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The Twelfth Day of Zentangle.

Rick Roberts

"On the Twelfth Day of Zentangle . . ." On the twelfth stroke of Zentangle R and M imagined,  3Z Renaissances   What a fun trip we have had traveling with you all down Zentangle's memory lane. This metaphorical high-way abounds with the inspiring individual creative contributions of amazing Zentangle enthusiasts from across the globe.  Thank you all! Our precious memories of magical moments throughout the years go far beyond pen and paper. Each and every one of you has contributed something no one else could. All of us are grateful that you are a part of this extended Zentangle family....

Eleventh Day of Zentangle

Rick Roberts

"On the Eleventh Day of Zentangle . . ." On the eleventh stroke of Zentangle R and M dreamed up,  Tiny white and black triangles   As we look back over our Zentangle timeline, certain tangles make a mark in our history.  When we introduced the tangle tripoli we also introduced a magical concept, even though we didn't appreciate it at the time. This three-sided tangle was more than a pattern. It was also a platform for other tangles. Its eye-catching characteristics romanced us with the combinations of geometry, nature and movement. And its simplicity teased our eyes with complex beauty. That tangle...

Tenth Day of Zentangle

Rick Roberts

"On the Tenth Day of Zentangle . . ." On the tenth stroke of Zentangle R and M envisioned,  Black Apprentice tiles   Teachers and students (and parents) loved our Zentangle Apprentice approach and the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack with its white tiles. That inspired us to create a black Zentangle Apprentice tile.  We found the perfect surface for this new collection. In the fall of 2016, we introduced the black Zentangle Apprentice tile. It is now part of our black classroom pack for schools and the individual Zentangle Apprentice Kit (ZAK).  Enjoy!