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The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

The Mystery of the Tangled Legend Book

Maria writes...

Hello all you wonderful, creative, caring, beautiful/handsome tanglers!

We recently got a very unusual email here at Zentangle Central. One of our (see above descriptions) tanglers (we will call SF), informed us that we sent her a (most remarkable) legend booklet in her Zentangle Project Pack.  
Although she (or he) did not notice it right away because he (or she) assumed it was the way it came,  . . . suddenly noticed, while watching the Zentangle Project Pack videos that accompanied the materials, that many of the spaces were already tangled!  
In the videos, they spaces were empty, awaiting someone to fill them in with their own creations. We struggled to understand what she was saying. . . because how could one book out of all the ones we sent out be already filled in. So, we asked SF to send us images of the book. And, sure enough, there they were . . . tangles all about!

Now, mind you, everyone knows how I love a mystery.  And I have given it some of my time to no avail.  We have asked everyone here if they had their own books in their possession, and so accounted for any that may have slipped into the general box of legend books.  This was certainly a tangler’s conundrum.

So we are asking all of you if you can solve this mystery.  Leave your theories in the comments, and we will eventually give away goodies to the one who solves this mystery, and also choose some random commenters for other giveaways.

Put on your thinking cap (preferably a deerstalker), and see what sleuthing you can do.   Perhaps, me thinks, do a tile or two to get the grey (a General's pencil will do nicely) matter afoot! 


The Zentangle Legend Book is featured in Project Pack No. 10

Maria Thomas


  • There are new characters waiting to be discovered. Bijou and some friends were in the Warehouse all night. They got a little tipsy from too much Tipple juice and they started having Tangle Party…

    Crystal Gidget Bushinsky on

  • The tangles are always there… you just need to open your mind and believe

    Pam on

  • The creative force that went into the Legend framework was so strong that it was infused into the pages during the printing process, and the book spontaneously generated the tangles itself.

    TS on

  • No mystery. Bijou did it.

    B Cleo Thompson on

  • Did you receive any returned project packs? Maybe someone started the project pack and decided to return it, hoping their partially completed one wouldn’t be noticed? Or perhaps they had two packs and returned the wrong one.

    Debbie Butterfield on

  • Could it have been purchased by someone and they tried Zentangle. Thay all of a sudden they returned it and forgot their work was in the book. The it was sent out to this person?

    Kayla L Shomaker on

  • WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!
    I would have loved to receive it. Tangles are beautifully done. It would inspire one to do their best work.

    Pat on

  • It’s absolutely Julie who did the tangling! In her new baby brain fog, she accidentally put it back into a pile destined for incoming orders. She loves her Marasu so was figuring out another way to incorporate that tangle – see space #3. Love it by the way. MaraFlux or MaraMooka. Hmmm

    Deborah Bowyer on

  • I wonder if there was a bit of a shortage one day while packaging and shipping and someone grabbed what they thought was a blank to be used in an upcoming video but unbeknownst to them it Already had been used in a video!

    Sheri on

  • The mail man did it! Saw the zentangle logo on the package and just couldn’t help himself. Worried he’d get in trouble for going through someone’s mail, they put it all back together for delivery but forgot to remove their work.

    Cassie A on

  • It is really very simple. Nature abhors a vacuum. Such a bunch of empty spaces couldn’t go unfilled forever. As the fibers of the beautiful paper of the Zentangle booklet started to respond to Nature’s call, they took on colour and shape and organised themselves into wonderful, organic patterns. SF was simply the lucky one who got the booklet that couldn’t resist Nature’s summons.

    Cass van Dijk on

  • So here is a possibility. Someone (SF) ordered a PP 10 and was accidentally sent two books. Unbeknownst to SF, in his/her household there lives a closet tangler, someone too shy to be seen tangling and too shy to show his/her work. This secret tangler is even too shy to share their passion with SF. This mystery tangler fills in several boxes and then discovers there is a second book. But SF is coming and the secret tangler has to clean up quickly so as to not be discovered. Hastily putting everything away, the secret tangler grabs what they think is the book in which they have been working. But it is not. Instead they have grabbed the blank book, leaving the one that they had started to fill out behind for SF to find!

    Well maybe this story is a little far-fetched, but it could have a happy ending. This was a fun challenge to come up with a solution. Thanks.

    Leslie Hancock on

  • Whoever it is they do nice work. Probably someone who’s been tangling for awhile.

