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Attention Left Handed Tanglers - This is a Test!

Attention Left Handed Tanglers - This is a Test!

We receive the occasional request for left-handed Zentangle instruction.

Maria had a great idea to flip the screen, so I made this brief compilation of excerpts from Day 1 of Zentangle Project Pack No. 13. In this compilation I flip some of the scenes to show Maria tangling with what appears to be her left hand.

So, dear left-handed tanglers, would this be helpful to you? Please tell us what you think of this approach in the comment section below. 

In gratitude for your feedback, Bijou will choose at  random a few commenters to receive a special thank you gift. Bijou has already chosen the gift available only from . . .

. . . a special selection of left-handed pens!

Rick Roberts


  • Thank you for the left-handed demo. It really makes a difference.

    Lynda Moore on

  • As a lefty, I’ve become accustomed to watching righties teach. I would think it might be more editing on your part to change the audio, switching sides, i.e. “on the right side” would need to be edited to “left” etc. Since I teach as a lefty I usually modify or clarify if I’m drawing clockwise vs. counterclockwise or right to left vs. left to right, or turning my tile. We lefties are pretty adaptable, personally I just enjoy watching you draw right handed. Interesting that your entire artistic crew are righties. Thank you for thinking of us, much appreciated.

    Dorian Eng on

  • It’s refeshing to see a step-out of tile done from a left-hander’s viewpoint. As a life-long southpaw, I often have had someone tell me “just watch what I do, then do it backwards”. Not the best way to teach/demonstrate to someone! To someone who is right-handed, flipping the picture seems so simple, but really makes a difference for us.

    Ginger White CZT34 on

  • I think this is helpful in that Maria’s hand is working clockwise around the circle so that she doesn’t put her hand over what she has just drawn. I have made this adaptation in my work with Zentangle. I move from right to left instead of left to right when tangling.

    Andi Varon on

  • Thank you for this “left-handed” demo. I recently worked through the Apprentice Pack, and commented to my daughter that following some of the demonstrations was a little awkward for this left-hander. While we lefties learn early to adapt to a right-handed world, it does help to see things modeled in our natural orientation.

    I. Neiman on

  • This would be a dream come true and so helpful!

    Sue Reynolds CZT36 on

  • Hi

    My sister is left-handed and has done tangling with me on and off through the years. Would you like me to send this to her? She is not a CZT.
    If you want me to send it to her, could you please tell me how?
    Thank you ,
    Is there a way

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • What a very clever idea!! I would think that’d be fantastic for lefties! My opinion only as I’m a rightie. Wow!

    Susan Talbot on

  • This is a great idea and as a left-handed tangler I find it very helpful. Quabog is a good example of a tangle that goes off in unexpected directions and as I sometimes find myself going “the wrong way round” when following instructions for a new tangle, this makes it a lot easier to follow! The flip-screen video also helps left-handers to start at a point where you won’t smudge what you’ve just drawn. Fantastic! I hope you will be able to offer this approach in some of your videos.

    Pauline Liesenfeld on

  • Very helpful. Actually a game changer. It’s makes it so much clearer to follow. I usually have to watch videos more than once so I can get it in my head on how to do it. It would really be helpful in my beading when following a pattern either on video or on paper. Thank you for doing this. So clever! :) PS…. I really want to try doing the watercolor leaf.

    Marlene Cherry on

  • P.S. Left-handed pens … bahahahahahaha …

    Jan Brandt, CZT 12 on

  • I love this idea of inclusion 🤗 It might seem a small and trivial issue to some but could also mean the world to so many. We all need to feel included and accepted, no matter the reason and this is one more way to go another step in that positive direction. Thank you Zentangle HQ, for all that you do to inspire us.

    Michele Werner on

  • This. Is. Brilliant!! I’m a right-handed tangler … and this “test” educated me on what the experience of a left-handed tangler might be! I now have empathy and understanding for my lefties. Thank you!!!

    Jan Brandt, CZT 12 on

  • I love this idea! My granddaughter enjoys composing zentangles and would very much appreciate instruction for left-handers. Thanks for the possibilities.

    Jan Orlansky on

  • Thank you – nice to see left handed approach. Have been doodling, tangling, pen and ink calligrapher for over 50 years – left handed! Recently I’ve noticed with the proliferation of online opportunities to see artists at work how many of us creative folks are left handed. Nice to get a call out!

    Ruth Dailey on

  • I think this is such a great idea! I’m right-handed, but I have several left-handed family members who do sometimes struggle with visual instruction for things like this when the instructor is right-handed. Flipping the video is such an easy solution if you don’t have any left-handed instructors handy (see what I did there?), and I never would have thought of that!
    Brava, Maria!

    Laura Francis on

  • This is AWESOME! I’m right-handed, and rely on my longtime faithful left-handed student to help out when we have southpaws in attendance! This is brilliant!

    Jennifer Sparrow on

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