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Voice Guided Tangle Lesson #2 with Molly Hollibaugh

Voice Guided Tangle Lesson #2 with Molly Hollibaugh

Molly writes... 

 Thank you to everyone who tangled along with me in the first Voice Guided Tangle Lesson last week. The response from the Zentangle community was so positive, that I decided to do a second lesson. Enjoy!



Join Molly Hollibaugh for a voice guided Zentangle lesson. By removing all visual references, students are challenged to rely solely on their own beautiful interpretations of her instructions. There is no right way to do this or any specific expectations of what your tile will look like in the end. Instead, trust in your pen strokes and allow yourself to follow wherever they take you.

Sit back, listen, tangle… and enjoy.



Upload your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #vgt2 and #voiceguidedtangling to be a part of the mosaic. You can view the mosaic by downloading the app for free and searching for the hashtags above.


If you are looking to fill your time tangling, here are some resources to help inspire you here

Molly Hollibaugh


  • I loved these voice guided meditation/tangles!! Your voice is so soothing and I LOVE doing it by sound, not having to look anywhere but where I am tangling! I hope you’ll do some more!

    Langdon Silberberg on

  • We did this on in my CZT training. So much fun to do it again and with so much more confidence. Thank you Molly.

    Mary Lou Minard CZT#32 on

  • Thank you so much Molly! Hearing your voice and gentle prompts was so therapeutic for me. My result is a beautiful symmetrical shape which surprised me since I don’t usually tangle that way. Hoping you will name this tangle!

    Liza Buckley, CZT 14 on

  • I love these voice guided tangling. Your soothing voice guides me into a meditative tangling state. Thank you so much! You are a zen angel😇

    Janie on

  • Oh my, how nice. Thanks for your talent.

    Diane Kueker on

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 voice guided tangles!

    Shirley Streeter on

  • Love it . Thanks so much

    Anne on

  • Thank you so much for doing a 2nd voice directed tangle. It is such a balm to the soul in these days. I am so grateful for your talent.


    Diane on

  • Thank you Molly for this lesson, it is really peaceful to do!

    Ria Joris-Matheussen on

  • Oh! Thank you Molly! I am not fully bilingual but I think I understood all what you said!

    I am happy with the result. I draw with pleasure, concentrating on your voice and suggestions.
    I will listen the first meditation tangle you posted. Gratitude.
    Have a nice week!

    Chantal Saint-Jarre on

  • Thanks Molly for both of these voice only lessons. They have given me inspiration to do phone lessons for anyone who is “in a stay at home order” and could use some help dealing with hard times. I also have a Mom who is wanting something like this for her kids who are out of school with all this craziness and she is having a hard time figuring out what to do with her two school age kiddos. Maybe I can help her and others too.

    Sue Leslie on

  • This has been so fun! Really got me motivated to try things differently. Thank you Molly!!

    Catthi on

  • Looking forward to this second voice guided meditation/tangle. Thank you for these!


    Helen MAciejewski on

  • Thanks Molly. I enjoyed it. A fun way to get my juices flowing! :)

    Carol LeBlanc on

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