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Top 5 Blogs of 2020

Top 5 Blogs of 2020

This year, more than ever, I think we are all looking forward to beginning a new year. We are so grateful for the Zentangle community and the beauty and inspiration shared with artists all over the world. 

One of our favorite ways to connect with the Zentangle community is through our blog. In 2020, we shared 52 posts with you and you all joined us in thought provoking, problem solving, and Zentangle inspired conversations.

Today we share our top 5 blogs of 2020 with you all. If you've already read them, we think they are worth visiting again. If you missed these the first time around, they are not to be missed!


1. A Zentangle Origin Story - Maria Thomas (April 1st)

2. CZT Family Tree: Anu Singh - Bijou (April 4th)

3. CZT Family Tree: Alicia Gutierrez Rey - Bijou (May 20th)

4. Slowing Down - Julie Willand (April 6th)

5. Tangling Away the Fear - Rick and Maria (March 14th)

As we look forward to 2021, we invite you to share in the comments of this blog what topics you would like us to address in our blog this coming year.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Stay in touch.


Image is a tile by Maria which she uploaded to the Zentangle Mosaic app.



  • Hey y’all! Just want to say that PP12 is another spectacular series. I love all the demos and that you encourage everyone to take inspiration from them and use them in different ways, different paper, different inks. Your generosity and gentle encouragement are greatly appreciated.

    Sandy Kelley-Jones CZT 23, 29, 32 & 34 on

  • I’m grateful for all you do – PP12 was amazing & I’m itching to improvise & have a go with the materials I own, adapting as you suggest. Thank you for all the work you put in to these project packs, I look forward to each one. I particularly liked how you described the way of shading in this pack – with Drawings – I’d love to see more teaching on how shading is part of the pattern. Thanks & all the best for 2021

    Evy Browning on

  • To all of you at ZHQ and to the Zentangle Family all over the world a happy/ er New Year 2021 in peace of minds and hearts.

    I very much enjoyed the PP12 with the renaiccance tiles and the gold. In my opinion it came in the right time to warm the hearts and souls of us all, when the world outside was so cold from the suffering of the lockdown and all the other regresses.
    Thank you for everything you gave the community throughout the past year.
    Greetings from Germany, Martina Fegeler

    Martina Fegeler, Germany on

  • Thank you ! wonderful, I take your zentangle

    from south korea ji young

    lee ji young on

  • Dear Rick, Maria and your wonderful Zentangle family,

    Each time there is a new Project Pack, I inevitably look forward to each new day of exploration with all of you. It is always an adventure and a great respite from the humdrum of everyday life! I especially look forward to the 12 days of Zentangle at the end of every year! This year’s 12 days was no exception, but was welcomed all the more because of the great stresses of the year of 2020! I loved the Renaissance theme on tan paper and couldn’t wait to try out each new technique of shading and highlighting along with the lovely brown pen and especially the gorgeous gold gouache! I’m always a bit sad when we reach the 12th day :(. This year was really fun reading all of the posts from Alfie and Bijou! Thanks for all of your creative spirit and dedication to each and every day of the Project! Although I can’t wait for a new beginning in 2021, the 2020 Renaissance Project Pack was a real god-send at the end of a very difficult and trying year! Thanks to all of you for your end of year gift to the Zentangle community and wishing Rick, Maria and family a very happy, fulfilling and safe holiday season. And here’s to a spectacular 2021! Fondly, Harriet M.

    Harriet Meltzer on

  • Thank you Rick and Maria for all of Zentangle and for all you do.

    This year my Zentangle Classes and my practice have increased exponentially. This is in response to the Covid crisis and being in lockdown.
    My students repeatedly tell me that Zentangle has helped them make it through this year.
    For me I not only have increased my Zen tangle creativity but I have learned technology with Zentangle. There is Zoom, and there’s procreate. Behind it all there’s you two, encouraging us to slow down, understand no mistakes, and create. Thank you

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • The project packs always energize me as well as teach me new techniques. I tried the gouache on a white tile and was pleased with the result. It made the tile look antique, even though the gold didn’t pop as it did on the Renaissance tiles. I have liked working with the two or three pastel chalk colors you used in the past (brown, light blue and green), and would like to learn how to use various combinations with the brown and black inks. I do experiment on my own, but would like to learn from the best!!

    Mary Kay Cass on

  • Happy New Year!
    I’ve been using the gell pens a lot this year and would love see some more ideas about incorporating those into our work.

    Mary Kay Watson on

  • Thank you for the lift after the inevitable end to Twelve days of Zentangle, as always it made our spirits soar.
    We have a greater wealth of understanding and appreciation for the renaissance tile to expand on now and put to use on the gray and black tiles too. I know that I won’t be the only one up to my elbows in Zentangle for the foreseeable future!

    Kathy Y on

  • Dear Maria, Ricky, Julie and Martha,

    Almost at the end of 2020 I wish to thank the four of you for all the inspiration and gentle lessons how to create miracles during a lot of difficult moments in the past year. The project packs were great and I do hope there will be many more to follow.
    Maybe The Renaissance of making time and enjoy the simple facts of life will be the gift of this extreme year!
    Wish you all the best for 2021.
    Warm regards from Breda, the Netherlands

    Eefke Warffemius on

  • Hi Rick and Maria! While I love the traditional shades of black on white, I really enjoyed using gauche in PP12. I would like to learn more about how to incorporate more water colors :D

    Mindy Jameyson on

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