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CZT Family Tree: Ann Baum

CZT Family Tree: Ann Baum

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Ann Baum!

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Name: Ann Baum.

CZT#: 36.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA.

Favorite tangle: Tipple, any dots or orbs.

Favorite place to tangle: My sun room studio.

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life: Teaching art to children. Grief management following the death of my husband 8 years ago. Now, as way to manage stress as I care for my ailing parents.

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is: The parents who have told me how The Zentangle Method has improved their child’s lives. Many of my students have learning disabilities; autism, medical or emotional needs. The Zentangle Method doesn’t care about that, so my students thrive in the atmosphere of tangling. They admire each other’s tangles and can be OK with themselves and what they create. I am finding that "OK" can be a goal. We don’t have to be constantly disappointed or elated ... pleasantly pleased is enough.

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned: To accept things the way they are, to breathe and be OK. Try to embrace the detours, mistakes and nonsense in my life as potentially serendipitous.

If I’m not tangling, you will find me...: Working in the yard or binge-watching British TV. But mostly, caring for my elderly parents. Tangling has brought the calm I need to deal with the complexities of full time care-giving. My parents are 91 and both suffer life threatening illnesses. My mom is on dialysis and my dad on chemo. They have had full, successful, happy lives so being reduced to ‘burdens’ is very difficult for us all. Tangling is an escape, a release, and something I rely on for mental wellness.

Mosaic Name (if applicable): CZT36Ann

I started this tile during the Dancing in the Moonlight GellyRoll Project Pack. It’s not finished, neither am I. Waiting for the right moment to continue. My life is on hold, so is this tile.



  • ❤️ Ann, your story has warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing. CZT22

    Kathy Y. on

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