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Fifth Day of Zentangle 2017

Rick Roberts

"On the Fifth Day of Zentangle . . ."   On the fifth stroke of Zentangle R and M circled back,  to striking black Zendalas The addition of the Zendala tile was huge hit. The many options of this beautiful surface whether blank or pre-strung, were an instant favorite among tanglers.  It did not take to long for the requests to come pouring in, "What about black Zendalas?" So in May of 2013, we released the black Zendala in both blank and pre-strung. This tile is cut using the same die as our original Zendala and is made from the...

Fourth Day of Zentangle 2017

Rick Roberts

"On the Fourth Day of Zentangle . . ."   On the fourth stroke of Zentangle R and M decided,  on apprenticed squares for students In the beginning we selected the Sakura® Pigma® pens as our drawing tools of choice. As a small company we didn't think of contacting Sakura. However, soon received a call from the Vice President of Sakura of America who asked, "Who are you and why are you selling so many pens?"  That was the beginning of many friendships and a good relationship between our two companies. Sakura of America was a breath of fresh air...

Third Day of Zentangle 2017

Rick Roberts

"On the Third Day of Zentangle . . ." On the third stroke of Zentangle R and M played 'round,  With circles, white and cheerful As more people around the world practiced the Zentangle Method, we noticed a marriage between the form of traditional Mandala art and Zentangle patterns. This lovely combination inspired us to investigate further. A circular canvas is a perfect fit for the Zentangle concept of no up or down. It also nurtures the practice of turning your tile as you work.  We studied traditional circular patterns and developed ways to incorporate them in a Zentangle way. After...