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Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 01

Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 01

Isn’t it ironic we playfully titled this Project Pack Series, “Keeping Score”, when in fact, in true Zentangle philosophy, it is quite the contrary? It is a beautiful thing that as we practice the Zentangle Method, we let go of the need to compete or keep score. We become stronger, and our hearts grow larger with our efforts to collaborate, share, empower, inspire, encourage, contribute, enhance, learn, support, beautify, comfort . . . enjoy.

Join us as our old friend Alfie and a couple of new friends take us through The 2021 Twelve Days of Zentangle.

On this first day Alfie introduces us to his new friend, Nomi. Excitedly, they unbox the contents of Project Pack 16, unveiling all the fun supplies we will use for the upcoming projects. They are thrilled we have asked them to collaborate with us as we introduce and guide you through this wonderful series. Alfie and Nomi tumbled with joy when they saw the results from this first lesson. A playful little toy and a new tangle too!

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Welcome to the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 and the second day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

This Zentangle series offers us a moment to pause and reflect on the past year. 2021, like all years, has proven to be a time of growth. As each one of us continued with our journeys we persevered with strength, courage, resilience, and trust. In a year of rebuilding, we were given the opportunity to choose what we wanted to keep with us and what we wanted to leave behind. As the year unfolded, we hope you were able to lean on your Zentangle practice and focus on the beautiful things that came through. Together, in this series, we will in-crease our skills while navigating this part of our journey one stroke at a time. In this year-end series, we will be looking closely between the layers and folds of our Zentangle practice. As we score some new tools for our tangling toolbox, we will dig into some creative, tangled ways to celebrate and illuminate your Zentangle art.

We will be working with the materials in the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16, but we encourage you to follow along with whatever materials that you have.


Day 1

View the step-outs for pangea and mrth in this newsletter

Project Pack No. 16 materials are available here

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP16Day01 and #12DaysofZentangle2021

Let Alfie know your thoughts and each day we will pick a commenter at random to receive a Zentangle Surprise! 



  • That was so Flippin FUN! I was LOL instead of my usual quiet tangling at the kitchen table

    Anita Jones on

  • I am just starting today and am blown away with the tile I just created. I can’t wait to pass this lesson on to friends so they too can have their socks blown off!

    Kathy Y. on

  • This was fun! But I plan to make mine an ornament instead.

    Nancy Ellenson on

  • Always love the 12 Days and new tricks and creations.

    Andrea on

  • What a cute idea, for an interactive zentangle. I love it.

    Debbie J on

  • I’ve been anxiously awaiting the 12 days to catapult me back into a daily tangling practice. You guys arrived with a splash! Loved watching Maria dance so delicately across the tile.

    Jonesy on

  • The magical quality of Maria’s lines is so beautiful!!

    Siren on

  • Esta serie de fin de año, ‘12 días de zentangle’, no tiene comparación, porque nos llena de emoción y nuevas vibraciones para navegar con esperanza. Gracias infinitas, sois fantásticos!

    Egleé on

  • These two tangles are so much fun. And your video was most enjoyable. Thank you for all the smiles.

    Jackie on

  • This is my first project pack and I totally love it. Starting with Pangea and Mrth is fantastic. Thank you for your wonderful guidance.

    Anneke de Reijke on

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like (a Zentangle) Christmas! What fun it is !

    Laura on

  • I have been anxiously awaiting for this day to FINALLY ARRIVE!!!! I wasn’t disappointed! I love the new reticulum and fragment! I must agree with Kendra, this is much too pretty to make into a toy, although the concept is so cute! I’m actually thinking of using the Mod Podge to make mine into a coaster. . . Maybe laminate it! I recently revisited one of the previous 12 days of Zentangle. The video of the Zentangle Staff singing the “12 Days of Zentangle” is PRICELESS!! I chuckled over it several times! May the Lord bless you for making my Holiday brighter!

    linda Stephens on

  • What a fun way to start off this new project pack! I have been using Pangea constantly since ZenAgain and I was so happy to see it here! I can’t wait to get my first “flipper” going.

    Sarah W, CZT36 on

  • What a nice way to start the 12 days of Zentangle!

    Shawn on

  • I absolutely loved this Day 1 video. The element of surprise really speaks to me!

    Patricia on

  • I am so intrigued by the newest fragment! I can hardly wait to try it. Thanks for sharing this.

    Llynn on

  • Hello, I really loved these two tangles together, Pangea and Mrth!! I have always loved Pepper which is one of my favorit
    tangles! Mrth is similar. I’m so much looking forward to the time together these coming 12 days!
    Thank you ! <3

    Annika on

  • The pop of Zinger was fun.

    Jessica M on

  • What a fun transformation of the tile! I can only begin to imagine the fun you all have in the office all day :)

    Donna on

  • I love the name of the reticulum/reticula, “Pangea.” How clever and perfectr! I’m nearly finished with my tile, will post tomorrow, but I will say I am not going to turn it into the “toy” because it’s too pretty, I’m going to hang it as an ornament, will work on the toy concept later. :) That was very enjoyable, and the Mrth provides a nice amount of drama without going overboard and getting too dark.


  • I am only a beginner so it was a little hard for me. I will try it again to get some practice. Thanks

    Diana on

  • Don’t know where you guys get your ideas….fun! Love the patterns too.

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • Tan/Renaissance Zendala

    Maria on

  • Hi, I couldn’t tell, are you using a white or Renaissance Zendala? Thanks.


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