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Project Pack .04 -- 12 Day of Zentangle - Celebration Day

Welcome to our Celebration Day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

Alfie was so excited by Molly and Martha tangling yesterday because now he is ready for his first spin together with his friends. 

On this Celebration Day day of the 12 Days of Zentangle, join Rick and Maria as they assemble their spinner and have some fun. 
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Celebration Day
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Celebration Day

Deutsche: See video with German subtitles here.

中文: See videos on a China platform here.  
You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.


To see spinners that tanglers post on the Zentangle Mosaic app, search on hashtags:


We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc

Our winner from Day 12 is:

 Linda JF

Please send your snail mail address to so we can send you your surprise!

Tangles and Newsletter Links

Here are the tangles and links to all the newsletters of this Project Pack #04 and 12 Days of Zentangle -- 2018 series.

Preparation Day: tinting spinner
Day 1: Jetties, flux, zander, well
Day 2: hurry, knase, cadent, diva dance
Day 3: florz, festune, wadical, tripoli
Day 4: static, molygon, noom, umble, mooka
Day 5: bunzo, quabog, zenith, ING
Day 6:  swarm, pokeroot, bronx cheer, huggins, pepper
Day 7: printemps, rain, avreal, fracas
Day 8: crescent moon, hollibaugh, Shattuck, marasu, indy-rella
Day 9: hollibaugh, cubine, xyp, arukas
Day 10: jonqal, munchin, centipede, 'nzeppel, sampson
Day 11: knightsbridge, scena, purk, betweed
Day 12: tipple, zinger, vega, verdigogh, rixty
Celebration Day . . . Today!

View all our Project Pack videos for free at our YouTube playlists.



  • Fun project! Thank you! Now to tie it in with the Bijou Bingo cards.

    Angie Gittles on

  • Thank you for a great 2018 project! Now to figure out what I want to do in the corners.

    Wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy, Healthy 2019!

    Lesley Goldberg on

  • I loved waiting for your videos every day to see what an adventure we could have together. I haven’t had time yet to complete my spinner, but look forward to the day when I can share mine with you. Merry Christmas to all of you, stay safe and Happy Holidays.

    Liz Wells on

  • So excited to play this with my SEA Explorers class! I know that these kids will come up with new and fun ways to play with this beautiful spinner! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!

    Stacey Gray on

  • Sorry this project has ended but I look forward to tangling my corners. I love the spinner Alfie has done.

    MKay B B Watson on

  • I did not have time to tangle on my project pack – yet, but enjoyed watching all the videos. The whole project looks so much fun. I am looking forward to some days off soon to start on my project pack. It is hard to wait actually, seeing this final video. Thank you for the inspiration and happy Holidays to you all!

    Juliet F on

  • I surely will use this fantastic spinner for creating new tiles. Thank you for the wonderful demo’s and wish you all a merry Christmas!

    Ria Matheussen on

  • This was such a fun and lovely project! I have so enjoyed my time tangling the spinner and hearing all the stories and tips about the Tangles. Could we have a New Years 12 Days with another bunch of tangles? It sure would be fun! Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you all!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • Wow! It’s beautiful!

    Tisha Cabral on

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