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In the spirit of our Thanksgiving holiday later this week, we wanted to express our gratitude for the Zentangle Community and share with you this gourdgeous blog from 2021.

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Gratitude (noun) is the feeling of appreciation or thanks.

We talk about gratitude often. It is not a coincidence that it is the first (and last!) step in the Zentangle Method. It is something we strive to practice in everything that we do. One of joys of gratitude is that this feeling is felt all over the world. Much like the Zentangle Method, it transcends borders, cultures, languages and backgrounds.

From our hearts to yours . . . Thank you.


Deb Huntington, USA


Ela Rieger, Germany


Eri Hagiwara, Japan


Céline Vergne, France



Enmei Guan, China


Oswaldo Burbano, Spain


Anna Medvedeva, Russia


Diana Schreur, The Netherlands


Sanyukta Saxena, India (Hindi)



SooChin Ng, Malaysia



Lucy Farran, United Kingdom


You can find the step-out for the tangle gourdgeous here

Banner image done by Maria Thomas.

Julie Willand


  • It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I say thank you all for quite nearly 10 years of joyful tangling. 🫶🏻

    Kathy Y. on

  • Aaahhhh I’m so proud to see my tile up there, definitely feels like a Christmas present :-D And all those tiles are so scrumptious.

    Céline V. on

  • I am grateful to have found and be part of this world wide gratitude attitude.Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

    You are wonderful people!A great family!!!

    Alicia on

  • I’m thankful for being more aware of every moment. When I tangle, I’m am truly ‘in my own moment’ and when I’m in a Zentangle class, I’m grateful that other Tanglers enrich my time with them. The Zentangle Method allows me the flexibility of artistry, the embrace of community and the pleasure of sharing my tiles. Thank you.

    Nancy Needler on

  • I am Gourdgeously grateful for all the support and encouragement from the worldwide Zentangle Family. So thankful to have found this artform…and for these beautiful, inspirational interpretations of just one single Zentangle pattern. Awesome!

    Jessica Dykes (Jake) on

  • Look at all of those !!! So beautiful and all such personal variations on a theme. We may not speak the same language but we all have the same grateful heart !!!


  • Thank you.

    Jacki Fry Brewer, CZT25 on

  • Oh my ! What bursts of gratitude- I’m feeling it plus awe at the words & images! Thank you again!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler CZT 33 on

  • I’m gratefull for the happy coincident of Zentangle in my life What a joy

    Joke Leussenkamp on

  • Dankbar … Bleibt alle gesund

    Zensusa_ on

  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful works of art!

    Rimona Gale on

  • Gratitude. Whenever I think of Zentangle And particularly all the people at Zentangle HQ, I think of gratitude. It is clear that you live your lives with gratitude in your minds and in your hearts. You are wonderful people. In fact, everyone connected with Zentangle is full of kindness and gratitude. I am grateful to have found and to be a part of this worldwide gratitude attitude. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • What a wonderful gift for this holiday season! So many beautiful tangles from all over the world fill ME with gratitude. Thank you.

    Marsha Campbell on

  • Gratitude! The best thing I have taken away from the Zentangle method. It took finding Zentangle to make me change my thought processes. Literally life changing. I’m grateful for all of you. Xoxo

    Deborah Bowyer on

  • Thanks to Rick, Maria, their family and support staff for all you do and for sharing a reminder of the global language that goes with the Zentangle practice. I love the gourdgeous tiles!

    Linda Elkin on

  • Oh yes! GRATITUDE and Zentangle go together like a horse and carriage! 🎶
    What a joy to see these beautiful tiles’ gourdeous expressions of thanks!

    I’m so thankful that your “no mistakes” philosophy brought me back into the world of art—allowing me to play on the page and grow into creativity once again after years of fearing mistakes.

    Thank you Zentangle family and Zentangle community for your constant generosity of spirit and the opportunity given to each of us to share our gourdeous works of art!!

    Susan Talbot on

  • Happy Thanksgiving to us all! I too am grateful to ha the Zentangle world in my life; thanks for being you!
    Love the gordgeous art work. I haven’t made friends with that tangle yet, I’ll have to keep trying!

    Betsey CZT 20 on

  • Gratitude….shown here, clearly, to be a beautiful expression in any language! Grateful to be part of such a generous and creative community. Thank you all.

    Maryam Mercier on

  • I talked to Julie a few times by email and introduced "ありがとう Arigatou ".   "ありがとう Arigatou " is a magically fascinating and wonderful word.  I am very happy to share my gratitude with many people. ありがとう !

    Eri Hagiwara , Japan on

  • I am so thankful for the Zentangle community and so proud to be able to take part in making art and happiness!

    Mary Kay Watson CZT17 on

  • I am so grateful for Zentangle and how it has become a way of life for 10 years. It has brought meditative calm during anxious times and a feeling of accomplishment to see the outcomes of my art. Thank you for this gift!!!

    Beverly Ripps on

  • Realism, modern art, color, black and white… all done with one Zentangle pattern. Just glorious!

    susan Gibson on

  • I’m forever grateful for you, the Method and our community 💖

    Anica on

  • I am thankful every day for the gift of Zentangle, and the supportive community that has been created around this wonderful practice. Thank you all!

    Ardath Egle on

  • Thank you to all the wonderful artists who shared their works of gratitude. So many ways to interpret Gourdgeous!

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T. on

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