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CZT Family Tree - Maria Tovar

CZT Family Tree - Maria Tovar

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Maria Tovar



Name: Maria Tovar                                                                            CZT #14
Hometown: Madrid, Spain


Favorite tangle: Mooka (It was love at first sight)
Favorite place to tangle: mmm... let me see... I don’t think I have a favorite place to tangle, but I prefer to tangle listening to quiet piano music.



Favorite quote: “Do more of what makes you happy “
How I use the Zentangle Method in my life: ... How many letters can I write?? ;) I use the Zentangle method almost all day. For me or for my classes.

In 2014 I was lost. I was 50, I had lost my job, and I needed a change in my life. I decided to become a CZT and try to work in my passion: Zentangle.
And now...

I use Zentangle to calm my mind, as a mindful way to be in the present.
I use Zentangle as a way to increase creativity.
I use it as an exercise to calm my mind, to relax my brain...


But I also use it as a way to teach people that “you have an artist inside yourself, and I’m going to help you finding it”. I really love teaching Zentangle in my school, El último tangle (The last tangle).

I teach regularly 4 groups every week (around 25 people, from October to June) and I also teach Initiation workshops on weekends. It’s nice when you see how people who didn’t think they could do it, and finally they do it... and you see their eyes shining, looking their tile, thinking “I draw this! I really made it!”
I always say I have the best job in the world. I feel grateful for it.


If I’m not tangling, you will find me... cooking! Cooking is my second passion.
You can also find me visiting art exhibitions.
Mosaic name: MariaTovar

Website: (in this moment I’m updating my website... please be patient!)
You can follow my work on social media
Facebook El último tangle
Instagram @elultimotangle


Do you want to join our family of Certified Zentangle Teachers? Learn more about our 2019 CZT Training seminars here.

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Julie Willand


  • Maria. Buenisimo! Gracias por compartir tu historia con nosotros. Te sigo en instagram y me encanta tu arte. He oído y leído de tus estudiantes aquí que eres un maestro increíble! Felicitaciones por su pasión y dedicación a Zentangle

    Miriam HIPster on

  • I really like this opportunity to ‘meet’ people that we see in passing on our online tangle travels. Lovely to get to know you a bit better Maria!

    Jem Miller on

  • It was a great pleasure to meet Maria in Providence at the CZT 14 Seminar in 2014 . I have relatives in Spain and lived there for 2 years, so I speak spanish too. By then we were both to become the first CZTs of our countries. There was so much excitement and inspiration around that. Maria you will allways be a very special tangle-sister to me 🧡 Hanny CZT14, Switzerland

    Hanny Nura on

  • Gracias a Martha Huggins pude contactarme con María. Es un gusto conocerte, por ahora, a través de las redes y saber que nuestros enredos no tienen fronteras ni distancias. Gracias María por compartir tus trabajos!!!! Y adelante!!!! Saludos cordiales!!!

    Myriam de Argentina on

  • I was delighted to have the chance to meet Maria during a few days in Madrid a couple of years ago. What a bright spirit!

    Margaret Bremner on

  • María, felicitaciones por tu trabajo, tu perseverancia y promoción de este maravilloso método que todas admiramos y que convivimos con él y compartimos con nuestras colegas zentanglistas. Me alegra esta publicación fantástica de Rick y María. Abrazo inmenso! Elsa

    Elsa Dueñas CZT#26 on

  • Maria, you are such an lovely inspiration. So happy to know you and happy, to see you in june. Huggi Bea

    Beate Winkler on

  • Great to have you as a CZT collegue Maria, Tangle LOVE!!
    See you in October, Ireland!

    Arja on

  • Maria ~ I’ve followed you for a while now. Your work is beautiful and such an inspiration.

    Roseanne Sabol on

  • ohhh I apologize. I used the translator and everything came out as masculine and I did not realize it. she is she !!!

    Pinito Hidalgo on

  • Maria Tovar is Maria !! she is she and like her none !! . I became addicted to the Zentangle in the initiation !!! and I could not stop! she is a lovely person and a very good teacher. Everything he teaches he does from the heart and that is palpable from the first moment! I wish you always the best, my dear mentor.

    Pinito Hidalgo on

  • I really love zen tangling and the way it is streamlined and taught repetitive but artistic.Lots of fine arts but fitted into tile .amd the serene feel I get by taking it up step by step it is a Yemen contribution to art and the people thank you Maria and Rick for this

    Dr.S.Akila Kalaichelvan on

  • I’ll be always in doubt whith María, as I might not known about zentangle without her. I admire her work, her talent and her attitude. And for sure, I suscribe she is the Dancing Queen lady joint to Heather Lucey :-)

    Pilar Pulido on

  • I’ve been one of María’s students for a year and a half now, and attending class is always a pleasure. She is so inspiring and finds something I had not seen in every tile we draw. She encourages us to leave our comfort zone and tangle on.

    THANK YOU María, you are a great teacher, but even better, you are an awsome human being.

    Diana Rubio on

  • Lovely lady, 🌸 talented tangler 🌺 and amazing Dancing Queen 🌼.

    Heather Lucey on

  • Lovely lady, 🌸 talented tangler 🌺 and amazing Dancing Queen 🌼.

    Heather Lucey on

  • Maria Tovar was always my first teacher, she is an amazing teacher, passionate and creative in all her works!! She inspired me every day !!! Congratulations Maria!!!

    Beatriz Vicente on

  • Maria Tovar and Zentangle came into my life some 5 years ago. My life changed…. Maria is a wonderful person but also a talented, dedicated and hardworking professional who brings out the best of all her students. She shares with us her love and passion for Zentangle making us grow not only as artists but also as persons.
    Thank you my friend !!

    Begoña Basagoiti on

  • Thanks a lot to Zentangle Inc. or this amazing post! It’s a great honor to being in your blog.

    And thanks everybody for so nice comments! I feel very grateful.
    THANKS AND THANKS! (And more thanks ;)

    Maria Tovar on

  • Thanks a lot to Zentangle Inc. or this amazing post! It’s a great honor to being in your blog.

    And thanks everybody for so nice comments! I feel very grateful.
    THANKS AND THANKS! (And more thanks ;)

    Maria Tovar on

  • Maria Tovar is a great inspiration to all tanglers as well as CZT’s. Thanks for sharing your story here Maria. Hope to visit your studio somewhere in future.

    Maria Vennekens on

  • What a nice article to read, very recognizable too.

    I’m going to follow Maria on Instagram, great work! 🍀

    Henriëtte Robben on

  • Maria Tovar’s art is amazing..I am now following her page..Remarkable tangling ! 😲😃♥ Thank you for introducing her…….

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • Oh my gosh! I love this woman’s work and seeing what her classes do on Facebook. I’m terrible with names and connecting names with Facebook or Instagram. So nice to put that name to a face and to Facebook. Will favor her on Mosaic now!

    MKay B B Watson CZT17 on

  • I´m a student of María since three years and I love how teaches Zentangle method and how she transmits its philosophy.

    Her Zentangle work its beautiful and in every workshops I learn many new resources. Thank you.

    Patricia Aragón on

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