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Maria's Meanderings: Muzeums

Maria's Meanderings: Muzeums

Sometimes our tangles have stories or tales behind the pen strokes and sometimes our pen strokes inspire stories or tales. When Maria posts a tile on the Zentangle Mosaic App she almost always shares with us some sort of creative narrative. Her words range from inspiring thoughts to fanciful tales. We thought we would share with you some of these parings in a blog series we are calling Maria’s Meanderings.

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Maria writes...

I was dreaming the other night. . . (or was it day???) of what might happen to Zentangle art in 50 years. Or, what about 100 years? I, of course, imagine muzeums having whole galleries dedicated just to Z art. Maybe even a wing! All the artworkz treated as old masterpieces: handled, framed, preserved and hung with care and dignity. I can picture the muzeums offering the use of beautiful, magnifying glasses to ardent observers of this particular genre of art. There would be specialists who hang only this particular art, with knowledge of all things Zentangle. Specialized docents would lead gallery tours, telling the muzeum guests stories of the history of Zentangle and of the particular artist whose work they are admiring. “. . . and this tile here, you can see the both the sadness, then the joy the artist was experiencing that day. Notice the lines appear then disappear into the unexpected introduction of color”.

I love this dream and will try to somehow sneak into the next chapter, when you see Zentangle art at Christie’s, of the smallest artworks breaking records of value and demand. We will have to remind our children and grands and great grands, to handle these pieces with care. Because they weren’t just drawings/paintings, these were created with a special palette of emotions, wishes, dreams and love. Yup.

That’s how it’s going to be. I know it in my heart. Sure as the moon and stars

Maria Thomas


  • I definitely agree with you, Maria. This is a Beautiful creative piece of artwork that you’ve created.


  • I totally think a museum is a wonderful idea!!!!

    Raven Gerson on

  • What an amazing Muzeum that would be! I have an entry for it! You would need a magnifying glass to really appreciate the delicate beauty of the tile. I bought it at a craft fair for $20. The artist did the designs in red and blue 003 ink. The designs are tiny, but beautiful! I have seen so many AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL tiles! Of course, the original ZIA’S that Maria has done would need to be showcased . . .

    LLS on

  • Mini Zentangle Museum (Cont)

    I was also thinking the pages could be designed to go with each of the project packs, starting with the first one. They could be purchased separately. Also pages just for each size tile. Just a thought!

    Cynthia on

  • The Mini Museum of Zentangle

    It would be wonderful if you all could design clear plastic pages with slots for the different size tiles. Like in a scrapbook or photo album but one just for Zentangle. We could get our own notebooks to put the pages in. Then we would all have our own mini museum & put it on the living room table for others to enjoy.

    Cynthia on

  • What a bright spot in my day!

    Clara Brunk on

  • Maria, I always love riding along on your meanderings! 🥰

    Sue Clark on

  • Maria, I think your lovely dream became a reality in 2018, when you and Rick lectured at the NMAI in Newport, RI. The tangle you did for them is definitely a museum piece! I believe it is still part of their collection. I have seen Zentangle artwork winning prizes in local art shows, galleries, and for sale online. To paraphrase the Zentangle philosophy, I think your dream is materializing, “…one ‘step’ at a time!”

    JessicaDykesCZT39 on

  • I love the Idea of a muzeum. The Zentangle community all over the world is so big, I think there is someone with connections to someone,who has a house or some spare rooms where it would be possible to build up this special muzeum. And if every CZT of the world would give away her/his one FavoriteOfMine in a frame there would be enough to make a beginning. So Marias dream could come true….

    Martina Fegeler CZT-EU6 on

  • Thanks to the Mosaic app and Facebook and other platforms online, we do have mini museums at our fingertips every day. But to see the real thing would be so inspiring!
    I am on a cruise in the Indian Ocean and just met a woman from Switzerland who was doing a form of maptangling. I shared some Zentangle tiles with her, and we have just used some leftover red wine to prepare tiles for tomorrow’s project. Fun! And great to discover someone with common interests.

    Kendra Page on

  • Love reading about your meanderings! Maria, I believe your dreams will come true! How could they not?

    Brenda Shaver CZT 8 on

  • Many times I’ve looked at one of my tiles, as well as hundreds of others, and I thought, “That should be framed!” But then, where to hang all these treasures? Now I have this beautiful vision of the Zentangle Museum that Maria dreams of… where we can wander through and appreciate the gifts of each and every tangler. What a beautiful dream! Thank you, Maria! 💖

    Bonnie Johnson on

  • I believe in your dream!

    Carol Sheridan on

  • Perfect dream, which is the beginning of a Creation.

    Georgianna on

  • Those day/night dreams are the stuff of what keeps us going. Art appreciation should entail that emotional connection we have to our “process”. I would love to be able to get a feel for what was going on in the “Masters” minds as they created their art, one stroke at a time. We have all been there now and can appreciate it with wonder.

    Linda Elkin on

  • You are absolutely right Maria !! It will definitely be so.

    Kathy McMurtry CZT on

  • I share this dream with you!

    Ulrike on

  • Zentangle in museums is already a reality. I got one of mine into the Millicent Rogers Musem miniature show this next month in Taos, NM. Zentangle has brought so much into my life and this is one of the last things I ever expected to see. But so excited too.

    Sue Lesle CZT on

  • Indeed! A Museum it is! A special place for special tiles and docents to lead us into the future!

    With gratitude, ME

    Mary Ellen Ziegler on

  • Het is een leuke gedachte dat zentangels ooi in een galerij zouden terecht komen, ik droom met u mee. Vriendelijke groeten van Belgie, Lisette

    Lisette on

  • I have been teaching Zentangle to elementary school students (grades 2-5) as part of their enrichment program. Last year, one of the students asked me if there was a Zentangle museum!

    Shelley Bell on

  • I love the way you framed your highlighted piece as if it already happened. In our eyes, you are already there! Sure as the moon and stars!

    Jeanne on

  • Why not, ‘Muzeums’ full of Z ART. I think they are most worthy to hang in galleries. Now that the thought has been put out into the ether, ‘Make it so’ as Captain Piccard would say 🙂

    Brenda Jowers, CZT#39 on

  • I love this! I’m sure this dream will come true.

    Pat Miller on

  • This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for bringing this art form into my life so that I feel every word you wrote.

    Judy on

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