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zenFESTtangle: Celebrating Life and Zentangle

zenFESTtangle: Celebrating Life and Zentangle

It is always humbling and heartwarming to see the ways that the Zentangle Method brings together people from all over the world. Today, we are happy to share with you the magic that happens when a group of Certified Zentangle Teachers come together to celebrate and showcase the work and creativity of Indian CZTs. 

Please join us in welcoming Anu Singh, CZT, to the Zentangle blog to share with us more about this event. 



Anu writes... 

Why ZenFESTtangle?

Sometimes you stop and look around and you realise there is so much to be grateful for. Even when things are not going as well as you want them to, there is a deep faith that everything is the way it is meant to be and that we are in a good place.

Did we always feel this way or has this gratitude seeped in slowly into our whole beings? Is it because we enjoy what we do or is it the calmness that has come into our lives with Zentangle art and everything else that followed because of that? With all the highs and lows, ups and downs that life brings on, we wake up each day to the challenges equipped with so much more fortitude and grace. Not worrying about the “Mistakes” and forging ahead enjoying this fabulous journey called life!

ZenFESTtangle is all about celebrating Life and all things Zentangle. An 8-day event of learning, creating, and sharing results of the Zentangle Method in all its spirits. ZenFESTtangle brought many talented CZTs in India together on one platform for some amazing learning throughout the 8-day event. ZenFESTtangle provided a platform for everyone to get guidance and mentoring from these wonderfully creative, innovative and talented CZTs as they coach through their unique styles.

How we came up with the idea of ZenFESTtangle:

CZT#31 Anu Singh, conceived the idea after she moved after years of being in Oman and Dubai. The first thing that impacted her was the amazing talent amongst Indian CZTs. They had evolved and created so many more dimensions in their art after being exposed to the Zentangle Method. Each one had a unique style and were including new techniques to create awesome work. Anu felt it was time to create a common platform of collaboration with the pool of talent. She connected with Sunali Shah and instantly formed a bond, like it was during the CZT training with fellow teachers. As they spoke about their passion for Zentangle art there was an instant mutual respect and friendship. They wanted to celebrate ZENTANGLE and LIFE and that is how ZenFESTtangle took shape.

We are excited, because firstly, it brings all of us together on one platform and secondly, it’s an opportunity to give more to the wonderful students who have given us so much love and joy. They will come here to be inspired, learn more and teach more!

How the teachers add value to ZenFESTTangle:

This is an idea and an attempt to put a united front of Indian CZTs, so together we can reach a wider audience. Educating, inspiring and sharing the joy of Zentangle art and its community. Anu and Sunali strongly believe in collaboration and in the fact that the “more you give the more you receive”. Each CZT has a unique style. Each one passionate about their art and techniques they have honed over the years following the CZT training. We wanted each CZT to add value and make this an unforgettable experience for the participants. We took months to curate the lessons, going back and forth with the CZTs to bring something new to the participants.

Future of ZenFESTtangle 

The first event took place last year in November, with 45 participants, This year we had double the number and we are proud to create this legacy. 90 participants from around the world, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, France, Germany, India and more! Each one enjoyed the 8 days of tangling together as a community, creating, achieving mindfulness, having fun and learning together! Looking forward to ZenFESTtangle 3.0 next year and hoping to make this an amazing yearly event!

What did participants have to say?

It was an awesome experience. Everyday was a new experience. It was an eye opener and it was really enthralling to experience the different ways of doing Zentangle art. They were challenging at times but enjoyable. Also you took so much effort to make sure that the video gets shared properly each time. Your stories were just amazing.

I did learn a new approach each day. All of you were brilliant. Each artist has their own way of teaching.Ekta Romi

--- + --- 

Wonderful! Everyone one associated with the event was extremely knowledgeable, kind, very Zen and, in short, amazing. Will definitely register for the next one.

I learned something new every day and plan to teach one of the sessions this week. - Arlene Roeder


--- + ---  

A heartfelt Thank You to Anu, and all of the CZTs involved in zenFESTtangle, and continuing to share the Zentangle Method.

If you have any questions regarding zenFESTtangle, you can contact Anu Singh at




  • Registrations open for ZenFESTtangle please check Instagram Zenfesttangle

    Anu on

  • Registrations are now open for ZenFESTtangle 3_0
    For more information and to register please check here

    Anu on

  • Hello everyone! So happy to read the reviews of ZenFESTtangle 2.0. Is there any recording of the workshop to which we could have access to? Do share details of the ZenFESTtangle 3.0 so that we can plan in advance? Thank you and happy tangling!

