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In the spirit of our Thanksgiving holiday later this week, we wanted to express our gratitude for the Zentangle Community and share with you this gourdgeous blog from 2021.

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Gratitude (noun) is the feeling of appreciation or thanks.

We talk about gratitude often. It is not a coincidence that it is the first (and last!) step in the Zentangle Method. It is something we strive to practice in everything that we do. One of joys of gratitude is that this feeling is felt all over the world. Much like the Zentangle Method, it transcends borders, cultures, languages and backgrounds.

From our hearts to yours . . . Thank you.


Deb Huntington, USA


Ela Rieger, Germany


Eri Hagiwara, Japan


Céline Vergne, France



Enmei Guan, China


Oswaldo Burbano, Spain


Anna Medvedeva, Russia


Diana Schreur, The Netherlands


Sanyukta Saxena, India (Hindi)



SooChin Ng, Malaysia



Lucy Farran, United Kingdom


You can find the step-out for the tangle gourdgeous here

Banner image done by Maria Thomas.

Julie Willand


  • Stunning expressions of gratitude. Grateful to be a small part of a wonderful community.

    Linda Rios on

  • Gourdgeous artwork to express Gratitude. This is for me the essence of Zentangle : lovely work from a community around the world that took their source from heart-centered family-oriented immensely creative and wonderfully warm people ! Grateful for you all at ZTHQ and every tanglers around the world. Thank you for sharing this post!

    Juliet on

  • Beautiful expressions of gratitude from around the world! Thanks so much for sharing the art and sentiments of GRATITUDE! So thankful for the Zentangle Method and for all of you!!

    Marty Deckel on

  • Wow!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful gourdgeous works of art!!
    Love you all❣️. Have a GRATEFUL holiday season!
    🙏 WSNB

    Wendy Need-Beak on

  • What a gorgeous and wonderful way to express gratitude in many languages and in a singular language that is uniquely Zentangle. Many dialects and cultures united around a word so powerful (and empowering), especially fitting to the US holiday of Thanksgiving being celebrated this week. Thank you for this and for all the artists who shared their work. Makes me grateful, indeed.

    PamS on

  • I’m grateful you sent us so many ways to say “gratitude” with the languages and the tiles

    Mari-José McMillian-Alcala on

  • Thanks for sending this Gratitute Zentangle Art Cards. They are all so lovely. Very special to read gratitute in so many languages. I like this nice idea. Compliments for ZHQ and all the lovely Zentangle artist in this blog.

    stella Peters-Hessels on

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