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Attention Left Handed Tanglers - This is a Test!

Attention Left Handed Tanglers - This is a Test!

We receive the occasional request for left-handed Zentangle instruction.

Maria had a great idea to flip the screen, so I made this brief compilation of excerpts from Day 1 of Zentangle Project Pack No. 13. In this compilation I flip some of the scenes to show Maria tangling with what appears to be her left hand.

So, dear left-handed tanglers, would this be helpful to you? Please tell us what you think of this approach in the comment section below. 

In gratitude for your feedback, Bijou will choose at  random a few commenters to receive a special thank you gift. Bijou has already chosen the gift available only from . . .

. . . a special selection of left-handed pens!

Rick Roberts


  • Fantastic!

    Diane on

  • Thank you for this video. As a lefty, I always end up with ink on my hand where I have rested it on a tangle! Wondering how I can flip the screen for further tangles!

    Zipporah Rosenblatt on

  • Love it❤️ Thank you so much for flipping the video. As a left-hander I could just sit down and enjoy a video without thinking through how I would flipping the lessons. You really made the Zen in Zentangle happen for us lefties. Thinking things through often times takes away from the flow and wth this I was able to accomplish Zen. Thank you, Laura

    Laura Kaman on

  • What a great idea. My granddaughter is left handed and this will help in teaching her. Thanks.

    Lori Riden on

  • This is a great idea and I’m sure left-handers will be grateful!

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • What a neat idea, and we lefties appreciate your thoughtfulness!! As someone else already mentioned, we lefties have learnt to adapt to the righties world and tangles, BUT, more importantly, a leftie would be drawing certain lines/strokes and shapes in different directions-just flipping the video is not enough. What would be really great now is to have a leftie draw that same Zentangle (following the original right-handed version) and record that to see the difference between all three videos!

    Silke Wittig on

  • Oh my gosh! So helpful!! Please make more of these. This lefty is tickled pink!

    Jeanne on

  • I have been accommodating to being left handed in a right handed world for so long that most things come automatically (Once I got past those dang right handed curve around desks in high school). With Zentangle it just seemed natural – rotate the other direction because I aura to the left of a line instead of right and my orbs and spirals go counter clockwise. So I don’t think I would use the flipped videos. But Bijou, please pick me because those left handed pens are so expensive!

    Jane Lerch on

  • Thank you so much for thinking of us lefties. I found the video very helpful. Zentangle is such a blessing to us all.

    Donna Kinsler on

  • I liked seeing this approach for a lefties perspective. My brain just seems to automatically adapt to reversing things, I just do it without even thinking about it in most tangles, sometimes they get a little reversed composition ( leftie variation) thank you from a tangler in their RIGHT mind.

    Paula Breaux on

  • Oh I love it! Born right handed, fell out of bed and broke collar bone in 1st grade. Nuns made me use left hand. I can use both and often “confuse” them . Love many ways of seeing! Thank you!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler on

  • yes it does help…i find i don’t get lost as easily in direction when it looks like the left hand rather than the right. i think that is why i prefer the written (or drawn) step outs to the videos…. until now thank you for trying this

    Janet on

  • I LOVE THIS! I often flip zentangle videos in my head, drawing the mirror image of the illustration. But that can be distracting and diverts my focus, which sort of defeats the purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the Zen back to Zentangle for us lefties!!

    Sue Corfman on

  • As a lefty, I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. But since we live in a predominantly right handed world, I’ve had to adapt. My mother was right handed and the way she taught me was to face her and mirror her movements. It worked out just fine.
    Thank you, Sandi

    Sandi Buchspics on

  • I am not a left handed, but I asked my dad who is left handed and he told me that it works very well.

    Hugs and kisses Olga

    Olga Dendrinou Fink on

  • I am a lefty!! I’ll try it out !

    Thx for thinking of us.

    Laurieann Jacobs on

  • I’m a lefty and never thought about needing different directions! I would love some left-handed pens though. ;)

    Kathy Cody on

  • I posted your blog on two Dutch Zentangle FB group and immediately the responses were super positive. So please make more videos in this way 😃

    Creative tangle

    ArjadLH, CZT9, Gouda, the Netherlands on

  • This is great! In early 2016 I began personal physical therapy (no insurance after a serious slip and fall, left side arm and leg bones broken). Using non-dominant right hand like a kindergartener, I found challenging patterns much easier and quicker to learn with measure eighty. Lefty ‘knew’ what to do but weeks of casts and rebreaks/resets and muscle atrophy had taken a toll. Ratcheting down any negative thoughts, l just pretended i was a child and followed Zentangle ‘rules’ of engagement, appreciating every line, each minute my A.d.d. brain could focus on righty trusting the process. By slowing down, lefty began to twitch in right/left brain repatterning and the neural networks helped retrain lefty to full use, flexibility and drawing ability. Now, when any pattern is so simple or difficult to grasp, righty ‘gets it’ quicker and ‘teaches’ lefty in mirror format to catch the line more easily. Zentangle also helped my leg as I imagined ‘walking the line’ in the same manner as drawing. One day. I want to be a CZT and help others get their brain-to-body balance moving better. Thank you woth all my heart.


    Judith Lynn Morgan on

  • This leftie found the flipped video helpful. I think it would be even more useful on geometric tangles where I have left-right directional challenges. Thanks!

    KLB Jolly on

  • Thank you so much! This was a big help. It made it make better sense and less of a struggle. The flow came more naturally. It ain’t easy being a lefty in a right-handed world 😂.

    Patricia on

  • You fooled me😅

    For me it worked well to see a video like this!

    Esther on

  • Thanxs, it helps, but also for right handed people, no shadow anymore! on

  • I’m surprised at how seamless the reversal appeared to be. I guess I haven’t watched many “left-handed” instructors via video. Even though I’m a left-handed tangler, I find I tend to draw (mostly) like a right-handed person. I have a feeling “left-handed” videos would be quite helpful to a lot of lefties, however, I’m okay with your right-handed instructions with maybe a tip thrown in now and then for us lefties. Thanks so much for all your videos—left or right-handed, I’m watching and tangling along with them.

    Linda E. Helfer on

  • “Excited” is the word needed to express my feelings . I have had to learn to use my right hand( i am using it now!) for everything. I still use my left hand for writing and to practice Zentangle….i
    Zentangle has been extremely hard for me but I am determined not to give up! I cant wait to follow the instructions i feel like starting over… a beginner.

    Glenda Dudley on

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