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Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 03

Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 03

It has become an annual Zentangle tradition for us to celebrate the holiday season with a series we call The Twelve Days of Zentangle. For twelve consecutive days, we deliver daily tangling lessons, guiding you through the steps to create festive tangled works of art that are all part of the same theme.

Join us now for Day Three, as our old friend Alfie and a couple of new friends take us through The 2022 Twelve Days of Zentangle.


“Wow Nomi, that looks awesome” exclaimed Marasu. “I love how Molly taught those simple tangles in a way that makes us feel like we are Picassos.” 

“I agree” says Nomi.

“That poke root reminds me of berries and they are making me hungry!" says Alfie.

"I’ll just switch to poke leaf!” replies Nomi.

“Salad. Same result!” Alfie whines.  

“Well, OK, it is 10 o’clock, and our friends at Zentangle always stop for tea and treats at 10. Maybe Marasu can make us some tea and cookies” says Nomi with a smile. “I'll just keep on tangling until tea is ready. I love how my scroll is coming to life with these organic tangles. Can’t wait to see what's next.”

Rick says, "Everyone look at the camera . . . Smile!"

--- + ----

This Zentangle series is unique as we will be working on one singular piece of tangled art over the course of twelve lessons. The customized surface will provide structure and a common element to guide us on this adventure together. We will methodically and magically add to the structure as we simultaneously discuss and share our system of collecting, deconstructing, and categorizing tangles. As we take you on an adventure, we will introduce you to our Zentomology™ approach. We will explore Tangle Genuses, or categories of tangles.

In true Zentangle fashion, our approach to this system is playful and open to exploration and interpretation. We use the Zentomology system as way to learn about the characteristics of tangles and explore how to use them in ways that enhance and balance our tangled compositions. As we dig into this concept, we leave a trail of tangled artwork behind us. Join us as we get tangled up in the Zentomology approach of studying tangles while creating one large piece of tangled art.

Each day, as we add to this singular piece of tangled art, we remind you to trust the process. Watch as this composition comes together with different tangles, concepts and your individual style. At the end we will bring all of the elements of the Zentangle Method together in a beautiful and unique piece of artwork.


Tangle along with Molly as she guides you through the third video in this series. We recommend doing these videos in order, beginning with day 01. You can view all previous Project Pack No. 19 videos here.

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP19Day03 and #12DaysofZentangle2022.

Let us know your thoughts below and at the end of this series, we will pick a commenter at random from each day to receive a Zentangle surprise!



  • Seeing the spines develop is fascinating & those Verdigogh tangleations are especially inspiring to see, especially when they actually look so different yet are basically the same tangle: just executed a bit differently.

    Evy Browning on

  • Pokeroot as a “tree” looks amazing!

    Linda J on

  • Organic tiles – I like them very much!

    Claudia on

  • This is really so much fun! At first I wasn’t sure about the brown ink, but meanwhile I just love it, because it mingles so well with the water colour!

    Ulrike on

  • Fun how Molly used the string to guide but not constrain her tangles.

    Marty Greiner on

  • A tree grows in Rhode Island…well, actually everywhere!

    Dorian on

  • Love the organic tangles…Verdigogh is one of my favorites!

    Carol R on

  • I love this! It’s so beautyful!

    Isa M on

  • And he has a tiny Micron pen!!

    Sarah Hluchy on

  • The start of another amazing Zentangle journey! I love decorate my tree with organic tangles

    It’s very confortable drawing over watercolor stencil…

    carmela on

  • I love the flowing continuity of this project.

    Jackie on

  • I don’t know why, but the little vertigo leaves remind me of mosquitoes… I really like how this project is turning out, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    Pinar on

  • I am enjoying the larger format, pen and tangles. Seems to be even more relaxing than usual. The pen glides on this paper!

    Judy Grimes on

  • I am enjoying these organic tangles!

    Andrea R on

  • As always, the anticipation was worth it!

    Ann Baum on

  • I will definitely wait until this delightful series is complete before starting because everyone is doing so many awesome pieces! I hope we get to see Alfie and friends’ works at the end, too!

    DM Smith on

  • Layers….we are adding, enhancing and watching this piece evolve. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

    Ellen Weinman on

  • This is growing into a beautiful piece of art! I love the the Bronx Spears!

    LLS on

  • This is growing into a beautiful piece of art! I love the the Bronx Spears!

    LLS on

  • The day 3 video was the first thing I watched today after I woke up! It made my coffee taste even better . I love the way the project is progressing and I hope to try it out soon. Thanks for creating such a wonderful project.

    Suchitra Komandur on

  • I’m loving the direction this project is going! I look forward to each of the daily videos.

    Debbie J on

  • I love organic tangles! What a beautiful project this is!

    Donna on

  • Watched Day 3 with a cup of tea after a busy pre-holiday afternoon. Looking forward to tangling after the dinner dishes are done!

    Wendy on

  • What a journey. This project pack really teaches me to trust in the process. Thank you for explaining it all so well and reminding me that it will turn out good in the end.

    Doris Bisschop on

  • Just beautyful and what a pleasure to tangle for a magnificent result

    Isa on

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