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Project Pack .04 -- 12 Day of Zentangle - Celebration Day

Welcome to our Celebration Day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

Alfie was so excited by Molly and Martha tangling yesterday because now he is ready for his first spin together with his friends. 

On this Celebration Day day of the 12 Days of Zentangle, join Rick and Maria as they assemble their spinner and have some fun. 
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Celebration Day
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Celebration Day

Deutsche: See video with German subtitles here.

中文: See videos on a China platform here.  
You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.


To see spinners that tanglers post on the Zentangle Mosaic app, search on hashtags:


We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc

Our winner from Day 12 is:

 Linda JF

Please send your snail mail address to so we can send you your surprise!

Tangles and Newsletter Links

Here are the tangles and links to all the newsletters of this Project Pack #04 and 12 Days of Zentangle -- 2018 series.

Preparation Day: tinting spinner
Day 1: Jetties, flux, zander, well
Day 2: hurry, knase, cadent, diva dance
Day 3: florz, festune, wadical, tripoli
Day 4: static, molygon, noom, umble, mooka
Day 5: bunzo, quabog, zenith, ING
Day 6:  swarm, pokeroot, bronx cheer, huggins, pepper
Day 7: printemps, rain, avreal, fracas
Day 8: crescent moon, hollibaugh, Shattuck, marasu, indy-rella
Day 9: hollibaugh, cubine, xyp, arukas
Day 10: jonqal, munchin, centipede, 'nzeppel, sampson
Day 11: knightsbridge, scena, purk, betweed
Day 12: tipple, zinger, vega, verdigogh, rixty
Celebration Day . . . Today!

View all our Project Pack videos for free at our YouTube playlists.



  • I’m home from CZT33 in Providence and still feeling “high” from all the excitement, ideas and new friendships. Happily discovered that I’m not missing directions for my Project pack 5 since the video is not out until April 12th. LOL so I found my way into the blogs and pages of previous packs and now I need to go do laundry and tangle while I wait. Thank you all again!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler on

  • Thanks so much for this lovely activity. It’s been a perfect way for me to reengage with Zentangle after some time away. I arranged the tangles alphabetically around the spinner and added several so all letters are represented. Wishing a wonder-filled 2019 for all of you at ZHQ!

    Danielle DeRome on

  • I’m FINALLY finished making my first spinner! And seriously LOLing from your celebration video discussion! I will be using this spinner often as it reminds me of tangles long forgotten! Can’t wait to start the next. Hey, I don’t have to wait! I can start it now!!!

    Debra Myers, CZT 18 on

  • I love the new project pack 4,a Zentangle spinner. However being new to Zentangle I have a question. On the spinner there are bumpy creases. I’m not sure how to tangle over these. I would love it if others could share their experience with this. The results that other people have done that I’ve seen on the Zentangle mosaic app are just gorgeous.

    Leah Sauer on

  • Thank you so much for these 12 days. I am a beginner and have one question. During the videos you always spoke of starting from the left side. I understand for a right handed person that makes sense. I am left-handed and starting from the left would mean that my hand goes across what I just drew and smudges it. I found starting on the right and going left worked much better for me. Is that all right?

    Sue on

  • Thank you thanks! You have brought me moments of peace in this busy season

    Myra on

  • I had an idea, that you could use the letters and numbers as prompts for your string.

    Stephanie Jennifer on

  • I have so enjoyed this project! I’m only halfway done, but have watched the videos and am excited to finish. An excellent way to deal with the stress that is inevitable during the holidays. Thank you so much!

    I have a question: you mention looking up when some of the tangles were introduced in the newsletter (Tripoli), is there a way to search the newsletters?
    Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

    Cheryl Velker on

  • Have enjoyed each wedge. Still practicing and adding to the spinner. A wonderful holiday to you + your Zentangle staff. Always, Carol

    Lelia on

  • This has been such an incredible journey. It felt like i was in the studio with you, listening to you, watching you tangle. It felt like i was a part of the process and the conversation. I learned new tangles and shading techniques, and i re-learned tanfles i thought i knew. Thank you so much for this. I know that much work and love went into this project by all of you.

    Blythe Nicassio on

  • Loved spending time with you in my studio listening to all your tips & watching your techniques. Had the best time tangling along with you all & learned a few new zentangles as well – thanks for your inspiring 12 days of Christmas – I will miss our daily get together.😍merry Christmas to all the family & a very happy new year.

    Lorraine O’Brien on

  • For 12 days I felt like Rick and Maria were not in the US but in a close neighborhood in Seoul, Korea. I’ve really enjoyed this project. I was thrilled and received a gift every day for 12 days.
    Thanks you for sharing your inspiration, happiness and enthusiasm. I haven’t started my project yet because I’m still waiting for my package. I can’t wait to do my own.
    Merry Christmas Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly, Martha and Julie!

    James(Jong Seung) Lim, CZT26 on

  • To the Z team, These last 12 days have been another wonderful experience that always brings this community closer together and is such a joy to be a part of. Thank you again for the passion you bring to this project.

    Matt Wieczkowski CZT29 on

  • I am really looking forward to filling in my corners! Have been so inspired by the finished spinners on the app. So many beautiful variations!

    Jadene Ridinger on

  • I’ve enjoyed the 12 days. Fun to see what Alfie was up to. Don’t have the project pack this time, but will think of something to do with it. Neat idea!

    Jan Smith on

  • To Rick, Maria & all the team

    What an inspiration & a great project, it has me totally absorbed! I am half-way through my own spinner but I am taking my time, one tangle at a time :-)) Thanks

    Best wishes for Christmas & New Year.

    David on

  • It was so much fun to start my day with Zentangle by following the video for 12 days! I love the idea to let the spinning to choose the tangles of the day. I will sure introduce this method to my students.

    Susan Yeo on

  • Wow! Completed it looks wonderful, and so much fun. Love the ideas for its use and framing it, too.

    I was looking back and on 11/30/18 the Welcome CZT’s, you posted some pictures. One was of a fan that had Zentengles on it. I love fans. Do you know where I can get one to tengle🥰
    Or have you thought of selling plain ones to be tengled😊

    Cynthia on

  • When Anchorage, AK, recently had a massive earthquake, I was frozen and couldn’t do anything, so I decided to tangle the Spinner. It helped me get my mind focused each day on something positive and helped me deal with the shock. I’ve never done a challenge so this came at the perfect time! I absolutely loved your videos and the entire project! It was wonderful to hear your sweet voices. Thank you all for the beautiful gift you gave us this year!! I love you all at Zentangle and wish you a Merry Christmas!! ❤️

    Donna Jacobson CZT on

  • I had originally decided to not get the kit right away and just watch the videos, but they were so relaxing to watch (I wasn’t even tangling with you yet just watching) that by day 4 or 5 I wanted my own kit! It arrived on day 8. I was super excited and was caught up to tangle day 12 with you! Thank you!

    Ramona Wickstrom on

  • D it is over, but what a wealth of inspiration for us all. I know what I will be doing when I need quiet time over the next few weeks. Thank you so much. A lovely gift to the world.

    Chriss on

  • My husband was very caught up in the flow of the patterns around the wheel. He felt that your eye moves from place to place and new insights and delights are present in each orientation. This was my most ambitious Zentangle project ever. Thank you so much for this delightful series.

    DebCZT30 on

  • Beautiful! I love seeing the spinner in it’s finished state. Thank you for all of the wonderful lessons. Merry Christmas to you all!

    Stephanie Houser on

  • Thank you so much for this fun. I discovered my hidden talent

    Brenda Jo on

  • A great big THANK U to u guys! 🤗

    Jonesy on

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