    Judith Anne Fernandes on

  • Welcome Anu, I enjoyed reading about your Zentangle journey. The tangle tiles you shared are beautiful. The ZenFestTangling idea and implementation is such a showcase of the Zentangle family and community of bringing people together. Congratulations on this celebratory life affirming creative event and celebrating a culture of talented artists from India. I have met some of these amazing artists at TangleU and seen their artwork. It’s beautiful and unique. Peace.

    Miriam Zimms on

  • Thank you ! I would like to add my nameto the list of people that are interested in more details . . Alicia Pessacq 10,2022

    Alicia on

  • I am sure that zenFesttangle was an AMAZING experience! I wish I could have been there! While working on a ZIA this evening, I realized how far my art has come in the last year since I learned about Zentangle. I have learned so much! Thank you! Some things that I have gleaned over the last year. . .1. Beautiful art starts small and builds on itself. 2. When in doubt, stop, breathe, and be grateful for the opportunity to create. 3. If you fear a blank page, start with pencil drawn dots and lines. . . 4.Take your time. It isn’t a race. 5.Turn your paper so that you can see what you are doing. 6. Don’t be afraid to reinstate lines. 7. Shading transforms even a black and white drawing. 8. Black adds drama to your art. 9.The lights and darks work together to give dimension to any piece of art. 10. Art and creativity are a gift from God, the greatest creator! 11. Art is a wonderful way to express your innermost self. . . 12. Be willing to share and encourage others, even if they copy your work. 13. Allow others to influence your art. . . Be willing to grow. The Zentangle is an amazing group of people! May the Lord bless your New Year!

    LLS on

  • Me gustaría participar en un próximo evento, sois extraordinarios. Gracias

    Egleé Torres Zuleta on

  • I would like to add my name to the list of people that are interested in more details.

    LaJuania Dorman on

  • I will add my name to the list of people interested in learning more details.

    LaJuania Dorman on

  • Thank you so much for featuring ZenFESTtangle here.

    Gratitude and appreciation to all the participants of this wonderful Zentangle community for making this event a success.

    Anu and I will be hosting ZenFESTtangle 3.0 in November between Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) and Thanksgiving.

    This event is online on zoom for 8 days promoting talented Indian CZTs.

    We look forward to welcoming you all in ZenFESTtangle 3.0

    You can email us at so we have you on our mailing list.

    Thank you once again for featuring us here!

    Sunali Shah on

  • Thank you for featuring us and ZenFESTtangle 🤗

    We are so grateful to have found a spot here so that we can spread the word and reach out to everyone to celebrate Zentangle and Life together. I and Sunali look forward to having you all as a part of ZenFESTtangle 3.0.
    The event is online on Zoom and we have it in November just between Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) and Thanksgiving.
    To keep updated you can follow us on Instagram here
    To be in touch on email you can mail us at or my email mentioned above.
    We look forward to welcoming you all to ZenFESTtangle 3.0 this year in November with all the talented Indian CZTs. 🤗

    Anu Singh on

  • How would one obtain details of this event; like dates, how does it work, what are the costs to participants, is this an in-person or virtual event, how does one get signed up, etc.? Is there a website that provides this information?

    Julie Keimig on

  • What a wonderful community and outreach. I’d love to know how to participate next time.

    Vivian on

  • How do you sign up for the next event?

    Peg Philleo on

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences and the art from the event.

    Joyce M Rosenberger on

  • Sounds like a wonderful event. I would love to find out about future events.

    It would be awesome to be able to attend through Zoom if it is open

    Kim Brown CZT37 on

  • Sounds like a wonderful event. I would love to find out about future events.

    It would be awesome to be able to attend through Zoom if it is open to non-CZT’s. Thank you.

    Karen Norman on

  • I am very interested in this fest. Please tell me how I could be a part of it going forward. Thanks!

    Dede Waters-Masters on

  • Sounds like a wonderful event. Was it at a site or Zoom because of Covid?
    Please add me to your email list so I can find out about your next event.

    Marlene on

  • Congratulations on your innovative way to keep the Zentangle spirit alive.

    Bette Abdu on

  • This sounds wonderful! How do I get notified about this or is it just for CZTs?

    Linda Dalrymple on

  • Beautiful work and inspiring blog! Thank you Anu, Sunali, and the zentangle community!

    cdw smith on

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