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Eleventh Day of Zentangle

"On the Eleventh Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the eleventh stroke of Zentangle
R and M dreamed up, 
Tiny white and black triangles
As we look back over our Zentangle timeline, certain tangles make a mark in our history.  When we introduced the tangle tripoli we also introduced a magical concept, even though we didn't appreciate it at the time.

This three-sided tangle was more than a pattern. It was also a platform for other tangles. Its eye-catching characteristics romanced us with the combinations of geometry, nature and movement. And its simplicity teased our eyes with complex beauty. That tangle was one of the inspirations for our Reticula and Fragment concept. It was also an  inspiration for our 3Z tile.

In November of 2016, we added an equilateral triangular tile to the Zentangle collection. You can arrange this new shape in beautiful hexagonal mosaics or combine it with square tiles for exciting new mosaic arrangements.

The white and black 3Z tiles measure 3.5 (89mm) on a side and are cut from the same 100% mould made paper as their square counterparts.

We offer two fun projects for you today in honor of this Eleventh Day and the white and black 3Z tiles.


Rick Roberts


  • I love triangles! What a fun tile shape!

    Charlene Smith on

  • These made perfect ornaments to add to the Christmas tree!

    Donna Pilato on

  • Always such great ideas to play with!

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • I am having so much fun doing these. So far, I just do the project with you, but I can’t wait to go back through the days and “play”. Love the 3Z’s and your creativity!!!

    Debra Myers, CZT on

  • So simple, so elegant!

    Karen on

  • Ooooohhhh it is a star party, so very lovely this!!

    Floor de Jonge on

  • The creation with the black tiles reminds me of a bow for a package! School ends tomorrow for the holiday and I will be able to tangle! They are all clamoring for some holiday tangling of their own tomorrow…

    Laura Oldham on

  • Spectacular! Love what you did with combining the triangular tiles.

    Mary Kay on

  • I haven’t tried a triangle tile yet but hope my Christmas present has some in it. Also keen to give what looks to me like a swirly waterfall a try today. Love your work.

    Christine Jasper on

  • The triangle tiles are so much fun to work with. :)

    Tisha Cabral on

  • I love the technique of crossed hatched scena. And I really like the Celtic knot feel of both these examples using 3Zs. Thank you for another fantastic video !

    Jackie on

  • These star decorations are so simple, yet so amazing. I love them!!!

    Lianne on

  • I love the white star. The black one seems a bit more challenging to me. I’m off to try it again!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • I love the stars. I love how so many of you are getting in the act and giving us a chance to see so many styles of top-notch tangling. And I can’t wait to see what y’all do tomorrow to climax the whole series/pull everything together. Thank you all.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Another fun one! It has been soon fun to follow all the days!

    Lisa Anderson on

  • Take your time’ is something I heard Maria say several times during this video. I like that! ‘Slow down’ as Bijou says.

    Like the technique of drawing in the air above the place where you’re about to put the ink is helpful. You’ll know where to tangle and it reminds me of the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’. Think ahead and know where you’ll add ink…that’s making deliberate strokes (another Bijouism).

    Thank you for these projects. I look forward to trying both.

    Nancy CZT18 on

  • I didn’t think I lik d the triangle cards, until I watched today’s video! I love the star shapes.

    Debbie J on

  • Oh my stars!!

    AndreaR on

  • Oh my! Can’t wait to try this. The nine pointed star looks very challenging but who doesn’t love an artistic challenge!

    Mary Kay Watson on

  • What a great use of these 3Zs. Still enjoying working with these.

    Edwin Ortiz on

  • Cannot wait to do this one. AWESOME

    Phyllis Carter on

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