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What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

What do You Call a Group of Tangles?

Maria writes…
Dear Tanglers,
Did you know that there are specific and different names for groups of creatures? Really! And really interesting names – some unexpected, some funny, some apropos, and some, most certainly are not.
A swarm of bees.
A pride of lions.
An unkindness of ravens.
A pack of wolves.
A murder of crows.
I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that we do not have a specific name for a group of tangles . . . or for that matter, for a group of tanglers! How could that possibly be right? How did we survive this long (17 years!)?
Well, I think it is certainly time to remedy this situation. Of course, we decided that you, our beloved Zentangle community, should be the ones to do this.
So . . . your mission is to come up with names for
And, perhaps the story about how you came up with the names; and the wonderful staff here at ZTHQ will choose a name!
We will have most excellent prizes for this, possible including a copy of the artwork shown above! So, don’t hold back! We will announce the winners in next week’s blog
So, put on your thinking caps and give it a think!

We can’t wait to hear what you came up with.

Maria Thomas


  • I think a group of Tanglers should be called a Zen-semble. I think a group of Tangles should be called a Tang-glomeration.

    Thanks for all the inspiring ideas!

    Harriet Meltzer on

  • A design of tangles A delight of tanglers


  • A string of tanglers

    Barbara Searcy on

  • Zentlers for A GROUP OF TANGLERS

    Tracy Hough on

  • I went back to see who came up with an Orchestra of Tanglers but didn’t see a name. Just wanted to affirm it wasn’t mine but I like it! They also said a Concert of Tanglers which is cool too.

    Susan Richard on

  • I really love an orchestra of tangles

    Susan Richard on

  • (Uh-oh. I inadvertently posted this on the newest “ZIA” blogpost…but here it is in the right spot.) “Frisson” : a sudden thrill of excitement, as in what we feel when a tangle comes together out of random lines, dots, S-curves or when we mosaic a bunch of tangles, hence a “frisson” of tangles.

    The creators, a group of tanglers, could be a “Flux” just as the pattern Flux has many leaves and can curve into a circle, so individual tanglers meet and usually form a circle.

    ViV on

  • And to Margaret Bremner, apologies. I see you’ve submitted tingle and mingle already. Good suggestions!

    Viv on

  • Oops, those should have printed “Group” as one column heading and “Creation” the second and the following lines separated in the same way. Make more sense?

    Viv on

  • Zingle, zangle, tingle, tangle, mingle, mangle…all interchangeable….(except for mangle)

    Group Creations

    Zingle Zangle

    Tingle Tangle

    Mingle Mangle (a mangle is a laundry press for sheets etc. to make them nice and crisp and flat…like the

    tiles we use for our tangles?!)

    And now ~ a “weary” of tanglers but “wealth” of tangles. Phew!

    Viv on

  • “Artesians” of tanglers: the unending spring, the “flow”, the “flood” of tangles that mix, merge and morph in wondrous and unexpected ways.

    Wee on

  • “An Untangling of Tanglers”

    …seems to fit, too, given how we illustrate a given tangle and then use it to learn and apply the tangles to the tiles.
    So many wonderful ideas! Superb question, Maria!

    Cathy Kurvers on

  • Just for fun what came to my head was “Brim full of tanglers”.

    I do like Chris Lewis’s Zentanglers. Maybe that still the Texas left in me.

    Marilyn Iezzi on

  • That was supposed to be a family of tanglers. But it actually works both ways.

    Janie on

  • A family of tangles Because it’s how I feel

    Janie on

  • I love love love a “grove of tangles”, as suggested by Becky Ruis Jenab. A grove is something organic, safe and natural. It grows as a part of a whole, but each part is individual and unique. What a magic and wonderful concept

    Liane Margis on

  • A group of Tanglers

    In 1952, John Cage composed 4’33” or Four Minutes and Thirty Three Seconds. During the performance, the orchestra sits without playing and the audience listens. The whole piece consists of the sounds in the environment that the listener becomes more and more aware of. Cage wrote this to portray the idea that any sounds may constitute music. It was also based on his studies of Zen Buddhism.
    A few days ago, I attended a zoom zentangle seminar and during the various presentations, there were long moments of silence, broken only by the sounds in my room and the sounds over the computer, often just the sound of a pencil being put down, or a sigh from someone as they completed a section of their tile.
    It occurred to me that in a sense, we were an orchestra of tanglers performing a concert that resulted in something that was mindful, enriching and beautiful. Our conductor was the presenter and we were our own composers.
    I would like to suggest that a group of tanglers could be called a concert, or an orchestra based on my experience this last weekend.

    A group of Tangles
    I have often marveled at the myriad of tangles. I’m currently learning more tangles by joining the October tangle a day groups. On an A4 size of paper, I am doing many tangles that privately, I refer to as a tangletude (a multitude of tangles).

    A Tangler’s Workplace
    Recently I heard someone showing me a beautiful tile they’d done and tell me how much they’d worked on it. It struck me that our connotations of work can sometimes be that of something that can be quite onerous. I used to teach Tai Chi and practitioners referred to the practice as “playing tai chi”. I love that concept and often think to myself that I’m playing zentangle and that my desk is my playground

    Liane Margis on

  • How about a tingle of tanglers? Don’t we all feel a tingle, a little buzz, a bit of excitement whenever we get together?
    And perhaps a mingle of tangles. To me it implies gentle fellowship.
    Or maybe a loveliness of tangles? Normally when we hear “a tangle” of something we think of a bit of a mess. Not so with zentangle tangles! A gathering of them is lovely.

    Margaret Bremner on

  • This is so much fun. My original thought was a “trove of tanglers” several others have had it too. Here are a few other thoughts:

    A Serendipity of Tanglers
    The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident

    Also, I thought of bring Latin into the mix because we have Tanglers from all over the world and no one’s FIRST language is Latin:
    A “Gaudium” of Tanglers or “Jubilation” of Tanglers: The term “Jubilee” speaks of joy; not just an inner joy but a jubilation which is manifested outwardly.

    And another “bonus:” The place we go to tangle is a “denizen”

    <3 Eli czt37

    Eli Harlan CZT on

  • A zangle of tangles= combining zen and tangle and we would be zanglers

    Kris Lewis on

  • Mine isn’t so eloquent like so many here but it seems to describe both……Tale of Tangles (because every tangle has a tale or story of how it came to be) and Tale of Tanglers as every one who tangles has a tale/story of how they came to love Zentangle.

    Cathrine on

  • group of tanglers= Tangleators
    group of tangles = Nettangled. or Taangling

    carmela on

  • A tangle of infinite tanglers. My first idea was initially offered by Bonnie Luther and Colleen Wilcox…so I put on my thinking cap and came up with the infinity of both this Zen-full teaching practice, and the world wide results, (implied infinity now possible via the world wide web)….which led me towards combining Zen with index. I’m hopeful that I’ve not offended anyone by combining Zen and index.

    A Zendex of tangles.

    This was a super fun

    Judith Rae Shamp on

  • A group of tanglers is a ‘ZENITH’ because together we reach great heights.

    Carol Sheppard on

  • A calm of tanglers.

    Colleen V. on

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