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Kitchen Table Tangles - A Tile From Start to Finish

Kitchen Table Tangles - A Tile From Start to Finish

The Kitchen Table Tangles are a video series created by Rick and Maria while they talk and tangle at their kitchen table.

All of the Kitchen Table Tangles (KTT) videos are available to subscribers of the Zentangle Mosaic app. As the collection grows, we like to make some available to the public.

After many requests to see Maria create a Zentangle tile from start to finish, we invite you to join Rick and Maria at their kitchen table for the latest KTT.


Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more Zentangle videos. If there is a particular topic, technique or tool that you'd like to see, please leave your requests in the comments.



  • Thank you so much! Always mesmerizing to watch you tangle. I have watched this one and tangled along & paused it & rewatched! You make me realize that anything is possible, “one stroke at a time!”

    JAne FRanco on

  • Hi Maria,

    I just loved watching you tangle today…What a fabulous idea with your crescent scoring to produce such an original tile !!
    Beautiful ! 😃✏

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • Thoroughly enjoyed watching from start to finish. Putting on the finishing touches was very informative. Many thanks, Cec, csj

    CEc Beresford on

  • I know this is a blog about the KTT and I love those but I wanted to use this platform to say how much I love the surprise in Project Pack 6. It’s awesome and I won’t give it away. I have seen the original this is based on and I’m so thrilled that you’ve shared that wonderful work of art.

    MKay bb Watson CZT17 on

  • It was so exciting to watch Maria play with Scena in this KTT today! I am itching to try some of these tangleations myself now! Thank you for recording the entire process! Rick, we do not need music – just your calm voice commenting and making observations! Thank you both for such a treat today!

    bakayaro onna (Debbie Smith) (bakayaroonna on the app) on

  • The scena reminds me of a sketchbook page a medical illustrator friend of mine posted recently about how the heart is “a vortex of muscle fibers”.

    Valerie Hayes on

  • I especially enjoyed watching how you built on this from beginning to end. So inspiring and instructive!! Can’t wait to sit down and see what I come up with using the scoring technique and finishing with watercolor pencils!! Thank you 🙏!!!!!!

    Susie on

  • What a fun surprise this morning! I could watch you draw all day, Maria. Thank you for the joy Zentangle brings to my life!

    Sandy on

  • What a treat!! I love watching and re-watching the KTT as I learn something new every time. Thank you Rick and Maria for sharing your insights so generously. Can’t wait to get home to watch this one again.

    Tharina on

  • Hi Linda! 001/002 and 11 were never posted. There were some trial and error before we released the series (001 and 002) and I think we just skipped over #11 by accident. Thanks for subscribing!

    Julie Willand on

  • Are there videos available for KTT-001, KTT-002 and KTT-011? I subscribe to the Mosaic app and I don’t see links to those three videos there.

    Linda Genaw on

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