    Cynthia on

  • Clearly you are too neat and tidy. A Pooka was there one night, hoping to do a bit of housework and mending, but there wasn’t enough to keep Pooka busy all night. As Pooka was preparing to move on to the next house in the cold, cold night, Bijou offered to share a midnight snack and mug of hot chocolate. As they snacked, they did some cooperative tangling, of course. As dawn approached, Bijou offered the Pooka a coat to keep warm, which, as you know, released Pooka from the spell of forced midnight labors. In gratitude, Pooka washed the mugs and dirtied dishes before leaving, removing nearly all evidence of the Pooka’s visit. All that was left behind was a collection of tangles and a happy, if sleepy, Bijou. Do you remember the day when Bijou was particularly tired?

    Luna Dara Kelondra on

  • Bijou did it!😉

    Kate Ahrens on

  • Looking at this beautiful Zentangle-it’s definitely Molly that just couldn’t resist these empty spaces prior to mailing out to SF . Wow so lucky to be the recipient ☘️

    Penny on

  • Just a few suggestions for you: Do you have a prankster at your vendor who secretly loves Zentangle and sampled one of the books then tucked it inside the shipment as a tease???

    Or a creative Grandchild who accidentally left their sample near the opened box as a joke, and in a packing rush someone grabbed it to add??
    Last thought could have been an April Fools gag on all of you that Bijou created??

    Carole Lape on

  • I enjoyed reading all the comments this morning, Such a creative bunch. Loved everyone of them. Great ideas.


    Jennifer on

  • Yes…it is Martha’s work! In studying the little fine marks, overhangs and fill-ins it is indisputable. How it got into the rotation to be sent out is another matter.

    Wee on

  • I must say all these creative responses have me second guessing what I know to be true! It is the famous Tangelologist who lives in the shipping department. ‘They’ just can’t help themselves and when no one is looking they snag some pens and materials and go about the study of Zentangle. As a scientist, they must fully egage in the activity to try and understand the minds of these Zentangelers. Bless them, they will never figure us out!

    Susie Powell on

  • What a wonderful gift this mystery drawing is to any recipient! Many years ago my husband & l purchased a print painted by a local artist at our city’s annual Art in the Park. The artist was present to sign our print but he was interrupted several times by other customers. He apologized & ask if he could draw something along with his signature for keeping us waiting. We have always thought of it as a beautiful gift so that is why I think this mystery drawing was an anonymous gift from one artist to another. Is Bijou responsibile I believe he could be but however it happened it’s a beautiful gift to be treasured by the fortunate tangled.

    Michele Couture on

  • I suspect that a little fairy lives with you.

    She looks over your shoulder while tangling.
    At night, when everyone is asleep, she sits down and tangled.
    Maybe with magic ink too? I wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered Tangles, if you did them with the General‘s pencil.

    Sabine on

  • This is totally Martha’s PP10 Day2 book of legends…LOL. As she already had another of her own that she filled, her on-camera copy was set aside for later use. The booklet found it’s way into a PP10 envelope and was sent off to the first order person who ordered the PP10 that day. I suspect that Alfie and Bijou had something to do with that.

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • I bet the person who was mailing the package couldn’t but help themselves to tangle some of the spaces before mailing! ;) I know it would be hard for me to resist tangling!

    Heather on

  • Having been blessed with such wonderfully creative angels myself, I’m guessing one of the “grandtanglers” that frequent Zentangle HQ is the sprite that gifted SF. If it had been my grandtangler, she would’ve thought it a wonderful, magical surprise for one of your Zentangle enthusiasts to get in the mail. My loving grandtangler, having only the best intentions, would’ve spirited away with a partially tangled legend from one of the “eldertanglers” at HQ. Having only gratitude and appreciation for such a wonderful gift from the universe, she would’ve added her own tangled creation to the legend. Then in true grandtangler fashion, she would’ve added it to the general legends box to be sent out. If she were my grandtangler, she’d be thinking, “What a wonderful gift this will be! Won’t they be surprised! I wish I could be there when they open the package. No doubt they will be delighted to receive this specially autographed edition from HQ. I wonder if they’ll contact one of the eldertanglers to thank them for their kindness. Imagine his/her surprise when they get that note! What a GRAND MYSTERY this will be! I can’t wait for it to play out!”

    Frieda Klotz on

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