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What's in your "portphonio?"

What's in your "portphonio?"

Maria writes...

Do you even realize what it means to be able to carry around images of (all) your art if you so desire? I still have my portfolios, all 5 of them (I was a very productive artist, a real-life "Energizer Bunny").  But now, I carry it all in my purse/pocket. Not only can you carry it with you, but if someone likes what they see, instantly they can have a copy sent to them. This is real Space Odyssey (1968!) stuff. 50 years ago, this was just fiction. Somehow, I never thought that I, as an artist, would be affected by computers and such. But my business changed drastically, even with just the invention of the fax machine, which is ancient by today's standards.



If you are a subscriber on the Zentangle Mosaic app, you may not even realize some of the things you might find there. For instance, did you realize you can pretty much track the evolution of your art? I clicked on my photo on the app and was then able to see all the tiles I had submitted. All 399! So not only could I wander through, I could see the differences in my work. The tiles appear in chronological order, so I can see how my tangling morphed in its history: how it was affected by other artists and time, and the gradual improvements in composition and clarity. This was eye-opening.



Now, for sure, there a no mistakes in Zentangle, but that does not mean there are no improvements. Certainly, one must see the overall changes in one's art as time goes on.

Not only mine (you are certainly welcome to check it out) but we have access to everyone's (who is on the app) portphonio at the tip of our fingers.

I love seeing the transitions in your styles and confidence.  

You all make me very proud!




  • the evolution of capturing images. amazing… gratitude goes to great minds who have made possible the immediacy of snapping/archiving pics with/on our phones. often can’t help but chuckle… “well, just took shots of our tiles in a Zentangle mosaic… will drop off this negative so prints will be ready in a few days.”

    midori, czt on

  • Maria, seeing your journals/portfolios in those first few pictures makes me drool! I have a small collection of lovely journals … all of them empty. I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been waiting for, but I feel inspired and excited to choose one and just BEGIN! Regarding my “portphonio”, as a former computer teacher I knew the value of photographing all my tiles and other art work, whether I kept it or not, for later viewing, to appreciate my progress and to zoom in on details. Now, using my phone for picture-taking, I truly appreciate the instant access and convenience of showing my Zentangle art to those who inquire! The Mosaic app is the next logical step – a remarkable tool for connecting with other Zentangle artists worldwide. What a joy it is to appreciate the vast assortment of creations posted there, to comment & ask questions, to search for photos by artist or tangle or technique. Each time I use it, I marvel at Mosaic as an instrument of connection among all of us who love and appreciate this remarkable art form. And all thanks to you and Rick. <3

    Jan Brandt, CZT 12 on

  • I love the mosaic app. Seeing my own art on there as well as so many others is just incredible fun. Although I get so caught up in viewing, I forget to post. I will do that more.

    Brenda Shaver-Shahin on

  • I love the mosaic app. Seeing my own art on there as well as so many others is just incredible fun. Although I get so caught up in viewing, I forget to post. I will do that more.

    Brenda Shaver-Shahin on

  • I’ve not been posting anything to Mosaic for awhile and this lovely entry reminded me that I need to do it again. I miss all my friends there, too! Do you remember how prolific I was when I was in the first group of testers? I need to get back on there! My portphonio awaits!

    Kat van Rooyen on

  • Maria, when I look back at my beginning tiles and go forward, I think of how each one helped me forget pain, allow stress to disappear and the sense of well-being for the time I was immersed in tangling. I love the challenge of learning something new and expanding my need to create. My phone camera documents my progress and reminds me of the wonderful hours I have spent

    Lesley Goldberg on

  • As much as I love the mosaic app, I equally still love the real thing. Being able to touch and hold a tile, leaf through a drawing journal or flip through an album containing my tiles makes me feel accomplished. Technology can’t be stopped but I’m not wanting to let go of the tangible.

    Michele Werner on

  • I took an intro class from a CZT at friends house. Audrey was a nurturing teacher and I was hooked instantly. I bought a small portfolio and started tangling in it. I try to tangle every day after viewing You Tube for inspiration. I am so excited to be going to 1440 in October. I definitely will take the advice here and start an album on my phone. Thanks!

    Dee Beardsley on

  • The best thing I show my students is from my earliest journals so they can see that I was a beginner once just like they are now. I even amaze myself at how far I have come! I forgot we could do this on the app. Thanks for the reminder!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • I often think about what a person from the past would think about technology if they were plopped into the current year. Then I think about how much it’s changed just since I’ve been around. It’s mindblowing!

    Kim Kohler, CZT on

  • Maria your work is mesmerizing. I have looked back at my work and seen the changes. Not only progress, but even a little style as well. I love being able to show people what Zentangle is in the moment you are describing it to them. Mosaic is my favorite app!

    Jody Genovese on

  • What a great reminder: We’ve come a long way, baby!

    Shawna Oertley on

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