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Seriously ? . . .


Please see updated link.



Rick Roberts


  • As a CZT, I support you guys completely. Ina has behaved in a pretty disgusting way and I have no doubt that karma will bite back!

    Gill beasley on

  • So sorry this is happening. She much think you have something worth wild to want it so bad. (We know you do…) They say imitation is the highest from of flattery, but not like she is doing. I hope you are able to resolve this quickly.

    Mary Kissel And Proud To Add CZT10 on

  • In her own words, “Karma has a way of biting you in the backside if you are dishonest and cheat.” I hope hers is padded.

    Donna Spencer on

  • Thank you for informing us on this situation and for your support of CZTs, and in turn our students.

    Sandra Chatelain on

  • I stumbled across your letter and Ms. Sonnensmoser’s response on the Pattern Collection site this morning. I was shocked not only at her blatant theft of your intellectual property but also the negative dismissal of some of your ideas. How very sad that someone can be so blind to her own motives in “creating” her tawdry imitation.

    Now , I have that off my chest!!

    You and Maria are beyond generous and I thank you for Zentangle and what it has meant to me. (And I can’t wait for CZT30!)

    Sally Poor on

  • As a certified Zentangle teacher, I support whatever action you take to protect your copyrighted intellectual property. I do feel this incident is an abhorrent affront to all of us who have spent the time and funds to teach this art form, and who continue to learn from Zentangle. Thank you.

    Karin Tarter on

  • I am truly appalled by the theft of the Zentangle method by Ina. It is so blatant that one has to be blind not to see it. Your post to her was very non-threatening and better than she deserves. I have never been involved with her group at all because I continued to see how she was starting to cross boundaries into Zentangle’s method. I truly hope you follow through with the legal process available to you. I know you want to protect the Zentangle method and all your Certified Zentangle Teachers. Ina’s theft has affected everyone — CZTs and Ina’s students as well. I am so sorry this is happening. Thank you for all you do. Estelle Goodnight CZT #6

    Estelle Goodnight on

  • A couple years ago someone wanted to create a tangle database and asked for help in drawing tangles. I participated as did many of us. It would hurt so much if this was the result of this effort. Her name is very familiar to me. If this is true that I participated in this endeavor I am so, so sorry.

    Kathy on

  • Dear Rick and Maria ,

    Above all Ina has seriously, seriously underestimated and undervalued not only the might, honesty, sincerity and essence of Zentangle but the support, love and passion the true Zentangle and CZT community have for you, your vision and the gift you have created and share willingly . The gift of healing. The gift of joy. The gift that has changed so many lives through positivity, compassion and not founded upon monetary gain.
    Her response to your requests shows a complete lack of regard and respect.
    Her greed is shameful.
    Having not previously read the wording of her documents or publications I envisage an evening of entertainment in the perusing of them…..I could do with a laugh to lift the awful feelings of negativity this woman has created in many people.
    We will all stand up and support you, Zentangle and the gift it gives.

    Joanna Quincey on

  • Excellent explanation and response. Taking the high road is always the better karma. Thank you for the support of the CZT family.

    Charlotte Carpentier on

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