can otherwise be a very hectic time of year. I’m so lovin’ your version of the Twelve Days . . . Thanks for sharing!

    Rose Crawford on

  • I am so grateful for these 12 Days of Zentangle! I’m spending more time with the tiles, the ink and the graphite and truly embracing the calm that comes along with that. It’s beem very therapeutic so far. Thank you!

    Michelle Aalbers on

  • I love this pattern so much. I need to look in my package, to see what string I got!

    Debbie J on

  • I can’t believe we are halfway finished. I love doing the holiday Zentangle challenges!

    Mary Kay Watson on

  • Pre-strung is always a fun-exciting challenge. This tangle is so adaptable & user friendly in that it plays great with any string. Looking forward to seeing what beauties come forth!!! :)

    patsy monk on

  • Love the tan tiles, love the round shape. I have never tried a zendala so here is my opportunity. Thank you.

    Christine Jasper on

  • I have been creating lots of Zendalas lately, and this is a fabulous design for me to play with. Several iterations have already come to mind. Beautiful work!

    Dana "Jonesy" Jones on

  • Each day’s tangling gets more and more interesting.

    Joan Mitchell on

  • Another fun challenge! Really enjoying the 12 days of zentangle this year!

    Jadene R on

  • How fun to introduce a technique that can be used with any and every string, and it looks so different done in different shaped spaces. And embellishment possibilities are endless. Even by just day 7, I can see that my tangling is going to be visibly different and richer. Thank you, again and again.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Thanks for showing several of the “done” tiles. They were all amazing!

    Mary Kay on

  • And again a great challenge… thank you so much!

    Floor de Jonge on

  • I used to think outside the box, until I realized there is no box for me. LOL

    PHYLLIS on

  • I am in love with the new shape for tangleing. Opens up so many possibilities!

    Marilynne on

  • This is absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what a Zentangle is but I’d like to find out and what do you do with them once they’re done.

    Carol Adams on

  • I like the flow of this tangle and working in the round. This is a new one for me

    Peggy Fitzmaurice on

  • I tend to always work “outside the box”. :)

    Tisha Cabral on

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