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Beyond Zentangle Project Pack No. 20

Beyond Zentangle Project Pack No. 20

Julie writes…

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the release Zentangle Project Pack No. 20. In this project pack, we explored blossoming tangles.

Throughout the series I saw comments in online communities and many emails in my inbox from tanglers who had taken the idea from the project pack and gone in their own direction with it. They were wondering and hoping it was “okay” that they were exploring variations rather than following along exactly.

Short answer: Yes, of course!

Long answer:

In the weeks of preparation for this project pack, here at Zentangle HQ, we were bouncing ideas off each other, sharing sample tiles and admiring those ideas as they came to life. Right before the series began, Molly said to me, “I can’t wait to see what everyone does with these ideas.”

Zentangle Project Packs are a special time for us because they bring together people from all over the world to tangle together. What makes them even more special is seeing the Zentangle Community take our ideas and explore them, making them their own.

It is like the Zentangle Method itself. At its core, it is dots, borders, strings and tangles. The magic happens when each and every one of you picks up a pen and puts it to paper, tangling a story that we could never have dreamed of.

During each project pack, we are blown away by the creativity of the Zentangle Community. One of our favorite parts is seeing how you make the ideas your own and we can’t thank you enough for sharing them with us. Whether you journey off the path in your own direction or follow along with us, you are doing it exactly the way you are supposed to.









If you have not had a chance to explore all of the Zentangle art created during Project Pack No. 20, we encourage you to take a look! You can download the app for free and search #PP20 and #PP20Day01 (or Day02, Day 03, etc.).

Here at Zentangle HQ, much thought, design and planning are put into the production of our Zentangle Project Packs. Zentangle Project Pack videos are available for free without the purchase of the project pack materials. If you would like to support the production of Zentangle Project Pack videos, you can do so by clicking the PayPal button on this page.

Julie Willand


  • Oooooh, and I found one of mine in the mosaic above. 😊

    Ulrike on

  • I so enjoyed PP20! It was a great opportunity to learn and tangle together. Thank you all!

    Ulrike on

  • These project packs are truly amazing!! I am so grateful to have found this artform. It has changed, shaped and improved my life in so many ways…

    Linda Hunter CZT 31 on

  • Now I am going to have to do PP20. See how mine come out and what else I may do with it. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration.

    Deborah Davis on

  • All of these tiles are just wonderful! It was especially fun to see a tile made by my dear friend! Congrats Paula B!!!! Hugs, Jani

    Jani Romero on

  • All beautiful! I so enjoyed the Project Pack and always enjoy seeing the daily creativity coming out of each Project Pack. Thank you to all at Zentangle Inc for how you keep inspiring us!

    Diane Harpster on

  • Well said Julie! I enjoyed PP20 very much. I start out following along, but then I always seem to go off in other directions. I am honored to see one of my tiles amongst all the fantastic pp20 tiles on this blog. With much gratitude & appreciation ~ Thank you.

    Paula Breaux on

  • I loved all of your ideas, especially the fact that they can serve as an inspiration to develop the new ones and experiment without boundaries. And I am honored to see my drawing among these fantastic pieces of art. Thank you for each PP! I appreciate them immensely. 💖💖💖

    Anica on

  • A truly inspiring pack, a point to start and let free our imagination and let the tiles tell us the path, thank you, thank you!!

    Pere Cobo on

  • A truly inspiring pack, a point to start and let free our imagination and let the tiles tell us the path, thank you, thank you!!

    Pere Cono on

  • Spot on, Julie! I so enjoyed this project pack. Thank you all for the time, thought, energy, and hard work creating these inspiring video events entails! I watch all the PPvideos, but this is only the second time I’ve actually tangled along! I enjoyed every minute of it. Most of all, like you, I too looked forward to seeing what other artists would do with each project. Nor was I disappointed! I can’t tell you how many tiles I appreciated or commented on, they just kept amazing me, day after day! I learn so much, not just from HQ, but from so many amazing Zentangle artists all over the world! Thank you, HQ, for creating the Mosaic platform to enable this exchange of ideas!

    And fellow tanglers, while I’m at it, if you are not subscribed to the Mosaic, you don’t know how much functionality you are missing for a mere $25 bucks a year!
    Finally, I’m so glad you are emphasizing originality, variation, and creativity. I have only been tangling since 2018, but despite the “no mistakes” philosophy, I’ve heard so many classmates say, “I’m not doing it right. Mine doesn’t look exactly like the example.” And then they quit, before they ever get beyond the first few basic steps. Many are intimidated by the work of experienced classmates who have been tangling for years. It saddens me when they don’t give themselves a chance to experience the joy of “Zenning out!” They really don’t know what they are missing! For me, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey! Glad to have so many travelling companions!

    Jessica Dykes on

  • all these tangles are so beatiful spcial Paula

    anna on

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