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Maria's Meanderings: Dudah Dude

Maria's Meanderings: Dudah Dude

Sometimes our tangles have stories or tales behind the pen strokes and sometimes our pen strokes inspire stories or tales. When Maria posts a tile on the Zentangle Mosaic App she almost always shares with us some sort of creative narrative. Her words range from inspiring thoughts to fanciful tales. We thought we would share with you some of these parings in a blog series we are calling Maria’s Meanderings.

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This is my tile from the last T3. A great meditation. I believe this baby began with a swirling, dancing “dudah” that kept me on my toes (you can’t not pay attention to dudah: a fickle friend, for sure)!

While this character, “Dudah”, was searching for a partner, a damsel (clearly not in distress) was posing nonchalantly with an attitude of gratitude. Her name was Mooka , but the guys called her Mz Dizzy, perhaps because of the way she made them feel. She was hankering to “trip the light fantastic” and moseyed onto the empty circular dance floor, with not a care in the world. Dudah was dancing circles around her, when all of a sudden this guy (I heard later he was from Tripoli) got real close to her and whispered “you don’t want to tangle with that zippery-looking dude, pretty lady, let’s go somewhere, where the lights are softer, and we’ll dance into the night.” And. . . I’m pretty sure she did.

Anyway, that’s how the story was told to me. And I’m sticking to it. Not looking forward to bumping into this Dudah dude, who knows what would happen? I think he’s just one of those simple guys that needs to stand out in a crowd. Huh.

Maria Thomas


  • Dear Maria, as usual your amazing imagination and creativity shine through in this post. I loved it! So cute and fanciful… I’m always amazed at your ability to find fun and humor intermingled with another of your beautiful creations! Well done! Thanks so much!😁😁🤗

    Harriet Meltzer on

  • Bellísima historia, María. Veo a Mochka enamorada danzando sobre los azulejos Tripoli de un palacio veneciano!

    Elsa Dueñas CZT26 on

  • Bellísima historia, María. Veo a Mochka enamorada danzando sobre los azulejos Tripoli de un palacio veneciano!

    Elsa Dueñas CZT26 on

  • Fantastic meandering… and stunning Zendala. Thank you for sharing your creativity, in every form it takes.

    Theresa Caillouette on

  • Dear Maria ,thank you so much for your meandering .And I love the your mind works .

    Nora Vermeer on

  • Maria your meanderings are magnificent :)

    So happy to hear that Mooka escaped Dudah’s clutches!

    Jen Kashnow on

  • Making your zentangles come alive is wonderful. You can definitely see the characters within. Love this.

    Nancy Sider Lefkof on

  • Do we get to see Grey 3z tile and some rendering on it…


  • A lovely tale my dear! Loved it!

    Barb Wells on

  • Ahh, Man-o-man, Amaze with gratitude for the meanderings and knew a Dudah dude once (bit of a pea-nuckle actually) … I put rings around him and I Fluxed my way out to Fescu my life with a Zinger of a guy and Ambler on happily and Zentangled Well. Smiles always here, thank you!

    Veronica Hodges on

  • Stunning zentangle !

    Joanne on

  • What a wonderful story!!! You have to watch out for those guys from Tripoli……

    Pam Stevenson, CZT on

  • oh what a wonderful description of the tile – brought a huge smile to my face.

    ildica boyd on

  • Maria, we can always count on you to perk us up! Loved the meandering today!!!

    Jani CZT on

  • Great meander !

    Kathleen McMurtry on

  • Thank you! I love it and the story!

    Lyn Watson-Czapla on

  • Thanks, Maria, for lightening the load. Perhaps I’m seeing another book in the works. You made my day, bringing a huge smile to my face.

    Judith Rae Shamp on

  • Absolutely wonderful!

    Keep it up, Maria. 💕💕💕

    Georgianna on

  • Meandering … a word that sounds like what it means. Say it slowly and exaggerate your mouth movements. Your mouth literally goes all over the place and your voice wanders up and down.

    Feel kinda sorry for Dudah, think I’ll put that Zippery-looking dude in my next tile to cheer him up. Maybe introduce him to Fescu … she loves to dance.

    Ann Baum on

  • Not sure which I love more, your Tangle or your story! (he was from Tripoli 😂😂)

    Your tangle is just Exquisite & I honestly can’t stop staring at it. 🤗

    Jan ~ SailAndBeJoyful~ on

  • Wonderful little story. Quite enjoyed it!

    Dianne Riva Cambrin on

  • Fun story, still giggling.. Beautiful tile!

    Linda Rios on

  • I, too, am enchanted by the Zentangle and the story. Thank you.

    Eileen LaBarre on

  • I always enjoy Maria’s whimsical journalism describing her awesome work, thank you 😊

    Norma Peterson on

  • John Milton in L’Allegro (1632): “Come and trip it as ye go, On the light fantastick toe.” I don’t think Mooka was dancing lightly, but maybe nimbly, to the music!! Thank you for sharing both of your meanderings!

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T. on

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