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The Counting House

The Counting House

Today’s world moves quickly. Sometimes, too quickly. We have become accustomed to having the world at our fingertips and immediate satisfaction. We can order something from certain online retailers and it will arrive at our door that very same day. Behind much of what we experience is automation. There are chatbots and AI, robots for warehouses, and sometimes it is very hard to interact with a real person that actually works for the company we are interacting with.

Don’t get me wrong – automation and technology have its place and make our lives exponentially easier in many ways. But there is something to be said for human connection, an attention to detail and a passion behind the product. I know I have an immense appreciation for a small business putting their all into delivering a product or service that they believe in. Sometimes it feels like these types of small businesses are becoming few and far between. But, in a little Massachusetts town, on the corner of a small street, you will find the Counting House, filled with passionate people, counting, assembling, packing, and shipping your Zentangle orders.



What is the Counting House?

In the early years of Zentangle, Inc., packages were packed and shipped from Rick and Maria’s converted garage. At the time there were Zentangle Kits, packages of 55 White Tiles, a few Micron pens, and pencils. As Zentangle Inc. and our product line grew, a bigger space was needed.

Sometime in 2015, the contents of the garage were moved to a small stand-alone building that was part of an old mill, about a mile down the road. This building was where all the bookkeeping took place for the old mill: The Counting House. We thought the name was so fitting for us since a lot of our days are spent counting.  

Today, our Counting House is across the street from Rick and Maria’s home. It is the bottom floor of a house that used to be a general store.  

The Zentangle Crew at the Counting House are the backbone of everything we do here at Zentangle, Inc. All tiles are hand counted and packaged with love and care. Every detail is considered when creating and assembling the products and then packaging them to arrive safely to tangling hands. Whether it is a Zentangle Project Pack or a Seminar Supply Kit, we love knowing that when a package leaves us, it is going to be used to create beautiful art.


Next time you receive a Zentangle product or a reply to an email, we hope you know it is coming from our hearts to yours. Counted, sorted, packaged and handled with the utmost care.

And, if you are wondering who is responsible for all of the magic at the Counting House, you can get to know the Zentangle Crew here.


Julie Willand


  • I love the fact that the product is conceived in America, made in America, and handled with TLC by the HQ group. Quality and quality control all the way.

    Kendra Page on

  • I have loved reading about the dedicated people who work together to provide us with the best possible materials. Hearing their laughter on videos and seeing their smiling faces validates all that I feel about ZHQ! When I open my mailbox and see that my Z order has arrived, I feel all those smiles! Thank you for sharing your awesome stories and making us a part of your family!!

    Bonnie Johnson CZT36 on

  • Years ago now, I did a zentangle. I love doing it. I also feel VERY relaxed doing zentangle. I put my first one I ever did , into a local exhibition in Townsville and I sold it. My husband (who was also an artist was very good at naming my ‘art?’. I can send you a photos of it if you like. Margot

    Margot M Laver on

  • Quite a few years ago, I did a zentangle which I LOVED doing ( it helps me feel very relaxed). And this first one I did, I loved it and put it in an open exhibition in Towsville and it sold. I will enclose a picture of it if you like. I still love doing zentangle. Margot laver

    Margot M Laver on

  • Thank you for sharing the counting house. That’s really nice to know. I have enjoyed receiving your blogs and emails for years.

    Nancy Butler on

  • the care and attention is constantly revealed in the supplies that i have received. by the way, i save that brown paper and tangle on it when i am out an about. thank you for your continued dedication to quality and opening the doors to new creative adventures

    june braxton-tyler on

  • So love hearing about the Counting House. I especially love the “gratitude” card that comes with each order. I have saved every one! Now it’s my turn to send my gratitude to all the Zentangle crew for their care with my orders. Thank you!

    Leslie Hancock on

  • Love the background to The Counting House. As a CZT, I explain to my students that everything with Zentangle has intentionality-nothing was left to chance: the type of paper, the archival ink, the size of the tiles, etc. It has also been obvious to me that the packaging was also intentional with the colors, textures, and tangling. It fills my heart to know that this intentionality also moves into the choice to have everything done by hand- each package comes with a big helping of love and care- THANK YOU!!!

    Rachael Schwartz on

  • I love the attention and history that goes into each package. This and the recent meet the Zentangle Family makes the packages I receive all the more special. Thank you to all of you for “counting” these creative materials and inspiration for all of us!

    Lea on

  • I love hearing about the history of Zentangle. Thank you for this wonderful insight into the Counting House.

    Lianne Woods on

  • I loved reading about how it got going, where it is, the pictures. So lovely. Thank you.

    Judy Heintz on

  • I loved reading about how it got going, where it is, the pictures. So lovely. Thank you.

    Judy Heintz on

  • Being a part of the Zentangle family is a real honor. The fact that this family is situated all over the world means that we all get to come in contact with each other in a very special way. And that way is through art, the art of Zentangle. Thank each and every one of you who work on Project Packs and all of the special events that you put together.

    Karen Bunnelle on

  • Human touch, care, and love—well, that explains everything! Love love love!

    Becky Ruiz Jenab on

  • You do everything beautifully and with care. I love getting my packages from Zentangle. Thank you for all you do!

    Diane Harpster on

  • I always love reading the return address on a box and the box says it’s from Rick Roberts. I love that I love it when it says it’s from Zentangle, but it’s always seemed personal and I actually think that step eight of the Zentangle steps should be "Be Gracious ". This personal touch, and the way everything is managed at headquarters is filled with graciousness. Thank you.

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • Hi to Maria n Rick and all,

    I love your creativity arts!!! I love to watch your YouTube with C.C. ( I am Deaf) and thank you for C.C.! So I wonder do they have 3.5 X3.5, circle, etc… for templates? I would love to have the templates for my kit. Thanks,
    Caprice Lewis (Deaf woman)

    Caprice Lewis on

  • I can feel the care, the love, warmth and appreciation, in the lessons, seminars, people, materials and in ‘the hands behind’ the scene’s. That’s the Zentangle community. I love it!

    Irene Lammerse on

  • I’m always so excited to receive my Zentangle orders :D I do quite a bit of online ordering, and I’m pretty accustomed to having packages delivered. But receiving my Zentangle supplies is completely different. I feel as if I’m getting a beautiful handmade gift (and I am!). And though I was extremely eager, I hesitated before opening up the latest project pack – the packaging itself was like a work of art! I save all the love notes enclosed and reuse the gorgeous and beautifully designed boxes. The love and care that the ZHQ crew takes with our tools and treasures is unmatched. So appreciated! Thank you all -

    Peyton on

  • What a dream job and I feel so connected to the whole process. Being able to meet your crew has made me feel part of a beautiful team that spreads the joy of creating heART

    Anita M. Jones on

  • It is so validating that I can just say “ditto” to all of the lovely, heart-felt comments from my Zentangle brothers and sisters all over the world. Each of us is filled with so much gratitude, creativity and comeraderie because of the privilege of being a part of the Zentangle Universe.

    Roberta Strickland on

  • So wonderful that even packinging is done with love and passion boy Zentangle. Thank you for this. I appreciate this very much.

    Cassandra Claassen on

  • I feel the love every time I open the package!

    It’s a beautiful thing!!

    Lori Jeanne Bach on

  • Love ❤️ this article about Counting house. I’ve always had my zentangle orders correct and the packaging is just top notch every step of the way

    Yehudit Steinberg on

  • I feel the love every time I open the package! This is a beautiful thing!

    Lori Jeanne Bach CZT on

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